EU Commission to Safely Transfer Asia´s and Africa´s Needy Populations to Europe – and Punish Unwilling Countries


July 22, 2016 by Anders

Abstract: In 2015, EUs “High Representative” told an Arab audience that the Sharia is Europe´s future.
She also told another Arab audience: “so much unites us in a common future”.

What she precisely did mean was betrayed  in statements by EU’s Vice President Frans Timmermans and Migration Commissioner Avramopoulos: The EU is about to establish a permanent policy by means of which the Union wants to invite “refugees” to legally settle in the continent,  year after year.
The joint EU resettlement framework aims to vouch for “vulnerable” people´s safe, legal passage to Europe. The European Commission hopes thus to deter these migrants away from the payment traffickers  for transport to Europe .

The EU just wants to provide the populations of Africa and Asia-free and safe passage to the EU. EU Countries that do not want to join will probably have to pay a fine of 250,000 euros per rejected migrant.

This seems the certain  way to disband the EU.

The EU wants to reward member countries with 82,800 Norwegian kroner (NKR) for each migrant they take from another EU country (only 80% of immigrants are refugees from EU’s / NATO war zones). However, in Norway, each migrant costs the country 4.1 million NKR during his lifetime, on an average.

But Avramopoulos admits that this is “part of a larger goal.” – namely London City´s one-world government – and therefore miscegenation by EU Father Coudenhove Kalergis and Pres Sarkozy’s plan.

After the failed coup in Turkey, a large wave of refugees from Turkey is expected.

This whole idea is based on the Euro-Mediterranean Process / Mediterranean Union: common culture, economy and shared prosperity in a common market shared by the EU and and its Muslim “partner countries”.

Already in 2008, the EU opened recruiting agencies in Mali, to invite 56 million Muslims into the EU by  2050 – as a “labour” with IQs 30 points lower than the that of the average EU citizens  – of course reunification with  their large families was promised. This plan is still valid today. For 40 years now, the large Muslim immigration is not a great asset to the EU labour markets.

One purpose of this otherwise incomprehensible catastrophe is to canalise our money into Rothschild´s and his London City´s pockets: Rothschild agent, George Soros shamelessly told  that the EU should take hundreds of thousands of migrants and plentifully fund them by means  loans in Rothschild banks (printed out of thin air) at interest paid by the taxpayers, if the EU is to continue to exist.


Last Year, EU´s “High Representative” told an Arab audience that the Sharia is Europe´s Future and here.

And she told another Arab audience that “so much unites us” in a common

Teuromediterranean processhis treason has its roots in the New World Order´s regionalisation program as the prequisite for London City´s one world government. The Euromediterranean Process was launched in 1995 in Barcelona: political, cultural and economical merging of the EU with its Muslim “partner countries”and Israel along the Mediterranean. In 2014 it was elevated to the “Union for the Mediterranean” – which is still valid – and is to extend to the Persian Gulf.
Now an African Union is also being built – but apparently, the EU wants to drain its sparse brain capacity first. The NAFTA is actually the North American Union.

EurActiv 21 July 2016 To bind EU and Muslim partner countries closer together


“Many of the economic and social challenges in the Mediterranean region are directly linked to a low level of regional integration,” Sijilmassi told a small group of journalists at the MedCOP Climate conference, held in Tangier on 18-19 July.
The inter-governmental forum brings together 43 member nations, comprising the 28 EU member states and 15 Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries
For example, migration can be solved if micro-projects help communities at risk boost economic development so that people do not feel that their only alternative is to leave their home country.
Comment: That will cost enormous sums and be preceded by free immigration and brain-drain to the EU by many, many years – see Morocco´s “advanced Status” and its Action plan in spite of its breach of all human rights (Genocide on West Saharans, persecution of Christians)  
The UfM has so far launched over 45 regional projects worth over €5 billion, ranging from higher education and research, business development, to water, and the environment. However, as the the EU/NATO are incessantly  bombing the infrastructures, this perspective is meaningless.

Jewish Peter Sutherland, adviser to the UN for refugees, demands the EU to eliminate homogeneity in European populations by immigration. Of course, he and the EU praise this EU intiative to destroy European culture.

Here is what Mogherini more exactly meant to say: 

Breitbart 16 Juky 2016: The EU is to establish a permanent policy which will see the bloc invite “refugees” to legally settle in the continent year on year.
The common EU Resettlement Framework aims to offer safe, legal routes for people deemed “in need of protection”. The European Commission hopes that this will deter migrants from paying people smugglers to transport them to Europ

The Commission’s Vice-President, Frans Timmermans, said: “We need to move up a gear in our common efforts to provide international protection, and that includes resettling refugees in Europe in a safe and orderly way.”

Frans Timmermans: “Not even the Remotest Places on the Planet is to exist without diversity. No Future for Our Monocultural Nation States”

Now an African Union is also being built  – but apparently, the EU wants to drain it of its sparse brain capacity. The NAFTA is in reality now the North American Union. 

Dimitris Avramopoulos, Commissioner for Migration, said: “Today’s proposal is a major step in our efforts to offer legal avenues to allow persons in need to enter the EU safely and receive protection.

“It is an integral part of the larger objective and here of ensuring that protection is offered to those who need it, reducing the incentives for irregular migration and protecting migrants from exploitation by smuggling networks and dangerous journeys to reach Europe.”

Also contained in the framework is how the unelected European Commission, which wields most of the power in the EU, plans to relocate migrants already on the continent.

According to the Commission’s press release, the EU will give countries €10,000 for each migrant they agree to take from other member states who are struggling with huge numbers of arrivals.
Comment: In 2013, the EU offered countries 6.000 euros (49.700 Norwegian kroner) taxpayer money to take a migrant – although the life time expense  per migrant is 4. 1 mio. Norwegian kroner. Now the EU offers up to 82.800 Nkr a migrant!!! Are “our” Masonic governments  so stupid as to take this ridiculous bait?

Well over a million people migrated to Europe in 2015, mainly by sea. Last September, the EU promised to take some pressure off Italy and Greece, which are on the frontline of the crisis.

By May this year, EU officials had hoped to have moved 160,000 migrants from those countries to other European nations. So far, only 3,056 have been rehoused elsewhere in Europe.

In May the Commission announced they intended to fine countries €250,000 per migrant allocated that they refuse. Whilst the new framework contains this sweetener of extra EU cash for countries which accept migrants, there is no mention of punishment for states which refuse to comply.

Mr. Avramopoulos confirmed, however, that penalties will still be on the table: “We’re not here to punish, we are here to persuade.

“But if this persuasion doesn’t succeed, then yes, we’re thinking of doing that. But we’re not there yet.”

The €10,000 bonus to countries rehousing migrants will be drawn from the overall EU budget.

Last month Breitbart London reported that the Commission unveiled plans to hugely increase skilled legal migration from Africa. Among the proposals was a revamped “Blue Card” scheme which it hopes will make Europe “more attractive” to people from the world’s poorest continent.

Breitbart 21 July 2016: Refugee-NGO:  “If the situation continues to deteriorate and the witch-hunt continues against all opposition in Turkey, there will be a movement of refugees towards especially  Germany and Austria.

And the purpose of all this misery? In Foreign Policy 19 July 2016, Rothschild agent George Soros – the mastermind behind the immigration crisis and here – indirectly betrays one reason: Money for Rothschhild. He wants Europe to take refugees. In Nov. 2015, he demanded 1 mio. In april, he wisely reduced the number to 500.000 – and now 300.000 to be fairly shared among EU countries!! Why? The refugees cost a lot of money to be borrowed from Rothschild´s central banks – which just print it out of thin air and lend it against interest – to be paid by tax payers later, as Soros also points out. In the short run, that will make everybody happy – until the taxes rise! A low number of refugees to be accepted will scare the migrants from risking the journey across the Mediterranean – which Soros will alleviate by more EU naval ships to seek and save the migrants – as is already the case!

However, Soros “forgets” something essential: Huntington´s clash of “civilisations” is going on full steam – and the Europeans have had more than enough of Muslims!
In Sweden, a bus driver did not want Mustafa on board his bus.  Mustafa photographed Mustafa in order to report him. The driver beat Mustafa up and called him a damned swine – and a passenger filmed the scene. The anger of the hard tried Swedes is approaching boiling point.

And why does Soros time and again advise the Europeans  – as though the are bewildered children? The answer: High Masonry Superlodges command – EU obeys 

But there is more to it

african-labour-invitationAlready in 2008, The Express disclosed a secret EU plan to invite 56 mio. Africans to come to Europe to substitute for our falling birth rate (due to EU policy about free abortions). The EU even established recruiting offices in Mali! Only 2% of migrants are ready for a job!

In 2015, the immigration was clearly organized: Rothschild´s agent — George Soros – arranges and pays for the journey of the migrants and refugees  from NATO´s/EU´s war zones and Africa – and obedient superlodge Mason Angela Merkel welcomes them with open arms – in spite of the resistance of the Germans.

For many years, the EU has kept nearly all migrants seeking their livelihood in Europe (only 20% of Migrants are refugees) – mostly at the expense of tax payers.  In 2004 640.000 immigrants to the EU were refused,  just 164.000 were returned from the EU (The figure has been deleted, since I saw it in 2009!!).

And of course, these 56 mio are to be reunified with their numerous families in Europe – to promote the Coudenhove Kalergi and Sarkozy plan to replace the white race with negro/Arab genes – as planned by the Pharisaic/Zionist rulers of the world

For now, the EU wants to accelerate the black immigration: In fact it is inviting all needy Muslims in Africa and Asia to come to Europe to be “protected” and nourished – although being unfit for our complicated work, disqualified by tradition and IQ.

This is really war on the white race  and here and here  and here and here and here and here and here, as well on the remnants of the teachings of Christ.




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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Good article. Diversity and “no room for mono-cultural” countries only applies to white countries. Loads of “mono-cultural” countries all over Africa and Asia. No this is all about killing and encoding white people and is being done by Internationalist Jews. Therefore it is only the mono-culture of Internationalist Jews which is the root problem. That is where the real Racism and Supremacism is. Tell your friends, tell your work colleagues, your family, your children, your neighbours. Spread the word now everywhere before it gets too late.

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