Escalation of death threats against female MPs

 TAP – surely the surge in death threats which includes people like Nigel Farage must be Islamic, and not just the lone nutters as being suggested in the media.  Otherwise why the focus on women?  Would the struggles within Labour, or Brexit, produce this much violence?  There has to be more to it.

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‘You’ll get it like Jo Cox did’: Politicians receive death threats as funeral held for murdered MP

As murdered MP Jo Cox was laid to rest in her Yorkshire constituency on Friday, fellow Labour politician Luciana Berger became the target of violent threats and anti-Semitic abuse.

Cox, who was shot and stabbed to death by a fascist named Thomas Mair outside her constituency office on June 16, was given a private funeral in Batley and Spen on Friday.

Details about the cortege were shared with locals, so that the public could pay its respects.

Her husband Brandon issued a statement of solidarity with the victims of the Nice attack, posting on Twitter: “Jo would ask us not to fight hate with hate but draw together to drain the swamp that extremism breeds in. Thinking of all the victims of hatred today.”

A man was arrested on Friday morning on suspicion of making threats to kill Labour leadership hopeful Angela Eagle.

The 44-year-old from Paisley, Scotland, is being questioned by Merseyside Police.

A spokesperson for the force said: “The arrest comes after an email was sent to the account of Wallasey MP Angela Eagle.”

On Thursday, two of Cox’s fellow female MPs came forward with complaints that they had received threatening messages over the past few weeks.

Wavertree MP Luciana Berger received a series of death threats, including one warning that she would “get it like Jo Cox did.”

In other emails, Berger reportedly received images of kitchen knives – one of the weapons used to murder Cox – and warnings reading: “You better watch your back Jewish scum.”

Labour backbencher Paula Sherriff also revealed that both she and her staff had received misogynistic abuse and threats, saying that the messages had gotten “completely out of hand.”

Speaking in Parliament, Sherriff said: “It is a matter of record that in recent weeks there has been a significant escalation of misogynistic abuse and threats of violence, disproportionately towards female MPs from all sides of this House.

“It is apparent that this abuse has become completely out of hand now, with many, many members fearful for their and their staff’s safety and to the point where a number of members have discussed with me that they are worried about their own personal health as a result of this abuse.

“We all know that this comes just four weeks today after our dear colleague was murdered.

“This cannot be allowed to continue.”


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Another ECJ. Empty Casket Job.

    Complete with Fear Mongering and Lies to promote the Anti-White Anti-Christian goals of the Cabal.

    As the Worldwide Internationalist Jewish Conspiracy to Exterminate the White Race continues

    Many of us Hope and Pray for a Worldwide White Christian Redemption

    Oh don’t worry it’s coming. The Big Man is on His Way… Jesus in Jerusalem!

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