Endeavours for War with Russia by the Military Industrial Complex´Mad NATO Leaders Disclosed

by Anders

I have previously written about the dangerous Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and here and here  and NATO´srecent “ANAKONDA” exercise seen as a provocation by Russia, which is, therefore, marching troops up on its Western border. The MIC even seems to supply Putin with weapons for WWIII.  The MIC lives by weapon productions and wars. And it pressures all US presidential hopefuls to pledge to wage the desired wars.

The NATO plot for war on Russia
Famous investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture 5 July 2016:  A hacked private Gmail message sent by then-NATO supreme military commander Philip Breedlove to former Secretary of State Colin Powell in 2014 shows that Breedlove sought, in contravention of President Obama’s policy, to implement a more aggressive military stance against Russia over the situation in Ukraine.
Breedlove was replaced in May 2016,


By bolting from the relatively «measured» policy of America’s Commander-in-Chief, Obama, with regard to Ukraine, Breedlove’s public Cold War mania was only exceeded by his private treasonous behavior.

In his email to Powell, Breedlove believed the 2014 anti-democratic coup against President Viktor Yanukovych and the declaration of self-government by Crimea was an opportunity for the United States and NATO to engage militarily with Russia. Breedlove described some «stalwart» allies of the United States as wishing to ratchet up tensions with Russia. It is obvious that these «stalwart» allies not only included the right-wing coup government in Kiev, but NATO members itching for a NATO-led military confrontation with Russia. It is almost certain that these «stalwarts» included Poland and the Baltic states.

Breedlove used as an interlocutor with Powell the former Pentagon consultant Harlan Ullman, the man who came up with the «shock and awe» US doctrine used against Iraq. The «shock and awe» concept borrows heavily from the Nazi German «Blitzkrieg» tactics.

The use of tactical nuclear weapons by US and Israel  has been demonstrated in Syria and Yemen.


Turkey has also used a nuclear bomb on the Kurds:  Photo analysis by Jeff Smith, nuclear physicist; inspector for the UN/International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirms 100% that this was a tactical nuclear weapon Smith is willing to testify this before the Court of Justice at the Hague. VT supposes the bomb is one of the about 85 US nuclear warheads at Incirlik, Turkey.


It is clear that Breedlove, Ullman, the neoconservative Potomac Foundation, former NATO Supreme Commander Wesley Clark, and Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland conspired to undertake what Ullman described as an effort to «leverage, cajole, convince or coerce the US to react» to Russia in Ukraine. By «react», these treasonous co-conspirators meant open warfare between NATO and Russia.

Breedlove and his cohorts did everything possible to stir up tensions with Russia
Fogh-rasmussen-666Another conspirator in Breedlove’s dangerous liaisons was the then-NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen (666-sign left), a former Danish Prime Minister. Rasmussen is now a political consultant to Ukrainian coup president Petro Poroshenko.


fogh rasmussen-kerry

Rechts: Fog Rasmussen receiving orders from his superior, US Secr. of State John Kerry.

There was also some question about why NATO chose as a successor to Rasmussen another Scandinavian, former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (right). It is clear that another Scandinavian was chosen in order to ensure NATO has the political support throughout Europe to develop a two-pronged military attack strategy against Russia: one in the south involving a planned Black Sea fleet and another in the north involving NATO members Norway, Denmark, the Baltic States, and Poland supplemented by formerly neutral/non-aligned Sweden and Finland.

RStoltenberg-faithight NATO Secr. Gen Stoltenberg showing the Masonic sign for Faith in Jupiter/Babylonian Marduk.

Left above, he shows the Masonic one-eye sign for Osiris/Horus – Lucifer and here.


Below right, he shows the hidden hand sign of Jahbulon (Jahwe-Baal-On (Osiris) – the god of Masonry


It is traditionally neutral/non-aligned Sweden and Finland that NATO desperately hopes to entrap in its bowels.
the neutral Swedes and Finns have not been as supportive of NATO’s plans as have the Balts and the Poles.
NapoleonIt is now known that during the Cold War, the «neutrality» of Sweden and Finland was a smoke screen. They  Finns  cooperated with NATO in collecting military and signals intelligence on Soviet targets

NATO’s manic desire for Sweden and Finland to become part of NATO’s anti-Russian drive matches completely with that of Adolf Hitler’s «Drang nach Osten».

Bhell-is-emptyreedlove, Rasmussen, Stoltenberg, and their neo-Cold War confederates all pine for the «good old days» of military confrontation with Russia.
These Cold War aficionados have their allies in US military commands in Hawaii, Japan, and South Korea who hope for a similar military confrontation with China.
To say that these individuals are «madmen» would be a disservice to actual madmen.

American military officials are fond of saying they are given the responsibility to «keep the peace». Nothing could be further from the truth. The destabilization of a half dozen countries in the Middle East, from Libya and Syria to Iraq and Yemen, is proof that the Pentagon has perpetuated strife.

With the leak of a few Gmail messages, Breedlove’s and his colleagues’ plans for a war with Russia have been laid bare.

What is going on is clear: preparations to escalate WWIII which the US declared back in 2011 as the “War on Terror” (an excuse for US encirclement of Russia), using Al-Qaeda as a pretext for declaring WWIII.

Tputinobamapigeono connect the dots, Veterans Today 5 July 2016 writes:  “It’s not about oil and gas pipelines, nor is it about Russia wanting to show off it’s latest hardware, whatever it is about will be much bigger, much more significant and much more secret.
Of course, the Syrian conflict has to be viewed against the backdrop of broader geopolitical games; the conflicts in Ukraine, Nagorno-Karabakh and elsewhere are perhaps better thought of as other theatres of the same conflict rather than separate conflicts as they are undoubtedly connected.
Russia´s bombings in Syria have change virtually nothing on the ground. 

Source: http://new.euro-med.dk/20160707-endeavours-for-war-with-russia-by-the-military-industrial-complexmad-nato-leaders-disclosed.php


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