Do the trade deals now. Worry about politics later.

UPDATE – Repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and the trade deals can be negotiated, including with EU countries, acting as one or indpendently.  Article 50 is a red herring to draw Britain into a long drawn out torture process.  The exit is actually far quicker and simpler.

Article 50 is an optional two year period of notice

POST –  India, China and many others are desperate to do a trade deal with a Brexited Britain.  It could take years before the politicians and bureaucrats can make up their minds which way to go, but trade wants to go ahead now.  My own company sells in India and China, but only to the duty free areas, Hong Kong and the zone around Mumbai.  Duty into China on our category of goods is over 100%, and into India 15%.  The more normal rates around the world where trade deals are already in place are 2%.

If we could get 2% on trade into these fast growing markets the size of our business, employing 100 people in the UK, could treble.  Indian and Chinese have a preference for buying British goods and brands, and the interest to buy more quality products than they currently are able to do, is universal amongst the new and growing Middle Classes.  We are typical of hundreds and thousands of other British businesses.

So here’s an idea.  Let’s get on and do the trade deals now, and worry about the politicians and bureaucrats who can’t make up their minds, another day.   The world wants to trade now.  Britain has to get going now, and end the ridiculous trade blockade we have lived within for forty years.  Give the responsibility for foreign trade to someone like Boris Johnson or Liam Fox and sign up dozens of deals all over the globe now.


My!  Guess who’s just been made Foreign Secretary 20 minutes ago – Boris Johnson.  And guess who’s in charge of International Trade, but Liam Fox.  Am I intuitive or what?

Also a hopeful sounding appointment is David Davis as – .

  • Secretary of State for exiting the European Union –

It sounds and looks like they really mean Brexit is coming.   Farage isn’t in Westminster in person, but this cabinet has three Brexiteers in charge of key appointments.  His influence is stronger than ever.  The Conservatives know they get one shot at this.  They Brexit soon or their voters Trexit (exit the Tory Party).

Farage tweets –

The appointment of @DavidDavisMP & @LiamFoxMP to Brexit and International Trade roles are inspired choices. I feel more optimistic now.

UPDATE – Free trade deal with China proposed by Chancellor Hammond.

Tap and Theresa May

Theresa May is one of the most hated politicians in Britain after permitting so much immigration and introducing Sharia Law.  I met her at the Conservative Party conference in 2003.  After running the campaign to stop Portillo attacking IDS in February in Kensington & Chelsea (at that time IDS was a eurosceptic’s hero after he blocked the Euro, and there was hope we might move on to BREXIT.  Portillo seemed to be working with Blair and Mandelson against him, hoping to get a cross-party pro-EURO alliance into place), I was invited into the holy of holies to meet a few senior Conservatives just before IDS left the conference, when he was media assassinated and lost the leadership two weeks later.  One of those present was Theresa May.

She obviously knew everyone in the group, but didn’t know why I was there, and this clearly bothered her.  She came over and made small talk hoping to work out who I was.  ‘Why are you here, and what’s your position?’ she asked me.  I could hardly say I’m the activist that did for Michael Portillo, could I, so I just said I was a friend of Owen Paterson (which at that time was true before he went mad for fracking and GMOs, and killing millions of human beings as Cameron’s Sec Of State for the Environment).   She came across as quite a nervous person, and not all that self-assured, and maybe had some forewarning of what was about to be unleashed in the media – the get rid of IDS slaughter.

I’ve no idea who’s pulling her strings now, although her ‘who are you?’ neurosis could be driving her addiction to state eavesdropping of the whole population.  It is said she’s a Zionist and is here to do us all in.  I suppose two weeks grace before bloggers call for her to be cast down for destroying our cities and civilization would be in order.  After all she’s appointed the first Brexit cabinet and made it look like she’s trying!   Warmonger Fallon the Neocon is not all that encouraging an appointment in Defence.  As for her husband…as I say, two weeks grace.  She might surprise us on the positive side with expectations so incredibly low.  Oh yes.  She got rid of Osborne and Gove so not all can be that bad!

Theresa May’s husband is a senior executive at a $1.4tn investment fund that profits from tax avoiding companies



5 Responses to “Do the trade deals now. Worry about politics later.”

  1. peugeott says:

    NHS will be gone under FOX with his obsession with shithole america

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Cautiously echo some sentiments conveyed here by the Wise Tap. Need to give some time to see how the New Regime develops though they cannot dally as time is of the essence now.

  3. Tom74 says:

    The flaw in that plan is that a trade negotiation isn’t just about Britain. Even if we didn’t want to think about politics, the other side would be very mindful of it. Given the importance of trade with the EU to India and China, they’re not going to want to do unilateral trade deals with us that are against the rules.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Repeal European Communities Act 1972. Article 50 is a quagmire.

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