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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    This one slowly breaking is the real reason why the Natural Bullsh*t History Museum is taking down the Diplodocus Exhibit in the main hall. I wonder where they are going to find storage space for the Appollo Moon Lander that is still sitting in the Science Museum. Or more appropriately space in the refuse, maybe it will already be too full with the contents of the Holocaust Museum lol…

    Thanks World Jewry…history really is bunk

  2. eddieleejn says:

    Hmmm, interesting. I personally feel they did exist; I feel the annuaki human experiment is the real suppression…. and can of worms.

  3. NPP says:

    29mins… watch later.

    A lovely idea. Dinosaurs are simply a figment of some one’s imaginaton – terrific. I’ve long wondered….

  4. Human says:

    Either there is proof that all bones and skeletal remains to date are fake, and someone has that proof, even though some have been proved to be fake, but that was in the pursuit of eliminating the idea of a missing link. All natural cave drawings and ancient art depicting dinosaurs are also fake. What a lot of collusion that would take, stone a fucking crow, humanity is a pile of cesspit scum eh, the clangers have more credibility than many humans do or this is one great big, giant mental lab for the soup dragon.

  5. Human says:

    Either that or Tap has been commandeered.

  6. Bigmoo says:

    Calling all Tappers. The research material is freely available and for the big thinkers, also consider this….the theory of evolution. it isn’t even a theory – it is a pile of tripe. Science firmly refutes the theory. Joining the dots as Darwin was a member of a certain secret society and his theory has been taught every since. Look closely at the science. The fossil record has no evidence of intermediate forms and counters all that has been said about evolution. Dinosaurs and evolution are as real as 911.

    • Toy SOULDIErs says:

      On creation, your public school taught theories are completely incorrect and are backed by fraud. Desperate preservation of illusory status quo, controlled and stagnant credibility does not a true scientist make. DISCOVERY does, not regurgitation of some worthless 160 year old theory made by a drunk freemason who believed in flying goat demons with tits and failed out of college not once, but twice. I guess 160 years wasn’t enough to figure out Darwin was an idiot and his ideas were backed by the idea of eugenics. Those who are arrogant, self serving people who like to believe they are more “evolved” than others are pushing this nonsense on the masses. They are mental.

  7. Tom74 says:

    I think the reality is that we don’t know either way. Even the origins of our own species, perhaps 200,000 years ago, are mysterious. With the dinosaurs apparently dying out 65 million years ago, the ‘science’ can only be little more than guesswork.

    • Aldous says:

      “I think the reality is that we don’t know either way. Even the origins of our own species, perhaps 200,000 years ago, are mysterious.”

      Tom, the whole, phony Darwinism ‘origin of the species’ stuff is intended to pull us further and further away from God the Creator. The Jurassic Period stuff may have a similar agenda and I have long thought that ‘Dinosaurs’ are suspect. That Spielberg made a movie (based on the late Michael Crichton’s novel) about it should set alarm bells ringing. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story? A lot like Schindler’s List?

      Liam Neeson (Schindler) seems to have paid a very high price for partaking in such a wicked travesty of truth and Hollywood Fiction Factory when his wife Natasha Richardson (Parent Trap) had a somewhat innocuous fall and injury while skiing in Canada which turned out to be rather deadly. They call epidural hematoma the ‘talk and die’ injury because all seems rather well during a lucid interval but death is usually in the post.

      Don’t get me wrong here, as I have nothing whatsoever to do with ‘church and religion’ which is as subverted and compromised (by the usual suspects) as virtually all western nations have become.

      However, I describe myself proudly as a Christian and have no difficulty or hesitation in professing my belief in God.
      IMHO, God and Christ are Deities which the simple Human mind (quite understandably) has much difficulty in comprehending – hence Faith. Deities are Eternal and have no beginning or end, whereas we mere mortals have a beginning but no end – Earthly life is very fleeting and a mere transient existence.

      When ‘science’ tries to compare us to ‘evolved apes’, you can be sure that a Disciple of (the Synagogue of) Satan is at work trying to pull us still further away from God.
      Even if you have great difficulty in believing in the concept of such a Supreme Deity or ‘Creator’, then it cannot be too difficult to live a life as if God existed?

      Again, don’t misunderstand me because I am a multi sinner bar none (which makes me mortal) and often fall well short of what might be God’s expectations of me; but I would never deny God, as it would be like denying (or not believing in) my Mother and Father, or Wife and Children and Grandchildren. Regards.

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