Desperate FB campaign to avoid Brexit draws thousands to London protest

1 Jul, 2016


Over 40,000 people are planning to march through London this Saturday hoping to pressure politicians to keep Britain in the European Union.

A Facebook event was set up shortly after the Brexit referendum when victory for the Leave camp became official.

Organizers of the March For Europe, which includes popular event planners Secret Cinema, said they want politicians to fully understand how the move could affect millions of British and European people.

“We call for an end to political indecision about Britain’s future. We want our elected representatives to outline what our future is in Europe, to be transparent about how our country can thrive in troubling times,” a statement on the Facebook event page read.

Organizer Keiran MacDermott added, “The referendum was a massive mistake for our country and is a step in the wrong direction. We started this initiative to demand this situation be reconsidered and the UK’s relationship with the EU maintained. A good solution can and must be found.”

The group Another Europe Is Possible, which had the endorsement of shadow chancellor John McDonnell and backs the Remain side, has confirmed that they will be attending the demonstration.

Campaigner Luke Cooper told RT: “It’s brilliant to see thousands of young people are mobilizing in a wave of spontaneous anger at the Tory Brexit we see unfolding around us. It’s only too right young people are taking a lead; they didn’t vote for Brexit, now they’re taking to the streets to say not in my name.”

Labour MPs David Lammy and Catherine West are set to speak at a rally in Parliament Square.

Secret Cinema founder Fabien Riggall said he was “dismayed” at the results of the EU referendum and subsequent “political instability, community division and market uncertainty.”

He added that he would be marching on Saturday because “there seems to be no clear route map for the country’s future. We have come together to demand our elected representatives outline what our future is in Europe – to be transparent and show us a vision of how these issues can be fixed.

40,000 demonstrators are a lot less than the million + majority the Leave campaign produced to win the referendum. The result should stand if democracy and belief in fairness of politics is to be maintained. Facebook can not be seen to sway political opinion and government decisions.
17 million voted out…. why should anyone listen to the voices of 40,000 was a democratic vote … get over it .. if they choose to vote again it will cause riots like never before… you cannot keep voting til you get the result you want..thats not democracy  or are these people braindead
The Brexit vote by the people was clear… Get us out of the EU ASAP. There will not be another vote.

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  1. NPP says:

    We are on our way out! This island community displayed courage despite heavy bias slanted PR the other way….

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Echo the comments above. Any attempt to back out of stepping out will just blow back up in whoever’s face tries it. This is really exposing the lackeys and bag men for the Internaitonalists, people like that scum Lammy, wolf in sheeps clothing. Long may this kind of thing continue – the British public has already proved it is not stupid so it is going to see through more and more of these kind of lies and deceits. Old habits with these kind of criminals in suits and political puppets die hard, but nonetheless it is enjoyable watching them dig their own graves. Go on try and reverse it by all means as it will only expose The Conspiracy Against Britain.

    The bottom line for me is that They would not have tried the CoxBollox if They seriously wanted a Leave Vote.

    lulu lalalalalalalalal land

    Otherwise known as Tel Aviv is where their kind of thinking all comes from.

  3. truthmaiden says:

    I wonder how many of the 40, 00 marched against the Iraq war or how many of them stood up and marched for fishermen, firemen, nurses, doctors and any other useful and just cause. If you watch the footage of that protest it just looks like a really weird zombie film where hoards of smiling zombies are aimlessly drifting about like lost craneflies and and theres not an ounce of true revolt or passionate anger about the lot of them – so as I always wondered what are they “fighting’ for, I don’t see much of a fight and in the scheme of things very few of them, they just can’t let it go, they can’t fathom the idea that “those racist xenophobes got one up on us” or other nonsensical ideas they have like “its better to be in it together” or its “so progressive to be in the EU” or are genuinely just totally misguided and conned into it for whatever reason. Lets face it they ought to thank the people who voted out but instead they are a really sneering bunch. I got annoyed with a post i saw on Facebook saying sorry Europe we the 48% still love you – I had to point out – I as one of the 52% also still love Europe – its the bunch of unelected, privileged, powerful and unaccountable people calling themselves the EU that Im against, its all so illogical, you can be against the EU and still love the countries and the people themselves obviously – but it seems the folk who carry on trying to insist we stay in can’t seem to see that. Its not about patriotism to me. Let them have their silly little dented pride dance and lets all get the hell on with what the majority of us know is needed – to leave

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