2 Responses to “Dear Labour……THIS is why we support Jeremy Corbyn!”

  1. Aldous says:

    There’s a joke doing the rounds that the British/English Goyim are so stupid that Jo Cox/Coax/Hoax (late MP) is to be the New Labour Party Leader if Jeremy Corbyn is ousted – a very real possibility.

    The joke being that none of the Brit/Eng Goy will notice she’s supposed to be dead/murdered and they’re being jerked-off big time, other than to wonder (for a nano second) where they’ve heard that name Jo Cox before – before returning to their Sky/BBC TV World of Lies that they usually live in. I’m being serious.

    Assuming Corbyn fails to beat the Israeli Khazar/Ashkenazim lobby onslaught and Jo Cox being unavailable, do we have yet another woman MP (Labour) who has had no ministerial experience whatsoever and will likely be chosen to lead HM’s Opposition as men need not apply?

    • Human says:

      To me the agenda is more than obvious, put women in the forefront, chosen by their superior males of course so that they take the fall for the world mess. Males have always been clever at doing this, hatred of women will prevail, Moslem’s will cement it and politics will facilitate it.
      Just watch now in the run up to world engineered (deliberate and illusionary) failure, women will be in the prime position, job done, well done.

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