Conservative MPs blocked Liam Fox, the membership’s choice for leader. Labour members keep Corbyn despite MPs’ wanting to get rid of him.

Defeated Labour rebels admit ‘it’s finished’ as Jeremy Corbyn refuses to resign as leader

Labour rebels are in retreat after admitting that Jeremy Corbyn cannot be removed and would “win easily” if a leadership election is triggered.

One senior Labour MP said: “It’s finished” as it emerged that lengthy talks between union bosses and Tom Watson, the party’s deputy leader, had failed to find a solution to the deadlock.

MPs have now pinned their hopes on a challenge by Angela Eagle, despite many believing that she will not beat Mr Corbyn because of his support among members.

It follows weeks of stalemate between the Labour leader’s office andMPs who want to see Mr Corbyn step down without having to trigger a leadership campaign.

The Labour leader
The Labour leader CREDIT: PA

One senior MP told The Telegraph: “It’s finished. He will win easily in a second contest if he is on the ballot, it’s everything we wanted to avoid.”

They added: “He is losing support of the membership by the day, there is no doubt about that, but they just sign up new members to replace them. He is Teflon in that sense.”

Another Labour source admitted that Mr Corbyn has “dug his heels in” and “isn’t going anywhere”, adding: “It’s grim.”

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MPs had mounted a campaign to remove the Labour leader after he sacked Hilary Benn as shadow foreign secretary following the EU referendum.

In the following week almost every shadow minister in Mr Corbyn’s top team resigned and a vote of no confidence in the leader won the support of over 80 per cent of MPs who voted. 

However Mr Corbyn and his allies, including John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, have refused to back down and allow a new leader to be appointed, citing the mandate he won from Labour voters in September.

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A Labour MP told The Telegraph: “There are more talks planned, but when one side’s red line is that Jeremy stays in post and the other side says he has to go, it is impossible to find a compromise. It’s done.

“It’s no good. It’s possible that the PLP would consider some kind of executive role for Jeremy if he were to stand aside as leader but his team just won’t consider that option, they know where the power lies.”

John McDonnell has said Mr Corbyn will not resign
John McDonnell has said Mr Corbyn will not resign CREDIT: AFP



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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Off topic or perhaps not – two strange deaths around Boris Johnson – one Brexit aide (drugs – story seems rather pat) and
    son of aide some years ago (from drugs when he wasn’t a know user)

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    ‘The Glorious Future’ our Political Leaders have provided for us is not what GOD wants,

    Have Mercy Upon Us – Fear of The LORD is the beginning of Wisdom.
    Psalm 111

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