CIA planning another nuke attack on Erdogan

Now what’s cooking in Turkey?   There’s no way nuclear weapons could be nicked at Incirlik Air Base without CIA/State Department involvement.

Erdogan is talking of military treason in his own troops, but that could be a cover story for who’s really behind the use of the nuclear weapon on Turkey’s Parliament building this week, and where the orders are actually coming from to launch this week’s slightly unreal coup d’etat.


Erdogan has been making conciliatory moves towards President Putin recently, in an attempt to normalise relations.  This would be viewed with the utmost seriousness by the Neocon madmen in Washington.  They would want Erdogan stopped.

From Sputnik –

The US State Department cautions that the situation in Turkey remains unstable in the wake of the failed coup plot and warns foreign travellers against visiting the country citing an increased terror threat as chaos ensues across the country.

NATO also maintains roughly 90 tactical nuclear weapons at the Incirlik Air Base, from where the 42 helicopters have gone missing, causing concern about the security of US weapons in Turkey and raising the specter that terrorists may ultimately be able to get their hands on advanced weaponry or potentially a nuclear bomb.

TAP – Can you detect the ‘between the lines’ possibility that the US State Department knows very well where these weapons are, and is thinking of having them used solely for the purpose of keeping Erdogan in the NATO camp – or else.  His airforce and NATO’s are grounded by Russian air defence capabilities in Syria.  The EU is visibly disintegrating.  Where would you be looking next if you were Erdogan?  The CIA has already used one nuclear weapon.  I’m sure they’d be capable of using a few more to keep Turkey in the NATO camp.   The schedule for WW3 doesn’t include any peacemaking moves, least of all by Turkey, a place from where Washington’s madmen hope war can be fomented.


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