Chilcot Inquiry: MPs seek to impeach Tony Blair using ancient law

Move could be made because of Labour leader’s alleged misleading of Parliament over Iraq War


Tony Blair is reported to be finalising a response to Chilcot with former Downing Street allies Getty

A number of MPs are seeking to impeach former prime minister Tony Blair using an ancient Parliamentary law.

The move, which has cross-party support, could be launched in the aftermath of the Chilcot Inquiry report because of the Labour leader’s alleged role in misleading Parliament over the Iraq War.

MPs believe Mr Blair, who was in office between 1997 and 2007, should be prosecuted for breaching his constitutional duties and taking the country into a conflict that resulted in the deaths of 179 British troops.

Not used since 1806, when Tory minister Lord Melville was charged for misappropriating official funds, the law is seen in Westminster as an alternative form of punishment if, as believed, Mr Blair will escape serious criticism in the Chilcot Inquiry report.

Triggering the process simply requires an MP to propose a motion, and support evidence as part of a document called the Article of Impeachment.

If the impeachment attempt is approved by MPs, the defendant is delivered to Black Rod ahead of a trial.

A simple majority is required to convict, at which point a sentence can be passed, which could, in theory, involve Mr Blair being sent to prison.

Last year, current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the former prime minister could be made to stand trial for war crimes, saying that he thought the Iraq War was an illegal one and that Mr Blair “has to explain that”.

He added: “We went into a war that was catastrophic, that was illegal, that cost us a lot of money, that lost a lot of lives.

“The consequences are still played out with migrant deaths in the Mediterranean, refugees all over the region.”

It is believed the 2.6 million-word report, due to be published in July, will not make “any judgements on the legality [of the Iraq War]or anything like that, that is not the purpose”.

Chilcot will instead focus on the decision making behind the conflict and whether any lessons can be learned. Launched by the US with strong UK backing, the war lead to the deaths of between 150,000 and 600,000 Iraqis over four years.

Earlier this year, Alex Salmond, the former leader of the Scottish National Party, said the report will show that Mr Blair committed to the invasion of Iraq in private with President George Bush before 2003.

He said: “If, as I believe… Chilcot finds that there was a prior commitment from Blair to Bush at Crawford ranch [Bush’s Texas home] in 2002, that would provide the reason for pursuing the matter further.”




6 Responses to “Chilcot Inquiry: MPs seek to impeach Tony Blair using ancient law”

  1. RabbiT says:

    They hung Saddam for “crimes against humanity”.

    Let’s be fair.
    Why spare Blair?

  2. the watcher says:

    surely camoron should be following him to prison what with him and sweaty betty arming israel to blow up and murder palastian men,women and children.they all should be locked up along with benggy.locked up for the publics safety.

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Ha ha this will make you laugh. Watch Branson blabbing over how much money he has lost and how the referendum should be re-run… what an arrogant wanker (and a loser at the same time lol)

    Brexit Was Not Planned. See Branson…
    Today’s favorite for the ‘cunt of the day’ award is Richard Branson…

    This vid is worth watching… He is absolutely crapping himself. Look.

    Poor Wichard has clearly lost a LOT OF MONEY because of the vote, (1/3 of his company’s value!) and is now agitating to nullify it.

    Poor Wichard isn’t a billionaire any more, do you feel sorry for him?

    Of course he’s spinning it like he’s concerned about British workers, but if he was, he’d have promoted Brexit. He’s clearly only worried about his own wealth. What a wanker.

    He’s just another millionaire who thinks the common people are too stupid to make political decisions.

    Another millionaire who DOESN’T EVEN LIVE in the UK, he has a private island, populated by whores (probably), but thinks he knows better that we who do actually live here.

    The UK may resemble a fly’s corpse, sucked dry by the predatory spider that is the EU, but it’s our fly’s corpse of a country. We don’t have anywhere else to go!

    Bob Geldof, Joseph Stalin, Martin Shultz, Angela Merkel, Dave Cameron, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot, you name ’em. Tyrants all.

    • truthmaiden says:

      Thanks for sharing this, you are right it’s comical for sure. I don’t have a TV and wouldn’t watch that show if I did, so it was good to see and be reminded why I don’t watch that stuff, though depressing so many do.

      He’s like a little beardy Blair isn’t he? Watching him squirm and avoid eye contact, his red face of guilt and odd body movements made me laugh a lot. It was incredibly awkward, even the presenters are pointing out you can’t just have another go.

      I hope people that even contemplate petitioning for a second referendum can now clearly see why he wanted in – a third! What the deluded people who voted in are supporting are the likes of him who see everything as profit and who are also clearly shitting a brick now that he’s haemorrhaging profit and is terrified of the peoples revolt.

      The patronising toad insinuated I as a person and everyone else who voted to leave, were all fed from “the three biggest right wing papers” the sun, telegraph or mail. He referred to us all as Brexiteers which makes my skin crawl – These shortened forms of words piss me off and are just aimed at dumbing us further – I voted to leave the EU Branson, because I don’t wish to be apart of an EU dictatorship, I love European Countries, not the EU, I Love all people regardless of race or religion, so long as they are kind hearted (not like your type who seem not to possess any kind of heart at all) I love for the bad guys to be accountable, I think power should be with people not a few unelected, I don’t like flags, Im not part of the BNP, nor do I like Farage or any other group, I do not read newspapers and never have, so there goes your stupid theory – fed by the papers what a bloody cheek considering whats he unto right there on that couch.

      This really was great to see and highly embarrassing, short of stamping his gutless feet and crying into the bosom of the American woman, who lets face it may as well have not been there, he couldn’t have come across as more of a prissy little bitch who’s suddenly not as rich and influential as he was – the level of desperation etched into his face was clear for all to see!

      As I pointed out to a few of my friends who wanted to stay in, why would you trust this man, or any of the other terrible examples, I better not start on Blair because everyone who visits this site already knows what him and his team have done to innocent people in the name of profit, the man deserves no words but much pity, I’m sure he will worm his way out of it anyway – but personally I think he should be delivered to the survivors of the families whose members were killed and let them decide what to do with the toothy lapdog- I also think it was a very great shame we were not given the chance to vote on the Iraq oil war in a similar way as the EU referendum – Had we had the chance to be truly democratic about it then many innocent lives would saved and the suffering, torture and brutality would not have happened – thanks again for the laugh it did cheer me up to see Branson so unashamedly portraying his desperation but it usually lands back down with a bump when you realise how depressing it is that these fuckers keep on getting away with it all….

  4. ian says:

    It was lies, they knew it was lies. We knew it was lies. They killed David Kelly ffs, As for Teflon Tony, hang the bastard naked from a lamp post, the slimy little twat.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Tony will never swing, other than swinging his way round the international circuit, he is too ensconced. To be fair though he could still teach the present PM a thing or two and that is no offence to Dave. I think TB would have dodged the Ref but then again being New Labour it was not like he faced the same internal party pressure that Cameron had on his hands. Then again even Teflon eventually wears out.

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