Boris Johnson: Project Fear ‘hysteria’ is gripping Britain

Gore knifed Boris.  Now muddying waters so Loathsome can slide onto the ballot against Sharia.  Gore is making it hard for the only genuine LEAVE candidate to gain traction, but he is doing – Liam Fox.  It’s good that Boris is still talking to the media.  I suppose if he backed a candidate, that might not work given the current amount of filth being thrown his way.  All orchestrated by George Richborne, Gore’s best buddy.

3 JULY 2016 • 9:30PM

Boris Johnson today condemns the government for failing to highlight the positives of Brexit and instead allowing “hysteria” to take hold following the referendum result.

In his first intervention since withdrawing from the Tory leadership race, Mr Johnson criticises the government for offering the public a “binary choice on the EU” without explaining how the country would move forward in the event of a Leave vote.

In an article for The Telegraph Mr Johnson says the failure to explain that Britain can have a “bright future” has led to protests by young people who now have irrational fear of life outside the EU.

The former Mayor of London says the government’s inertia has led to a “contagious mourning” akin to that which followed the death of Princess Diana.

Mr Johnson’s article comes after thousands of people took to the streets to protest the referendum result at the weekend

He complains that “young people are experiencing the last psychological tremors of Project Fear – perhaps the most thoroughgoing government attempt to manipulate public opinion since the run up to the Iraq war.”

Demanding a plan be put forward before the election of a new Tory leader, Mr Johnson says: “It is time for this nonsense to end… We cannot wait until mid September and a new PM, we need a clear statement, now, of some basic truths.


Mr Johnson withdrew from the Tory leadership race on Thursday after his campaign was abandoned by Michael Gove, who criticised the Former Mayor of London’s leadership before launching his own campaign for office.

Today, Mr Johnson’s former campaign manager, Ben Wallace launches an attack of Mr Gove’s ability to be Prime Minister, saying that he is unfit to be prime minister because he is a gossip and takes aim at Mr Gove’s wife, the newspaper columnist Sarah Vine.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Mr Wallace says: “From the minute Michael Gove came on board with Boris’s leadership campaign, things started to go wrong.


2 Responses to “Boris Johnson: Project Fear ‘hysteria’ is gripping Britain”

  1. Tom74 says:

    No, it’s real fear, Mr Johnson. Real fear that the country has been betrayed by the lies and incompetence of chancers like you, who have never had to earn a living.
    We’re in mourning for a basically happy and prosperous country that now stares into the abyss of division and destruction because you decided to front a treacherous campaign on behalf of powerful foreigners. Then they pulled the plug on you, Mr Johnson, and you’re too much of a coward to take any responsibility. The only honourable thing you can do now is vanish from public life.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Boris is incredibly brave to face down fanatics like you Tom. Jealousy about money doesn’t wash. We need freedom from the burgeoning totalitarian state, money or no money. Freedom has no price.

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