Blood Sacrifices to Allah and False Flags: It Is not ISIS – It Is Islam, Its Collusive Masterminds and Our Tolerance Cult

On 26 July, a 86-year-old French priest was murdered by 2 Muslims  during the mass.

The Boss of the US FBI, Comey, here tells that as ISIS is becoming crushed, really dangerous (US/Israel funded, trained) ISIS warriors will emigrate to Europe – and what (false flags) terror we have so far seen is only a weak beginning.

The Daily Mail 27 July 2016: 19-year-old Abdel Kermiche, born in Algeria,  cut the priest´s throat ina a church at Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in Normandy.
French intelligence services had been sent a widely distribute picture of priest killer Abdelmalik Petitjean to police stations and were warned an attack was imminent four days before the Normandy church attack, it has been revealed.

The message  said he ‘was preparing to take part in an attack on national territory’.

The French newspaper L’Express wrote on July 28 that, according to tapes, one of the two murderers had earlier  announced to 200 people, “it takes a knife, go into a church and make a bloodbath, bim!” Although he was under surveillance because of suspected terrorism, apparently none of the 200 notified the police – or ?? This shows  how little Muslims worry about the survival and health of their white benefactors.

Kermiche’s mother revealed her son had been ‘bewitched’ and ‘spoke with words that were not his’. In March 2015, while still a minor, Kermiche used his brother’s ID to try to reach the terror group in Syria via Germany, but was arrested in Munich.
According to his bail conditions, Kermiche was also allowed to go out unsupervised between 8.30am and 12.30pm every day.

Why did the police not warn the public? It just let it happen.
It is evident that Kermiche was strongly brainwashed. Although on the police terror watch list, Petijean had a full time job as handler of luggage at the Chambery Airport in France!!!

Here, 2 Muslim-looking types purportedly swear allegiance to ISIS – before making their blood sacrifice to Allah in Rouen. Apparently, they speak in Arabic. It is said to be ISIS´s video – but in the lower right corner of the video, the Logo of London film maker Christopher Heary´s Deadbug can be seen. Should this not be a fake or a copy, Heary should be severely punished for not warming the police. Or did he do this job for the authorities? But: Heary in London – Islamists in France? I have researched on Heary – but found nothing to discredit him.  FAKE?

Hardly, for The Daily Mail has the same Photo without the Deadbug Logo. Instead it has an Arab logo that I do not find under Google´s ISIS-Logos

TAl-baghdadi-mossad-agentoday, decapitations are regularly reported as committed by the terrible ISIS terrorists, created, funded, trained and equippped by the USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel – even having a Mossad agent for its boss (Baktr al Baghdadi).  So as Veterans Today has reported: Isis is not an organisation per se. Our governments are ISIS”.
The media  nearly always tells us that ISIS is a perversion of Islam, while Islam is the “Religion of peace”!!! 

Of course that´s a lie, as I have so often demonstrated here.

ISIS follows the Koran to the letter. Whoever still believes the corporative media nonsense should remember the words of Turkey´s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan” These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

In this video eloquent David Wood compares France with worshippers of Moloch/Baal, sacrificing her own children and priests to a cult. Why? Because the French are not at all atheists – they worship tolerance  into absurdity: Their tolerance cult worships the tolerance of the most intolerant “religion”/ideology in the world – and the most false prophet ever seen.

And that´s it! Islamic terror/Jihad, Sharia have been well documented in “Golden Andalusia (711-1493 AD): Christians were persecuted, enslaved, crucified en masse  – and about 1100 A.d. there was hardly a Christian left in Andalusia (Bat Ye´or Eurabia 2005). The same is going on today in Muslim countries – and now this evil system is being invited, paid for and promoted at the cost of Europeans in all respects, who until 1683 (Vienna) bravely resisted Muslim attempts to conquer the rest of Europe. (Islam then ruled over the Balkans, Greece  – and previously Southern Italy besides Andalusia). All Muslim countries were previously Christian – except Arabia and East Asian countries. Their conversions were cruel – e.g. the first born boy was removed from Christian families in the Balkans, brainwashed to become a  fanatic Muslim janizary (cannon fodder).

However, the EU has threatened media to keep silent about such things.
But it does not work any more, The Germans have experienced Islam on their skin – and take to the streets in Germany´s cities and towns by the thousands – demanding Merkel´s exit (Video –The Daily Mail 30 July 2016).
Although only 32% of Germans approve of Merkel´s open-arm refugee policy this superlodge Mason just goes on as usual, saying “We will make this!”  Her CSU partners call her naïve – but as usual they do nothing about it.

The following is one of many incidents in the wake of Algeria´s liberation war against France, thus preceding ISIS.

It shows that Islam is exactly as exemplified by ISIS:

The Independent 27 July 2016  by Robert Fisk (a sober journalist)The Archbishop of Algiers, Monseigneur Henri Teissier, then 67 years old and a French professor of Arabic, told Robert Fisk about what happened to 7 of his monks 20 years ago in Algeria.

The Algerian civil war – between a brutal Islamist army and the equally savage Algerian army which had fatally cancelled elections which Islamists would have won in 1992 – had by 1996 already reached Syrian proportions: babies with their throats cut, women massacred in front of their husbands, men routinely decapitated. The police tortured their prisoners by pumping water into their stomachs until their victims exploded. It was inevitable that the killers from the GIA, the Islamic Armed Group, would turn upon all foreigners – and that also meant priests and bishops.

The monks of Tibherine, whose own Golgotha would be made into a poignant and superb film, Of Gods and Men, were taken from their monastery where they had looked after and given medical aid not only to the local Algerian Muslim villagers, but to the Islamist fighters themselves. That may have been their undoing.

But first, back to Teissier and his appalling, magnificent reflections upon their deaths. “It is true that we found only their headsThree of their heads were hanging from a tree near a petrol station. The other four heads were lying on the grass beneath.

So here is what he also said to me on that broiling Algiers day two decades ago: “The most difficult thing is to know that every day some people die, mothers cry for their sons and daughters. We ourselves are not in the same situation as we were before this [Algerian] crisis. When you begin celebrating the Eucharist, you cannot help remembering that Jesus was murdered by human violence – in the name of religion. Now we have to understand the risk in this society, that we are walking in the footsteps of Jesus.   Before the cross of Jesus was an abstract thing. Now it is a daily reality.”






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  1. beLIEve says:

    ISIS are not Muslims………

    They are CRYPTO-Joos.
    The THEATRICAL WING….. of ….MO$$AD.
    RATsCHILD stooges.

    Isn’t ….al bag daddys….real name Simon Elliot ?

    The Turkish “establishment” is CRYPTO-joo.
    The the Saudi “royal” famiLIE is CRYPTO-joo.

    Western EL-ites …SATANIC-I’ll thieve everything SCUM…..appear to be CRYPTO-joos.

    MASS-ACRE ……word origin……it relates to Richard the Lionhearts TORTUROUS exploits in Acre, the Holy Land in August 1192.

    Under the GUISE of Knights Templar, a MASS was “celebrated” in which 3,000 Muslims were “offered” up to the… DOG Lucifer.

    The 3,000 Moslems were prisoners of Richard the Lionheart and the Knights Templar.
    Saladin was forced to pay an EXTORTIONATE sum of money to secure their release. The sum was so large Saladin had to pay in instalments.

    One payment was delayed so………………

    Richard, tired of waiting, decided to slaughter all 3,000 …MUSLIMS.

    Richards… “SOLD-DEERS”… beheaded all prisoners…… one by one.

    Apparently, the …DYING & FRIGHTENED….release an ENERGY ….that is …..FOOD….to the DOG….Lucifer.

    The SATANIC MASS celebrated by Lucifers DISC-i-PLEZ….. at ACRE took THREE Days to complete.


    It is the joos….CRYPTO-joos…..jewSUITS……….NITES (parasite) TEMPLAR…..The Vatican……..AND ALL THEIR PROXIES……IN ALL THEIR VARIOUS DISGUISES…….who are ….PROACTIVELY ENGINEERING CHAOS…..and have been doing so for more than 1,000 years or… so it appears.

    ‘The Dark History Of The Templars’

    The Tal-MUD worshipers…..Lucifers CHOSEN-NITES …..and their predilection to effect …..SLOW & PAINFUL ….deaths.

    The following article is graphic.

    There is a book on Martyrology written in the 1700s by Samuel Clarke.
    It is an attempt at a chronology of TORTURE across Europe since the 1500s.
    All standard torture techniques were practised………………..

    The wombs of pregnant women spit open and foetuses removed and destroyed.

    People sawn in half.

    Ladies hung and, a young daughter hanging in front of her with her mothers hair looped around the childs neck as a noose.

    Dissembowelling, whilst the victim was alive.

    People placed in caves and fires, blocking their exit suffocated them.

    Some had their faces slit from ear to ear.

    IT WAS NOT the MUSLIMS conducting these TORTURES.
    So, who were the perpetrators ?

    Samuel Clarke’s expose, seems to relate, mainly to Northern Europe with Christians as the persecuted.

    Muslims did not inhabit Europe in any great number at this time.

    The joos and CRYPTO-joos did….UNLAWFULLY… and …THEY had a “DOG” who DEMANDED SACRIFICE !

    The Vatican/Catholic Church…..CRYPTO-joos?…….Murderous Paedophiles …..Glo-BALL DRUG kings !

    The ….CRYPTO-joos are in HYSTERICAL MODE……trippin’ on …FALSE FLAGS…. like there’s no tomorrow.
    A ….DESPERATION ….to …DEMONISE ….Muslims.
    Why ?
    Well if the perpeTRAITORS fail to identify the BOGEYMAN…..the people might just work it out for themselves.

    ISIS……I$raeli $ecret “Intelligence” Serve-VICE.

    It’s the joos….aka khazars.
    It has always been the joos.
    That is why they have been EVICTED from most Nation States across the Planes of Earth.

    1290 ‘Edict of Expulsion’ …UK.

    The LUCIFERIAN CONTRACT obliges the joos to continuously feed mankind to their DOG…Lucy-fur !

    DOG knows what will happen when the “meat” runs out !

    David Icke has an interesting video in which he talks about the energy of abuse and death.
    The morticians complicit in the disposal of bodies.

    Incidentally, I read an article relatively recently, in which it was stated that 20,000 children go missing in New York State every year.

    What happens when Lucifer is denied the ……ENERGY of the ABUSED and MURDERED ?

    Maybe that is the reason for the …RAT-SHIT-TING ….up of chaos, at the moment.

    Lucifers “needs” are not being met ?

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