As predicted, Gove fresh from assassinating Boris, folds in favour of Leadsom. She in turn is there to lose to Shariah May.

If people can’t tell what the media script is yet, they need to wake up.

Leadsom is being pushed forward for the purpose of folding in front of Theresa May, so that REMAIN wins the leadership, and not LEAVE.

The media knows the script and is in support.

The only genuine LEAVE candidate going is Liam Fox.

Leadsom is a well prepared deception, Mrs Smug presented here in Satanic regalia.

UKIP must be ready to launch a final assault on the Conservative bastion and drive out this party of treachery.

There is only small voice, and it’s not IDS who’s fallen for the trick, along with Owen Paterson and other supposedly eurosceptic MPs.


They’re not bright enough to know what the real game of thrones is all about.

Like Boris they will be thrown to the winds.

Today’s report from Roger Helmer.

Andrea Leadsom emerges as main challenger to May


The Telegraph front page headline is the emergence of Andrea Leadsom as key challenger to Theresa May for the Tory leadership.  IDS is backing her, and she is expected to announce the support of thirty Conservative MPs next week.  Meantime it reports fury with Gove in the Tory shires, incensed at the back-stabbing of Boris.

The man who wields the dagger never wears the crown: This sounds so like Shakespeare – but perhaps originates more prosaically with Gavin Esler.   Oh well.  More recent.  Slightly less distinguished.  But a quote applied first to Boris, and now equally appropriate to the latest knife wielder, Boris’s own assassin, Michael Gove.  And just as support bled away from Boris, so now it seems to be melting away from Michael.  He insists he didn’t want to be Prime Minister. Now he finds that no one else much wants him in the job either.

When I read that Andrea Leadsom is now ahead of Gove and running second to Theresa May, I wondered if it was amongst MPs, or Tory Party members.  Neither.  It’s with thebookies – usually the most accurate forecasters. She is also storming ahead in social media (although maybe I mostly follow people who are likely to support Andrea).

Perhaps a two-woman race in the end?  Dull, grey, last-decade Theresa, or sharp, tough, experienced, articulate, committed, clean-hands, no-baggage Andrea?  Tough choice.

May ahead?  Certainly the press have Theresa May in a cakewalk to Number Ten.  The Mail: “MAYMENTUM” (though it notes that Andrea Leadsom is ahead of Michael Gove)   And the Mail also accords her the whole of Page five on “Theresa’s Tory values”. The i: “May heads for No. 10”.

Roger Helmer MEP


7 Responses to “As predicted, Gove fresh from assassinating Boris, folds in favour of Leadsom. She in turn is there to lose to Shariah May.”

  1. NPP says:

    The bookies were not accurate forecasters the night of Brexit. I seem to recall even after midnight, the bookies still had Remain as favourites.

    These are interesting times and predictions precarious.

    I agree though, Liam Fox looks the Brexit best choice.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Interesting assessment Tap. We could have a whole line of female puppet dictators running Western countries in the very near future. The question remains, who really runs it all?

  3. eddieleejn says:

    Indeed this is interesting…. only…. there is problem, no? See, as noted before, half the other posts on here, say BREXIT is a faux agenda for the NWO to progress their plan…. in which case this must be, by that assertion, GREAT NEWS, yes :)? Ah, but then now there is a twist….yes, BREXIT being good for the NWO is now bad again….. so we must now see a conservative party led by REMAINERS as the new NWO plot to install the global end-game! I realise ‘you’ have pointed out this website is a plethora of content from different sources/people, but it really does not help your legitimacy as a source of truth, if you literally post completely conflicting thoughts; so which is it, BREXIT = Good, or BREXIT = Bad….. or are you just saying neither 🙂

    • Tapestry says:

      There are a few different people posting on here, as I am sure you know. My view has been to campaign for BREXIT from the start. That notion has only become stronger seeing events unfold. By seeing who does what, you also get conformation about the people you tend to trust. There are always plenty of opportunities for confusion made available on the alternative and main media. In the end it is your own responsibility to work out what you believe. The source for this story is from a COnservative Party insider with connections right into Westminster, over many decades.

  4. eddieleejn says:

    Thanks for the reply, I apologise for my tone, it’s just difficult to know what the hell is going on, and whatever happens someone spins it, making it in essence impossible to know the truth; this said, if the whole NWO concept is indeed accurate, then it wouldn’t really matter which way something goes, since they could indeed just change their plan of action, with the same long-term goal. My thought on ‘False Flags’ is why aren’t they more severe i.e. blow-up whole airport…. guess that would be bad for the economy 😉

  5. Nollidge says:

    Fox is a staunch Zionist.Was he not caught up in some kind of pro-Israel scandal a while back?. Cannot remember the details

  6. Men Scryfa says:

    Stand back the Wimmin’ are on the march

    “A Cambridge economist walked into a meeting naked with writing on her breasts, in protest over the UK’s vote to leave the EU.”

    “Dr Victoria Bateman arrived at the meeting at the Faculty of Economics last Wednesday with the words ‘Brexit leaves Britain naked’ written across her body.”

    Dr Victoria Bateman

    “The meeting saw director of studies from across the university gathering to discuss teaching material and courses, with Dr Bateman sitting at the two-hour meeting without anyone mentioning her nudity.”

    Oh dear maybe they were just pleased not to have to look at her face anymore

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