Andrea Leadsom In ‘Car Crash’ Performance At First Hustings

Tory leadership hopeful Andrea Leadsom gave a “car crash” performance in the first hustings in front of MPs Parliament this evening, according to a senior Conservative.

Conservative Leadership Contest:

04/07/2016 19:53 | Updated 21 hours ago


Tory leadership hopeful Andrea Leadsom gave a “car crash” performance in the first hustings in front of MPs Parliament this evening, according to a senior Conservative.

The Energy Minister repeatedly failed to distance herself from Ukip backer Arron Banks, who has endorsed Leadsom as the next Prime Minister through his Brexit campaign group Leave.EU.

Leadsom, who campaigned for the UK to leave the EU, told Tory MPs said she was not working with Ukip, but wouldn’t clarify her relationship with Banks.

One senior cabinet minister said: “When you’re having to say that you’re not Ukip at a hustings to be leader of the Conservative Party, then you are in trouble – it was a car crash.”

Another said: “She gave the answer on Ukip and totally failed to answer onLeave.EU. If you can’t do that that’s a real worry.

“We are one of the worst electorates in the world because we know all the tricks in the book, we know what a non-answer is, that was a non answer.”

One MP said: “She spent too long on Europe and started going on about attachment theory of babies, it was all over the place.”

Another Tory said when Leadsom started taking about frontal lobes of babies, “she lost the room.”

The parliamentary party crammed into a committee room at 5.30pm to hear from all five candidates standing for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Each candidate made a short opening pitch, before taking questions from colleagues for around 20 minutes.

Justice Secretary Michael Gove, who scuppered Boris Johnson’s leadership challenge, was up first and spent the shortest time of all the candidates in front of his colleagues.

He set out his credentials, but in the question session MPs did not ask him about his betrayal of Johnson.

One MP described the matter as like “an elephant in the room”.

Theresa May drew the biggest cheer of all the candidates from MPs as she stepped up to speak.

Some Tories were banging their hands on the doors of the committee room to show their appreciation for the Home Secretary.

After delivering her opening statement on why she should be the next Prime Minister, she again refused to guarantee the status of EU nationals currently living in the UK as part of any Brexit negotiation.

Cotswold MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown asked May to set out her full economic policy, including commitments on tax, spending, and the deficit reduction.

“There’s always one,” replied May, provoking laughter from her Tory colleagues.

Work and Pensions Secretary Stephan Crabb addressed the room next, and admitted afterwards he was “a bit nervous”.

He reiterated his view that EU nationals living in the UK should not be part of Brexit negotiations, claiming it would not be “morally the right thing to do”.

Crabb’s biggest round of applause came when he called for the party to move away from the Leave and Remain labels attached to candidates. He insisted the leadership election must not be a re-run of the EU referendum – in which he backed Remain.

Liam Fox also addressed the meeting.  ENDS

TAP – That was a fair amount of reporting per candidate – NOT!  It seems like the Osborne strategy of promoting Leadsom to the LEAVE sector of the party, and then watch her fail against Sharia May in the ballot is going to work.  That’s assuming intelligent Conservative MPs like John Redwood are dumb enough to so support her instead of Lian Fox.  IDS and Paterson are not all that bright so might be forgiven for backing her.  But really someone with absolutely nil political experience being lifted up to the position of Prime Minister (potentially) is a risk too far.  These MPs backing Leadsom need their heads examining.  They need to turn off their televisions and try thinking just for once.


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  1. Aldous says:

    The last thing Britain needs is another woman PM – especially an unelected (and unelectable) woman PM. This would be right out of the Frankfurt School of Jewish Marxists’ Handbook – a lot like the Sturgeon cretin of the SNP. Can anyone imagine her against the male likes of Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister who speaks fluent English? How’s Sturgeon’s Russian coming along I wonder?

    Having women in power politics is totally against Nature’s Way and the Natural World Order. Women heading the Military and Police etc is also a very bad thing. Men are there to fight and die; Women are there to defend and live.

    A woman’s gestation period is around nine months. A man can love his woman and kick start the miracle of life before going off to fight and die in engineered Middle East/European/Pacific/Asiatic wars for parasitical, warmongering bankers. The baby (or ‘babies’ if twins/triplets) will still be born and perpetuate the ‘Race’ regardless of the heartbreak back home. The widow has the option of finding other love and ‘replacing’ her lost love several times over by having further children born out of her new found love.

    A young male lost in war is a catastrophe for the gene pool. It is very misleading to look at war casualty figures and think of them as the only loss to Mankind/Humanity. The loss to his ‘Race’ is far, far worse. Assuming a ‘war fallen’ male would have fathered/sired two or three children – and his children and children’s children likewise – the cost to the Gentile Race (in this instance) is incalculable.

    There is a website which covers this in much detail and the figures are truly horrendous.

    If you now place the woman ‘at the front’ as it were, getting killed and horribly maimed, you don’t even have the babies being born – like they would have been if we kept women out of harm’s way – and power politics. The cost to Gentilism – thanks to Judaism and the Talmud/Frankfurt Lunatics – is exponentially more Genocidal as intended.

    To be fair, Leadsom has brought three children into this valley of sorrow and vale of tears called Mother Earth; but what on earth she is doing attempting to be unelected PM of the UK, when she should be at home enjoying her life and family. It is quite beyond my thinking and reasoning.

  2. Tapestry says:

    It looks like the only hope to stop an Islamic State. Leadsom’s a fracker, so the local fight against fracking becomes even more important.

    • Aldous says:

      Tap: The BIG Question is: WHO is the most horribly repellent?
      Andrea Leadsom OR Theresa May?

      Tap: “Andrea Leadsom…” (looking to and questioning her)

      Andrea Leadsom: Let me start by simply not answering your question.

      Tap: No, I’m sorry, that’s not irritating enough.

      Leadsom: But it is if I go wriggle, wriggle, wriggle, wriggle, wriggle, slippy slide, slide slippy – until I really begin to get on your nerves.

      Tap: Oh ALRIGHT!! …Theresa May…THAT’S not answering the question and was bloody repulsive… are YOU going to answer the question?……… LOOK! I’ll ask you AGAIN are you going to………..


      Tap: No! I’m afraid that’s NOT repellent enough.


      Tap: 🙁 🙁 🙁

      Who is creepier? Andrea Leadsom or Theresa May? 1:16

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Had a good laugh enjoying the comments this morning.

    If Leadsom blows up on self-destruct and that then leaves Theresa May versus Liam Fox in the run off things will get more interesting. TPTB within the Tory Party lack a credible competitor to May to keep Fox out of the running. Gove has compromised himself with his knifing of Boris, Leadsom is not credible either, Crabb and Javid are having a joke, who else is there but Fox?

    If the Conservative membership realize what is going on then this will be fun.

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