An Open Letter to the American People

From: A Group of Very Concerned U.S. Citizens

To: All of our Fellow Americans

Date: July 17, 2016

RE: Keep the Presidential Campaigns & Events Violence Free

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Something has really changed in America during the 2016 campaign season.

The national mood has changed quickly and in a very negative direction.  Anxiety and apprehension about the future have never been so pervasive and profound.

The actions by just a few people are capitalizing on a manufactured current of raw emotion that is now undulating throughout American society.

The operative word here is M A N U F A C T U R E D !

We have never seen such an anti-social and criminal element disrupt campaign events. Nor have we seen so much unprovoked violence mar campaign stops by seemingly rogue characters who are actually a part of a much larger plot.

What is particularly concerning is that the authorities — at every level of government — seem to be a part of the problem. Those involved officials appear to have no interest in stopping the violence even though it is blatantly criminal in nature.

Whether there is a nationwide conspiracy at work here is not only quite plausible at this point, it is a certainty.  There have been too many unpoliced events where law and order properly administered could have prevented physical assaults and verbal intimidation.

Burden now falls to the We the People

The real purpose of this letter is to point out that law enforcement is now willfully blind to many types of political violence.  Therefore, We the People must assume the task of self-policing.  Not by way of lethal force or brandishing weapons; rather, through a resolve to carry out the 2016 electoral process in a civil manner.

There is no question that the Democratic Party has given its tacit approval of the thuggery that is now routinely employed by protestors who are paid to show up at Donald Trump events.  It is also well-documented that George Soros organizations are behind a lot of the disruptive tactics that are usually reserved for banana republics. With this understanding many folks who might be used unwittingly can simply not show up.

One of the best ways to effectively short-circuit a covert scheme to subvert the US elections is to shine the light of awareness on those devious plans.  Toward that end the following link has been provided to shed light on just how these ongoing black ops go down.

Black Lives Matter Movement Purposefully Set Up to Commit Violence During 2016 Campaign Season


Being aware in advance of the various clandestine plots calculated to introduce violence into this election cycle will go a long way toward dissolving them.  In this particular case knowledge is power.  This power must now be exercised  This is an information war which must be fought as a new kind of asymmetric guerrilla cyber-warfare.

Without this vital information it’s very easy to get sucked into a black hole of violence and criminality set up by the furtive cabal of decision-makers. Those who have conceived the surreptitious plans to subvert the electoral process have done so with great deliberation and secrecy. Hence, the only way to stop their plans at this point is to expose them and their ill-intentioned minions.

For those who are unaware of the immediate agenda, it should come as no surprise that those who select the presidential nominees always have their preferences.  In the current case Hillary Clinton has been selected to be the POTUS.  Trump has emerged as a populist figure who will not be allowed in the White House, if TPTB can prevent it.

Given this rapidly devolving state of affairs, it ought to be quite easy to understand why there is so much unrivaled negativity being directed at Trump.  Whether you like him or not, he does tell the truth about a lot of things.  For doing exactly this, every time he opens his mouth, the ruling elites are determined to prevent his victory.

Who is doing this and what is their MO?

First of all it’s very important to understand the forces at work that are conspiring to trigger so much violence.  The very same parties are those who have caused a massive amount of death and destruction in other countries around the world.  They go by the name of George Soros who is working in tandem with the likes of Barack Hussein Obama. These two individuals were essentially used to hijack American foreign policy and then transform the entire Middle East into a dystopian, post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The same two operatives have now trained their sights on the American Republic.  Nearly 8 years of Obama have clearly demonstrated a man with a mission to start a full-blown race war.  The heightening racial tensions nationwide, deliberate killing of police officers, and ever-increasing number of race riots and similar protests stand as testimony to this highly organized plot to disrupt and terrorize.

The money to fund these expensive black operations has often come from NGOs founded and financed by the notorious oligarch George Soros.  Not only has Soros been kicked out of the Russia Federation for similar subversive activities, he is currently wanted by authorities there for crimes committed against the Russian people.

By all indications Soros is now directly involved with a clandestine criminal cabal that is plotting against the American people.  They have many goals in this illicit enterprise, all of which are designed to impose a tyranny on the way to a One World Government.  This is why there has been so much patently unlawful conduct on the part of government officials, law enforcement officers and corporate offenders.

While this wave of violence across the nation is completely without precedent, the intention is to make it so extreme that the populace demands a dictatorial government that will ‘guarantee’ the safety of the citizenry and security of their property.  By granting this consent, the way is paved for a totalitarian regime  The criminal cabal has been incrementally increasing the number of terror events as they intensify the violence and shocking drama.

What can the American people really do?

The residents of the USA must act now, and act decisively, if this conspiracy to take over the country is to be thwarted.  Disseminating information like that presented here is a very good place to start.  Telling your family and friends, co-workers and other acquaintances about the real reasons for so many mass shootings and bombings should now be standard operating procedure.  Speak with the conviction of Thomas Jefferson as he wrote in the Declaration of Independence.

That historic Declaration, incidentally, is nothing short of a scathing indictment against the tyranny of the British crown.  The American people now face a new tyranny—the U.S. Federal Government.  The following essay reveals exactly what the government can do ‘authorized’ by the unconstitutional legislation known as the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense


With this critical understanding the only thing that is next to do is to strip those of their positions and titles who have arrogated such illegal power unto themselves through a totally perverted rule-making process.  What this ruling cabal has already perpetrated both here and abroad constitutes nothing short of crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes.  Hence, they must be stopped post haste.

The urgency to act in every way possible is now upon the body politic.  There is no more wiggle room, as the perps are more desperate to execute the final stages of their nefarious agenda.  The 99% of Americans far outnumber the 1% who are responsible for implementing this covert plan of sedition and subterfuge.  Common sense would dictate that those reprehensible parties ought to be dealt with expeditiously.

At this very late date prosecuting and imprisoning all of the co-conspirators has become a societal imperative.  After all, the fate of the American people hangs in the balance, as does the future of the American Republic.


Very sincerely,

A Group of Very Concerned U.S. Citizens




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