America Has Fallen


by Soren Dreier

Let me state loud and clear, not all ‘events’ are false flags. There are people out there who snap, whether they be police or ‘ordinary’ citizens, and it’s a part of the human condition. One could argue that the police force should train their troopers better in order not to snap, because of the power they have over life and death, freedom or confinement.

So far this year killings by the police in the US are approximately 506. That’s 84.33 human lives per month.

Then there is the Race argument.

Racism inhabits souls of citizens and policemen. It’s a sad reality. And it’s a sad reality endorsed by the system since, if the system didn’t endorse it, racism would have been gone a long time ago as a collective entity. The system of the USA has to run on ‘pitting brother against brother’ in order to keep peoples’ focus away from the real abuse by the same system.

One could argue that the ordinary citizen is very much welcome to take his racism to work until he finds out that it is of no use to him, on the contrary, it will block his opportunities in this world for endorsement, friendships and everyday life, living in a so called ‘multi-ethnic’ society as the USA. It’s more or less his own burden. No Civil Servant, and especially law enforcement, has the right to do so, since it obviously clouds their judgment and thereby their ability to protect and serve. If that slogan is still valid towards ordinary citizens.

Abuse via the ever-expanding gap between rich and poor.
Abuse of female police officers in the local police force.
Abuse in bribes. Abuse by ‘dirty cops’.
Abuse of fundamental rights to feed their private prison system which in itself is a crime. Gotta feed the prison owners. And so much more.

America is becoming the NASTY nation for almost everybody in it who dares to go contra on its Matrix of Reality, or simply put: Its never-ending need to distort what’s true and what’s not.

Latest on a magnitude scale by Clinton making a mockery out of the FBI and slip-sliding away from justice, because they are shit scared of that demonic power Bill and Hillary possesses. And that is one sulfur stinking construct straight outta Hell. So Hillary does not face any charges on the account of the FBI losing its collective credibility. And that was a price they were actually willing to pay? Why? On the promise of more power? There is always a motive and always a catch and folks had just enough of that.

The problem is: Everybody knows she got away with it and should have been indicted, but hey: What can simple folks do – other than once again retreat into the mind frame of: Them and Us.

That, Ladies and gentlemen is the dying body of American bravery. When the true American Spirit bends over and let the powers that be play their wicked game, I see very little hope for that spirit.

It really pisses them off, that Putin today is closer to the American Ideal than they are. So let’s bomb him. Jesus. Putin stands up against GMO, Putin opposes The New World Order, Putin hammered the living daylight out of ISIS (CIA) in Syria and they actually got jealous. Wow. So he’s the enemy now!

Think of 99 percent of the political system in the US as kindergarten behavior and maybe see Putin teaching at the University of the International Society. I’m not saying Putin is an angel here, but had it not been for the way his mind works also geopolitically , we would already be in WW3.

I have no doubt in my mind that the Dallas shooting was staged.

As Hillary once said: “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” and the system only knows one answer to this: More power to the police and federal agencies. Hence: The Precedency and Hillary is the Master of perpetual crises.

The system and the main stream media in the US, are not in any way capable and are not allowed by their masters lurking in the dark to come up with any form of benevolent agenda like: What can we really do about this? How do we prevent this in the future?

Their answer will be once again: The Gun Laws.

I have no horse in that race, but if I know one country that will not give into: A ‘defenseless public against the Control System’, it would be America. And that is also what’s on the table here.

The Orlando shooting, I didn’t trust from day one. Too much up Clinton’s alley, too bloody convenient.

Clinton is, or so she appears to be, very positive towards people’s different sexual orientations. If we look away from her general hate toward the people as a whole. She is a psychopath and not capable of loving anybody but herself. She despises them and now she has to suck it up to the folks that she really doesn’t like. Believe me, she thinks it degrades her. She is American Royalty in her own mindset. She´s a political prostitute who would sleep with anyone with a 50$ bill. Just leave it on the counter.

It was too bloody convenient since ‘they’ knew, and pardon the expression, Trump would come out shooting. And he did. And they wanted him to. And he got blasted by the media with Clinton keeping her calm, which is unheard of, until she reaches her private chambers and can spew out her demonic laughter she uses when she addresses killings.

That woman feeds on your fears, and she knows how to manifest them.

So the Orlando keywords were: Gay and Muslim, then altered by main stream media to: Suppressed gay and Suppressed Muslim, and all the intellectuals go: ‘Microaggressions’ led to it. The daily stealth aggressions against gays and Muslims. Give me a break. Just gimmi a God Damn break.

Who started the crusade against Muslims anyway, that made the Muslims crusade the Christians?

9.11 did – that is the source of that. And the Pentagon weaponized Hollywood and the enemy picture blew big time. Still the Celebs go: ‘World Peace’ while they get paid abundantly to participate in the deception throughout more or less flamboyantly easy to see through Hollywood propaganda.

Clooney (who really, really endorses Hillary) thinks Europe should host more refugees.
Okay: You have room for it, George, put your heart where your mouth is. Inside CASTLE Clooney. Hypocrites. Go stare at some Goats.

I don’t like the mindset of Islam. I don’t like their take on woman’s rights, I don’t like a lot of their stuff, but I don’t have to. And it doesn’t make me a racist as the media would say when you present that argument. I don’t like Zionist Jews who endorse their weird God on their surroundings, and I sure don’t like Right Wing Military Christians. But what I like is not important – they are free to believe anything they want, just don’t push it down anybody’s throat and make people bend to your will and perceptions of a dysfunctional, psychopathic God.

I´m very cool with a gentle and loving God. If God can’t give me that – I want nothing to do with Him. They claim He is Omnipotent and master of all – so a little heart – too much to ask – I don’t think so.

Why bring God into this? The slogan of God is printed on the money. In Money we trust. I mean it isn’t even subliminal.

The Dallas shooting. “He wanted to kill white people.” I could think of many places in Dallas where white folks would be that would have made them easy defenseless sitting ducks and with a severely extended casualty rate.

I don’t buy it. I just don’t.

If turmoil is needed to get Hillary in office, there we have it and it’s just the start.

Polls show that she is the most unpopular person running for president ever. And the mainstream media tells you that would be Trump. Trump is the fascist. Trump is the Dictator.

Soon the American Wakeup Call cometh if a divided nation under siege once again elects a warmongering psychopath in betrayal of any decency known to man. With Trump, they seem to know what they will get, and that is the vulnerability of Trump – he´s honest, like his perspectives or not. And Americans hunger for honesty. They so want it and deserve it.

I love my Americans friends; they mean the world to me. I feel sorry for them.

Time has come to join their fight for justice. For a peaceful nation under the sun. For an America that takes care of itself and doesn’t sponsor ISIS, doesn’t orchestrate Coups, doesn’t hold Europe hostage through the CIA/EU.

Time to cut off the wall street tentacles sneaking into ever small investment on a global scale From Pennsylvania Avenue to the suburbs of Bagdad, Damascus, The Ukraine and what have we.

The self-proclaimed ‘Masters of the Universe’ time has come.

In between came the Drone King, corrupted a Nobel Peace Prize honoring the contingencies of killings and shouted: “Change We Can Believe In.” NOTHING changed. Again the people got betrayed. False flags or not, people who get systematically deceived, will get desperate.

People who are kept in fear will snap and Americans have been kept in a state of paranoia since 9.11.
People who are scared do desperate things. Right now it seems to be the political establishment and right now the bottleneck of fear points to Hillary.

America will self-destruct. But the true American spirit will emerge from the ashes.

©2016 Soren Dreier – Feel free to share this post with link back.



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