Intelligence services and their role in terror events

Allegedly, Adel Kermiche, 19, had several Facebook accounts and may have contacted ‘jihadis’.

Adel Kermiche was jailed in spring 2015.
Legal files allegedly show he had suffered ‘psychological troubles’ since the age of six.
Reportedly, he wanted to become a psychiatric nurse.


Adel Kermiche, ‘the son of a professor (teacher)’, liked Rihanna and The Simpsons.

Terror attack

Bodri, 22, was a close friend of Adel Kermiche, 19.

According to Bodri, Adel Kermiche wanted to become a model, and loved to ‘flirt with the ladies’.

‘We had the same taste in urban music,” says Bodri.

Adel. Mossad searches the internet for kids to control?

Bodri spoke with the Adel Kermiche the day before the church attack.

Bodri says: ‘I met him in the parking lot here. He was dressed in jeans, he was smiling, he was happy, normal.’


Bodri, who attended the same school at Kermiche, said they had worked together at a youth club in the town.

‘He was sweet with the kids and would take part in craft workshops and organize great games.’

Bodri said he saw no signs of radicalization.

‘I did not know he wanted to go to Syria,’ he said.


Allegedly, Adel Kermiche “had sex with several Muslim girls whom he ‘married’ in Islamic ceremonies but repudiated a few days later, according to friends.

Adel Kermiche ‘did not go to the mosque’.
A neighbour said his family were not particularly religious.

Adel Kermiche and Abdel Malik P.

Adel Kermiche (left), according to ISIS.

Adel Kermiche was a friend of Maxime Hauchard, a Christian.
Maxime Hauchard mysteriously appeared as an executioner in an ISIS video.

Adel Kermiche’s mother “revealed her son had been ‘bewitched’ and ‘spoke with words that were not his’.”


There are indications that Adel Kermiche had more than one personality, and may have been mind controlled.

Above we see the alleged Normandy church attacker Adel Kerminche.

According to journalist Hank Albarelli, the CIA carried out mind control experiments in the French village of Pont-Saint-Esprit.

Albarelli cites numerous declassified U.S. documents.

Reportedly, more than 250 people were involved, including 50 people interned in asylums and there were 7 deaths.

Pont-Saint-Esprit: CIA spread LSD – BBC News. / French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment – Telegraph / CIA: French village of Pont-Saint …

When boys are mind controlled, they can be used as sex slaves and as assassins.
Sometimes assassinations are carried out by members of the security services disguised as jihadis, and the mind controlled boys are then simply used as the patsies.

ISIS, which is run by the security services, has claimed responsibility for the filmed murder of a priest in the Normandy church, in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen, on 26 July 2016.

ISIS is a US-Israeli Creation./ Israel Supports ISIS / America Created ISIS

Rouen has been linked to child abuse rings and snuff videos.

Protected child abuse and snuff networks. /Beyond the Dutroux Affair. / Catholic sexual abuse cases in Europe

Je cherche à tenter du sexe avec un gars  – Juliien768, un homme gay de 19 ans, Saint etienne du rouvrayEnmanque Itadakimas, un homme gay de 19 ans, Saint etienne du rouvray – Salut ! Je suis un jeune étudiant brun, qui cherche de quoi s’amuser

Reportedly, an 84-year-old priest, Jacques Hamel, was murdered in the church by twoknife wielding attackers, who entered the church, just after 9 am.

Nuns and worshippers ‘were taken hostage.’

‘A priest, two nuns and two churchgoers were among those held.’

The church

One of the alleged attackers, 19-year-old Frenchman Adel Kerminche, lived locally.

Adel Kerminche had an electronic tag having been jailed in France for trying to travel to Syria.

Reportedly, Adel K’s bail terms allowed him to be unsupervised between 8.30am and 12.30pm.

The attack took place between 9am and 11am.


The two alleged attackers, who were both known to the French authorities as suspected terrorists, were shot dead by police marksmen as they emerged from the building, allegedly shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

The French authorities have arrested a third man over the attack – a 17-year-old man known as HB, believed to be a relative of Adel K.

The Catholic church involved was on a terrorist ‘hit list’ found in the apartment of a suspected ISIS extremist in April 2016.

A nun called Sister Danielle said of the priest: ‘They forced him to his knees. He wanted to defend himself. And that’s when the tragedy happened.

‘They recorded themselves. They did a sort of sermon around the altar, in Arabic. It’s a horror.’

An anonymous woman, talking to Le Figaro, said of the attackers: ‘They came suddenly. They took space. They spoke Arabic. I saw a knife.

‘I left when they began to attack Father Jacques. I do not even know if they realised that I was leaving.’

A local source said: ‘A third nun escaped and raised the alarm, and anti-terrorists officers were on the scene within minutes.’

Former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin said he feared ‘everything is being done to trigger a war of religions.’

Knifemen film themselves murdering French priest in Normandy attack. / Normandy church attacker was on watch list and wore electronic tag, French officials say

Maxime Hauchard (above) was a young French Christian lad who lived near Adel K. in Normandy.

Mysteriously, Maxime appeared in an ISIS video with Jihadi John.

Reportedly, Maxime had converted to Islam and become an executioner.

Jake Bilardi was born in Australia in 1996.

When he became a teenager “he blew himself up in a suicide attack in Iraq in 2015.”

Jake was a maths genius who founded a children’s soccer charity.

He has been described as being kind, humble, shy and innocent.

Jake Bilardi dailymail

Jake may well have been mind-controlled by the security services.

The security services mind control boys to turn them into sex slaves, and then into assassins and patsies.


Jack Letts.

Jack Letts became Jihadi Jack.


Jihadi John

Jihadi John warned his brother that he had been got at by MI5.

Jihadi John said that MI5 “had wrecked his life”.

(Robert Verkaik’s ‘Jihadi John: The Making of a Terrorist’)



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