25 MPs threaten Theresa May with Brexit rebellion

Duncan Smith: insists there must be no compromise on border controlsJACK TAYLOR

Senior Eurosceptics have fired a warning shot at Theresa May, threatening rebellion unless the prime minister delivers a “hard Brexit” that properly severs ties with the European Union.

About 25 MPs met for breakfast in the House of Commons on Wednesday to discuss how they will push for firm guarantees from May that she will surrender no control over immigration in discussions with Brussels.

They now plan to draw up a blueprint for Brexit and submit it to Downing Street.

Those familiar with the discussions say the MPs “do not trust” May to deliver on her pledge that “Brexit means Brexit.’


‘We don’t trust her’ Theresa May faces Tory revolt if she FAILS to curb migration from EU

THERESA May faces a rebellion from her own party if she surrenders control over immigration to Brussels bureaucrats.

Theresa MayGETTY

Theresa May could face a furious backlash from Eurosceptic MPs

The Prime Minister has sought to assure Tory Eurosceptics that “Brexit means Brexit” after last month’s historic vote to quit the EU.

But they want her to deliver a “hard Brexit” by taking the UK out of the single market and finally putting an end to freedom of movement.

They fear Mrs May could strike a Norway-style deal with EU chiefs, meaning Britain would have to keep close ties with the union.

The idea of an ongoing relationship with the EU is not acceptable

Around 25 MPs met for breakfast in the House of Commons on Wednesday to discuss their concerns, sources revealed last night.

One said: “We don’t trust her. She’s got off to a good start but the jury is out.

“The idea of an ongoing relationship with the European Union is not acceptable.”

Francois Hollande and Theresa MayREUTERS

They fear she will strike a Norway-style deal with Brussels chiefs

Steve Baker, who led the Conservatives for Britain campaign, said the MPs in the group “don’t want to be oppositional at the moment”.

But he warned there will be a “great deal of dissatisfaction” if Mrs May accepts a compromise on border control in return for a favourable trade deal.

He told the Sunday Times: “British migration policy needs to be operated on the basis of British citizenship, not EU citizenship.”


6 Responses to “25 MPs threaten Theresa May with Brexit rebellion”

  1. Aldous says:

    When did the ‘Quiet Man’ aka Iain Duncan Smith drop the Iain – spelt Ian on his Birth Certificate allegedly?
    IDS is a super fraud of a politician. You know he is lying when his lips are moving. Did he not come up with the Bedroom Tax or am I mixing him up with some other despicable Tory count(sic)?

    He somehow reminds me of the ad doctor in Robocop who pretends that ‘he cares’ like only a slimy, sleazy politician such as IDS can ever do.

    Robocop – Yamaha Heart Advert Commercial (0:30)


  2. Tapestry says:

    IDS blocked the Euro as Conservative Party policy in 2001. He was a main Maastricht rebel trying to stop the Treaty. Other than that, his record is mixed.

    • Aldous says:

      Hi Tap. Isn’t the argument you are making the same (ball park) as maintaining that front-man and White Genocide promoting traitor David Steel was behind the Abortion Act 1967?

      “It was introduced by David Steel as a Private Member’s Bill, but was backed by the government, who appointed the president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Sir John Peel, to chair a medical advisory committee that reported in favour of passing the bill.”


      We all know what’s going on here. IDS is as sleazy and slimy a politician as they come. He is a Scot [it therefore has to be assumed he is working against the English interest] and served in the Scots Guards from 1975-1981 (age 21 to 27) reaching the lofty rank of Lieutenant. Six years and only a Lieutenant? Something not right there.
      He was on more than a SSC (Short Service Commission) and my best guess is that he was on a Regular Commission and deemed incompetent/incapable and told to resign/shown the door.

      I’ve seen it happen, where a junior officer is told in no uncertain terms that there is no suitable post for him and his resignation is required OR they can stay a Lieutenant for the rest of their career where they can do no harm. No one wants to stay in the same rank for longer than is necessary. Is this what happened to IDS? He appears extremely over-promoted. It happens.

      I doubt he would have made a decent Sergeant in a sane and fair world but for his parentage.

      IDS is just parroting what he is told to parrot and has NO convictions about anything of substance. He would parrot the very opposite if he was told to do so and it served his carreer and financial interests.

  3. driver47a says:

    Surely it’s not just the 25 Tory MPs who will cause an uprising. Hopefully the 17 million people who voted against the corrupt EU will march to the Houses of Parliament and show people power.

  4. driver47a says:

    She will do her best to keep us in the EU which goes against the will of the people.
    I’ve had German friends refusing to talk with me about this stating that the British have ruined Europe so I refer them to your site and they still refuse to believe the truth.

  5. driver47a says:

    Let’s hope people power also prevails and gets us out quicker. They are going way to slow. UKIP will hopefully oust them in future elections

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