White Nightmare – Wagner

Thank you Aldous


Uploaded on Oct 28, 2007

The future of the White Race? In 1914 33% of the world’s population were white, today it is down to 9%, of that number only 2% are white women of child bearing age who can ensure the continuance of our Race. These are the hard facts, and if we fail to act, our unique species will become extinct!


Imagine you are the last White person on the planet…
What would you do? Where would you go?
Set in the not too distant future…
I am the last, the last of my Race,
Blue in the eyes and fair of the face!
I know not the year, I know not this place,
Ruins surround me, As I quicken my pace.
The dark ones are watching, With hate in their eyes,
The difference in me, I can see they despise.
The legends I know, fill me with great sadness,
Apparently our people, Became infected with madness.
They aborted their young, They neglected their kin,
They opened their borders, And let strangers walk in.
White family and child, Were once held supreme,
But an alien race promised an Utopian dream.
Where all kinds live together, Happy and free,
Cloured and White In ‘equality’.
But the tales I was told, Spoke of murder and hate,
And the dream was a farce, And we realised too late.
To be proud of your Race, in a treacherous time,
Became punishable by death, the ultimate crime!
So our folk in their weakness, Broken, downhearted,
Polluted their blood, As their courage departed!
All over the world, our numbers declined,
No thought for the future, To their fate they resigned.
Society crumbled, As our Race disappeared,
And none remained safe, All human contact was feared.
Buildings and monuments, Became rubble and rust,
Civilisation was lost, And all turned to dust.
We once were a proud folk, So I was told,
Dashing and brave, Fearless and bold!
But we slaughtered our brothers, And decimated our breed,
And only weaknrss was left, To safeguard our seed!
And I now alone, Walk the ruins of Earth,
No more of my kin, Will ever give birth!
The future is dead, And the past is forgotten,
And all that survives, Is decaying and rotten!
So with tears in my eyes, And dark thoughts in my mind,
I look forward to death, As I am the last of my kind!
Blue in the eyes, And fair of the face,
The light has gone out, And extinguished our Race!
Now darkness and chaos, Are all that survive,
And greatness and goodness, No longer will thrive!
The Planet will die, deathly quiet will descend,
And the dark void of Space, is our ultimate end!


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  1. Samadhi Maithuna says:

    I do not see a practical tangible solution to this
    I just see it inexorably moving onwards, drifting

    Only a major catalysing external event like the coming of the Red Star Kachina and other celestial galactic Plasma Electric Universe signs in the sky will be enough to jolt and halt this slide into extinction. To cause the Awakening needed

    Perhaps this is why theres such urgency from the Khazar inferior blood Neanderthal haplotypes? To get this WHite Genocide as far along as possible?

    I sense the inferior Neanderthal Khazar Haplotypes know their window of opportunity to extinguish the white race is rapidly diminishing. Which is why they are quickening it with added urgency it seems now

  2. Samadhi Maithuna says:

    Julien Wells Universal Changes Update Discussion with Don Murphy and Elena [video]
    by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

    I am enjoying this chat immensely. It’s fun, and sparks the imagination. It’s so far largely disclosure-oriented, and they mention that in September there will be a lot of truth bombs as well as members of the El race actually meeting with some members of Humanity who are open and ready, which is what Cobra has been working on with us and the Pleiadians, I believe; limited First Contact with the Galactics in places designated by those desiring to meet with our star brothers and sisters.

    If you’re not familiar with Julien Wells, he has an open conduit to the Pleiadians all the time and gets downloads of info from time to time as he’s speaking to us. Elena Kapulnik was a member of the Secret Space Program as a linguist and in other roles and has met members of many ET races and is also in contact with various Beings telepathically and via astral travel, etc. I don’t recall meeting Don Murphy before and he hasn’t jumped in yet, but I though it worthy of a share. ~ BP

    Published on Jun 13, 2016

    Discussion with Julien Wells and Don Murphy about various universal changes.

    -Potential disclosure timelines
    -Wave X and the Photon Belt
    -How to test a holograph
    -Current events in Florida
    -Lesbian/Gay/Bi./Transgender communities
    -Nobody is fully masculine or feminine
    -It is what you MAKE it
    -Disclosure happening world wide
    -Creating the New Earth
    -The Pleiadians weigh in
    -Transmuting pain to raise vibration
    -What the Time Corps are
    -Leaving the planet
    -The hippie vibration
    -Obama’s imminent exit off the planet
    -Elena’s Youtube channel: Awakening Cosmic Reality Show
    -Julien Wells website: http://www.julienwells.com

  3. bluefeather says:

    I enjoy reading the articles from Jack Heart, he joins so many dots and gives other research to support the exposure of truth, that would otherwise take years to come across.
    The parasites seem to have a fascination with Mars, eugenics, transhumanism and mind control. Despite their intellectualising on many subjects relating to Life and it’s source, they appear incapable of grasping the truth of the omnipotence of father/mother God aka Creator, because of most possibly their perverse ideology of supremacy amongst all races, and believing that they are demiurges themselves. Universal law will give them what they desire for humanity, for all they desire against life, they will be sent to the void. They are idiots to think that they are capable of creation, when they seek to destroy the beautiful creations that Creator has given us.
    Everything amongst the parasites is about ownership, control – it is time humanity stood up for life.

    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      Very interesting. I didn’t realise that Cayce was not as he seems. I assumed he was a shining beacon of truth I didn’t realise there was a NWO Freemason agenda going on with him. Ill read the whole thing now.
      This is interesting a recent interview transcript
      Randy: Can I actually add two more to that list that I think are pretty significant and important?
      (Louisa: Sure Randy, Go ahead.) So, last year, officially, on a Friday, as far as we know
      Mars had no breathable atmosphere, no running water and no potential for life whatsoever.
      On a Monday following that all of a sudden it’s got running water and we have an official
      admission from Nasa administration saying that we may have to acknowledge that there may
      be livable atmosphere on Mars, right now. And then, in case you missed it, two weeks ago
      they came up with the mass spectrometer that said , Oh look we’ve actually found oxygen in
      the atmosphere, So that is a pretty important set of transitions where we’ve gone from nope,
      no way could there be life on it, to now we’ve got a total open door oh we’ve looked through
      these satellite pictures and we found the ones with trees on it how about that….any number
      of things could happen in terms of what could happen as far as what next we learn in that
      cycle of turning with Mars.
      The other thing that I think that is super important is that we started with a process of
      learning all kids of secretive things that the intelligence agencies were doing with the
      Snowden papers, in case you also haven’t heard two days ago Glen Greenwald and his
      associate decided that over the next few weeks they are going to release the rest of the
      Snowden papers. We expect there to be a disclosure bomb in there somewhere. SO these are
      two things that we think that are absolutely indicative of the turning of the volume knob on
      the, oh look were are starting on this and then over a period of months look where we are
      now, and that’s what’s going to continue to happen. We are going to continue to every few
      weeks and months continue to go ‘Oh, look where we are now..and then Oh, look where we
      are now and then before you know it we are going to be in a whole other place and its going
      to be quite an entertaining trip to be honest.
      Louisa: It’s like an incremental process, is that right Cobra, is that how you see the disclosure
      process unfolding?
      Cobra: It’s a gradual process, but this gradual process will increase, it will accelerate until the
      final breakthrough. And there are various factions, various interest groups that want to guide this process in their own way, but ultimately only full disclosure with all suppressed intel will be released to the mass population.
      Steve: Who is releasing this at the moment, do you know Cobra?
      Cobra: There are many forces releasing it. Number one the Cabal itself is releasing part of it because they want to spin it in their own direction. They want to spin it in a way that will appear as innocent onlookers on the process, that they were never involved in the process and that they were not signing any treaties with strange races in the past. This is their spin. Again, there are the light forces like the Eastern Alliance that would like to release more to prepare people to ease the shock, and of course there are the Secret Space Programs, there are the Agartha Network factions that want to release their own intel, and there are of course the positive extraterrestrial races that would like to create conditions for contact as soon as possible.


    • bluefeather says:

      Read through the entire article,and somewhere near the end when talking of the keys of Enoch, it says about people living in an atmosphere of methane and formaldehyde. From a cellular level ( microcosm to macrocosm) there is a manipulation of our body environment, and when people take any food or drink laced with aspartame ( this converts to methane and formaldehyde) they are unknowingly altering their body environment. Job done. Another step further to the agenda.

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