Where is Left Wing opposition to the EU? Lexit the movie.

The Remain campaign is being funded by Goldman Sachs,  J.P.Morgan, and Morgan Stanley – the corporatists who hunt austerity, corporate profits and care nothing for society.  So why are Labour and Lib Dem completely sold out to backing Remain?  If Tony Benn was still alive today, and others like Bob Crow, the left would out on the streets in favour of LEAVE.  This video, picked up from Aangirfan (www.aanirfan.blogspot.com), puts the biggest question of the referendum.  Where is Britain’s Left?  Why has it backed down to big money?

With the big rats funding Remain, why do so few left wingers not smell a rat?  The EU is the creature of the corporations, not of the people of Europe.  TTIP is the biggest shark in the water.  It threatens the whole of public services, including the NHS.  TTIP prioritises pursuit of corporate profits over the democratic rights of people.  A world controlled by corporations, not people.

Have all the parties been penetrated and taken over by the Zionists?   What is the plan here?  If left wing people understood the background to current events, surely they’d be banging on the EU door to get out.  FRom Open Mind conference 2014, Ole Dammegaard.


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  1. Tom74 says:

    Because the Leave campaign is even more suspect – a group a right-wing Tories led by the likes of Rupert Murdoch and the Barclay Brothers.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Barclay Brothers – major rabbit hole warning. Anyone who goes digging around them or Ashcroft will need some serious mining equipment along with a bullet proof jacket and high quality life insurance.

      Re. Murdoch the crypto, anyone remember the suspicious fire in Chinese storage warehouse…

      This is from the Daily Mail, 7 July 2011,

      “Tom Watson, after attacking the Murdoch family, looked worryingly drained.
      Burly Mr Watson (Lab, West Brom E) had made a short speech, parts of which were almost worthy of a Freddie Forsyth thriller.
      From what I could follow, he accused one of old man Murdoch’s sons of trying to destroy computer data in some warehouse in China.
      ‘News International had entered the criminal underworld,’ said Mr Watson melodramatically.”

      Almost all mention of Tom Watson’s speech in Parliament has since been erased from the Tinternet… Murdoch must have some powerful friends

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