Heseltine wants Farage involved in negotiating Britain’s position


Now that we’ve voted to leave, the question arises of what sort of new relationship we want – and can get – with the EU, and indeed who is to negotiate it.  On that last point, Lord Heseltine has suggested that Nigel Farage should be involved – one of the very few points on which I can agree with him.

UKIP’s position on the new relationship is simple.  We want to be an independent country.  We want a free trade deal with Brussels – which economic imperatives will force them to accept.  But we don’t want budget contributions or EU laws or free movement.  But there are hints that others on the Brexit side – Johnson and Hannan have been cited – would accept an EEA, Norway-style solution, largely (I believe) because they think it would be easier to make that stick in the face of the massive black propaganda campaign which the Brexit vote has elicited.

It would leave us with “free movement” (though they may seek to tighten it up by restricting it to migrants with jobs), and some level of budget contributions  and EU regulation.  This is not what we voted for, and sits uncomfortably with promises of a £350-a-week Brexit dividend and control of immigration.  It would however be easier to sell to the City, and to any voters who may be getting cold feet.

Jeremy Hunt is the first cabinet minister to come out for the Norway option and a second referendum.  Like Heseltine, he seems to have missed the point that if Brussels negotiates knowing that the result will go to a second referendum, they will have a powerful incentive to offer nothing at all – so that the voters reject what they see as a bad deal.  And if voters reject the deal in a second referendum, have they merely rejected one option – or have they, by default, elected to Remain?

A particular problem with a free trade deal is that it might not include the “passporting” of financial services, which enables London-based banks to offer services across the EU.  This would remain with the EEA solution, but maybe not with a simple free trade agreement. We could seek agreement to keep passporting as a price of access to the UK market (remember we buy much more from them than vice versa).  But many commentators are pointing out that in the future, competition from New York and Hong Kong will matter more than Frankfurt and Paris, and while passporting would help in Europe, EU regulation could be very damaging to the City’s global competitiveness.  Swings and roundabouts.

When do we invoke Article 50?

Cameron had promised to invoke Article 50, to give notice of the UK leaving the EU, immediately following a Brexit vote.  He hasn’t done so.  Now we expect to wait at least until a new Prime Minister is in place. Both Boris, and Matthew Elliott of Vote Leave, seem extraordinarily relaxed about it.  Some in Brussels are insisting we get on with it: Merkel seems less keen.  But the achievement of the referendum will feel much more secure (in the face of the howls of protest) when we have formally announced our intention to Brussels.  We cannot delay indefinitely.  We want to be out by Christmas – even if that’s Christmas 2018.

The race for Tory leader

George Osborne has pulled out of the race, seeing that he faces only humiliation if he puts his hat in the ring.  Boris Johnson is widely regarded as the leading candidateThe Express says Boris has 80% support.  Meantime Theresa May, who has been keeping her powder dry, is expected to enter the race as the “Stop Boris candidate”.  The party has introduced an accelerated time-table for the contest which should see a result as early as September.

Labour challenge to Corbyn is pro-EU

It may be amusing to watch the discomfiture of Jeremy Corbyn (as Jeremy Clarkson Tweeted, “All Jeremys get fired eventually”) but we should not forget that the challenge to Corbyn is primarily a pro-Brussels challenge, by Labour MPs angry that he didn’t do enough for Remain in the referendum campaign.

Cameron to meet EU leaders today

I don’t envy him the job.  Meantime in the European parliament we have an emergency debate on the British Brexit decision this morning.  Expect fireworks.

Civil service team to handle Brexit

At last the government has recognised the reality of Brexit and put together a “crack team” of civil servants, under go-getter Oliver Letwin, to handle the issue.   You’ve done the right thing, Dave.  But you should have done it six months ago.

Surge in hate crimes

The police are reporting a surge in hate crimes against foreigners, following the Brexit vote.This included some totally disgraceful leaflets abusing the Poles.

The great majority of Brexit voters simply have proper and rational concerns about overall levels of immigration and the effect on social infrastructure and social cohesion.  But we have to recognise, however reluctantly, that some individuals with utterly vile and reprehensible views will also have voted for Brexit.  We in UKIP utterly repudiate and condemn such attitudes.  In particular, we recognise the enormous contribution which Polish people have made to our country over the years, from the airmen who fought alongside us in the Second World War to the Polish workers who contribute to our economy today.

Roger Helmer MEP



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  1. Men Scryfa says:


    Well he is not worried about you or me that is for sure.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    It will not be long now before the Talmudists as the Zohar calls for the implementation of further aspects of their plan.


  3. Aldous says:

    Did Scotland (and Northern Ireland) actually vote to remain in the EUSSR? Are we dealing with massive vote rigging to falsely indicate a narrow-like 4% margin to LEAVE when in fact the margin was – as has been suggested – far greater and of the order 2:1 or 70% to 30% to get the hell out? By rigging the outcome of Scotland and Northern Ireland to put them firmly (and falsely in the Remain Camp, TPTB/NWO achieve three important goals:

    1. The BRexit/Leave vote is made to appear much smaller than it actually was.

    2. England and Wales vs Scotland and Northern Ireland is the new game in town.

    3. The time-proven, tried and tested strategy of continue to Divide and Rule/Conquer appears to be alive and well.

    ‘Unconditional Surrender’ was the uncompromising message and terms given to Germany, Italy and Japan in the NWO engineered World War 2 blood-fest.
    Britain should deliver a similar message to the warmongering, corrupt, sexually deviant and mentally sick cabal in the EU tyranny. Negotiations should not even be on the table. One doesn’t negotiate with criminals and sexual retards.

    We have the grossly unjust show trials that were held at Nuremberg after World War 2 to look back upon for some sort of guidance, except this time we will execute all the right people instead of all the wrong people as happened at Nuremberg.

    Nuremberg trials

    Bombing Germany back to the stone age was not enough revenge for the Allies; they had to put on show trials.


  4. Men Scryfa says:

    “I am a lifelong patriot and former Head of Mi6. That’s why I am voting Remain”


    LMFAO – No you spent your career protecting powerful Child Rapists who ‘do not go to Church on Sundays’ – that is probably why the British people en mass told you to Fuck Off. Shithead.

  5. Men Scryfa says:

    When a White Teenager is involved and its on camera, this is Front Page News in a Zionist Occupied Country


    Forget the rapes, forget the assaults, forget the mass forced immigration, forget the corruption and paedophilia, Forget the Genocides in Palestine and the Child Killing in Israel. No what is important is what some agent provocateur has daubed on the side of a Polish centre in Hammersmith.

    Please Get Real.

    Even I don’t believe that the Dumbass British public falls for this anymore.

    #ZioFail #ZogBog

    Perhaps we should get the honest, morally upstanding, brilliant minds of Mi5 and Mi6 on to it to sort it out. LOL

    Maybe they can find another Jo Cox. What about just using Jo Cox again instead. Lol. Hey Sir John Sawers what do you say to that? Maybe you can ask some of your pals, the ones you were protecting? Maybe you could just bang all the normal White people up and accuse them of being paedos or even worse “Extremists”

    Yeah, yeah, they going to love that in Tel Aviv. Yeah do it. What are you waiting for?

  6. Men Scryfa says:

    Don’t worry this is the man Ratschild has got ready to re-negotiate the EU tyranny


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