Ukrainian NAZIs attack England fans in Marseilles – not Russians

These men were not Russians at all, although they spoke Russian. They are hired thugs drawn from the same pool of neo-Nazi ultra-right thugs from Lvov, members of Pravy Sektor mostly, who were responsible for the Odessa Massacre.

Ukrainian Ultras, specially imported for the purpose

Ukrainian Ultras, specially imported for the purpose

Cypriot-registered sardine trawler owned by a company with at least two former Mossad men amongst it’s board members brought the rent-a-mob into the port of Marseille last night, they are probably already on their way back to the Black Sea.



We have been expecting a false flag terrorist attack at Euro 2016, but we were expecting it to take the more usual form of an ‘Islamic’ terrorist group shooting at people or blowing something up. This is a new play but it is all too clear from who’s playbook it came.


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  1. Aldous says:

    Gawd, how I hate being nearly right much of the time.I think most of us ‘enlightened ones’ knew the BBC/Sky/Lie Factories’ (aka Reuters/Associated [Rothschild’s] Press) version of events was extremely ‘SUSPECT’. The Usual Suspects had to have had a circumcised hand in it surely? And so they did.

    I’m beginning to wonder if President Putin hasn’t ordered the Russian Team home by them deliberately failing to qualify the Group Stage. Deliberately losing matches is a lot easier than winning them. Something’s afoot I’m sure; I’ve never seen a Russian side play with less conviction.

    Isn’t it strange how homo/pedo TPTB allow a fugly obvious steroid drug-taking tranny tennis player like Williams get away with it, while the beautiful Sharapova gets nailed for a virtual non event drug test fail – which could have even been fabricated and probably was?

    Then we have Tap, Gordon – all the seasoned commenters, caring little for their own situation but only for their children’s children’s future.

    “But finally, all of us worn down by fellow Gentile apathy – eventually caring nothing for who would win the fight, began the long retreat back through the cyber corpse-littered plains where imaginary but also real blood and bodies were already frozen beneath the cyber ice.”

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Jewish”Nazis” – it looks like Aldous was right. Because of course it has so benefited us all to have White Men killing White Men

    WWI , WWII , WWIII – The Real Purpose and Benefactors are becoming obvious.

    Scum. Watching all those MPs today weakly dealing with Sir Shifty and them thinking that is raising their currency.
    NO. It will be their homes and their families that we will visit first. For the purpose of making lawful arrests at 2 and 3 in the morning. Turncoats, Traitors, Corrupted Perverts and Subverters of the Nation must go first. Parasites are just a side issue.

    Its the Winstons and the Waldegraves…

    That is what we live to see. Hail Satan.
    I will show them something about SATAN they never understood.

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Praise Be!

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