UK will be EU’s biggest single export market

Neil Kinnock is back…with advice to young voters

Lord Kinnock, remember him? He’s back. The BBC reports how the former Labour leader is urging young people to register to vote in the EU referendum as a low turnout could lead to Brexit “by default”.

Lord Kinnock said he hoped young voters would back the UK staying in the EU. His message at a London rally came as he and five fellow former Labour leaders tried to persuade the party’s supporters to vote to remain in Europe.

Young people would be better listening to Vote Leave campaigner Boris Johnson, who said about 300,000 jobs would be created if Britain leaves the EU. The BBC reports him saying: “After we liberate ourselves from the shackles of Brussels we will be able to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs right across the UK.”

“Nonsense on stilts” says the PM

In a piece in The Indy ,  David Cameron  is in full flow. He said: “Their, (Vote Leave campaigners), argument is, ‘Let’s wreck the economy by leaving the single market in order to do it’. I’m going to make them pay for that.

“The idea that the world just gives you great trade access is nonsense on stilts. Boris wants us to be like America, so you’d be subject to WTO (World Trade Organisation) tariffs on cars, clothes, shoes. It’s commonsense: if you cut yourself off from your biggest market your economy will be poorer – and they know that.”

As I pointed out in a recent article –

“We’re the world’s fifth largest economy – our currency is a better bet than the Euro, which is a disaster in the making. The Euro is a bankruptcy machine that has brought economic depression and unemployment to most of southern Europe.


When we leave the EU, we will be Europe’s largest export customer, bar none. UK/EU trade is too important to be interrupted – and we buy far more from them that they buy from us, so the trade is even more important to their side.

We’ll still be buying their BMWs and Audis. They’ll still buy our Toyotas and Jaguars. If the European Commission tries to delay a trade agreement, they’ll find the leaders of continental industries kicking their doors down.

The Remain side warns us of job losses when we leave. I worry about the jobs we’re losing today, as a result of EU legislation.

It’s not just steel and Port Talbot – industries like aluminium, chemicals and fertilisers, glass, ceramics, cement, and petroleum refining are being driven out of the UK, and the EU, by perverse energy policies. We’ve lost our fisheries, our fine art auctions, our clinical trials because of EU regulation, and our ports and our financial services are threatened.”

So, maybe it’s Mr Cameron talking ‘nonsense on stilts’.

Project Fear turns its attention to mortgages

Our PM has also been discussing mortgages – the BBC reports him as saying the cost of an average mortgage in the UK could rise by nearly £1,000 a year if Britain leaves the European Union. Uncertainty caused by exiting the EU could tighten credit conditions and push up rates, Remain campaigners say Treasury analysis shows.

However, Matthew Elliott, chief executive of Vote Leave, hit back, saying it was desperate stuff for the PM to run down people’s mortgages in his bid to win the referendum.

He said: “Even the most pro-EU campaigners have admitted the economy will grow after we vote leave so bogeyman claims about mortgages are just the latest act of desperation from the remain campaign fast losing the plot and public.”

Closing the gap

The Sunday Express reveals Project Fear is turning off voters!

A new survey puts support for staying in the European Union down at 43 per cent, while backing for Leave has grown to 41 per cent, with experts saying the results mask a large swing to Brexit.

They also unearthed evidence that undecided voters are abandoning the Europhile side in their droves amid a relentlessly negative, fearmongering campaign on behalf of Brussels.


This is fantastic news – let’s vote for freedom and independence, the momentum is with us.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Of course fake man of the people and benefit parasite Kinnock and his entire family of troughers are horrified at the prospect of a Brexit.

    Their taxpayer funded champagne socialist lifestyle would be at an end and they would all have to get proper jobs rather than riding of the backs of the working class.

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