Top science journal ‘NATURE’ invokes the same science warnings the Health Ranger originally wrote in 2012… genetic pollution from gene tinkering endangers us all

Science warnings

(NaturalNews) I always find it amusing when the world’s top mainstream science journals follow and repeat the same things I said years ago. In this latest case, the globally recognized science journal NATURE has published a warning about runaway genetic pollution that almost exactly mirrors my own published warning from four years ago.

In this 2012 Natural News article, I wrote, “Humanity has reached a tipping point of developing technology so profound that it can destroy the human race; yet this rise of ‘science’ has in no way been matched by a rise in consciousness or ethics. Today, science operates with total disregard for the future of life on Earth, and it scoffs at the idea of balancing scientific ‘progress’ with caution, ethics or reasonable safeguards. Unbridled experiments like GMOs have unleashed self-replicating genetic pollution that now threatens the integrity of food crops around the world, potentially threatening the global food supply.”

My key conclusion from that article was, “Technology without wisdom is suicide.”

Four years later, in a published science article entitled Fast-spreading genetic mutations pose ecological risk, writes:

A technique that allows particular genes to spread rapidly through populations is not ready to be set loose in the wild… In a report released on 8 June, the committee argued that such ‘gene drives’ pose complex ecological risks that are not yet fully understood. “It is not ready — and we are not ready — for any kind of release,” says Elizabeth Heitman…

Three years ago, in my article on Natural News, I wrote:

In the last decade, the so-called “scientific” engineering of seeds has resulted in the unleashing of self-replicating genetic pollution across the world known as “GMOs.” Genetically engineered seeds self-replicate in ways that cannot be anticipated by human scientists, and once GMOs are unleashed onto the world, they can never be recalled. Today in 2012, we are all living in a grand genetic engineering experiment that we must simply hope and pray doesn’t somehow go wrong…

And today, parrots my original warning, saying:

A gene drive could have unintended effects on the environment if it is unleashed in wild populations …[A]s molecular biology research on gene drives has surged forward, it has outpaced our understanding of their ecological consequences, says Heitman. Even a small, accidental release from a laboratory holds the potential to spread around the globe: “After release into the environment, a gene drive knows no political boundaries,” the committee wrote.

It makes you wonder whether authors are reading Natural News to get really good story ideas from people who actually have original thoughts. Most of mainstream science, you see, is nothing but a mental masturbation exercise among obedient “scientism” followers who have long abandoned any ability to think for themselves. That’s why they are always years behind independent scientists who pioneer original ideas and conclusions.

Other things I warned about in 2012 are now being recognized by some of the world’s top minds

In fact, my warning about genetic pollution was just one of many science warnings I published in 2012, several of which have since been repeated by Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and a long list of others.

As you can read about in this article I wrote in 2012, other dangers that out-of-control science poses to humanity include:

• Artificial Intelligence
• Self-replicating bioweapons
• Pollinator disruption chemicals
• Weaponized vaccines
• Antibiotics and the rise of superbugs

… and so on. These are now the very things you see mainstream science figures warning about. Back in 2012, however, such ideas were immediately labeled “conspiracy theories.” Today, just four years later, they are now considered legitimate, widely-shared concerns about where science is taking humanity.

“Conspiracy theories” become established FACTS when enough people wake up

Funny, isn’t it, how all the things the mainstream critics first call “conspiracy theories” turn out to be legitimate science FACTS… And by the way, speaking of conspiracy theories vs. legitimate scientific facts, the only way building 7 fell onto itself in a perfect, symmetrical collapse if it the laws of physics were entirely suspended on 9/11. Anyone who believes the official explanation on how building 7 collapsed is either a mental retard or a dangerously delusional nitwit (Bill Nye, anyone?).

There is no question whatsoever that demolition charges were involved in this building takedown, as any architect, engineer or explosives expert will readily explain to anyone whose brain hasn’t already been melted down into obedient slag by the puppetstream media.

The full infographic of the science warnings I originally published in 2012 is found below. Over the next few years, it will become increasingly obvious to nearly everyone that the way “science” is conducted today by corporations and governments will only destroy life on our planet.

Maybe it’s time the world stopped listening to the lies of the poison-pushing corporations and started paying attention to the REAL science that can only come from independent scientists who aren’t motivated by corporate money…

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