Tommy Mair’s life is now in extreme danger

The Monarch butterfly is the symbol of Mind Kontrol.  This video explains what the narrator can see regarding Tommy Mair and his supposed role in murdering Jo Cox.  As the patsy of this assassination, he will be most unlikely to receive further exposure, and his life is now in serious danger.  He would be able to reveal the truth about the Brexit Fixit Psyop, if he was permitted to speak to anyone.  This he will never be allowed to do.



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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    If it is announced prior to trial that he has topped himself while in HMP Wandsworth then we will know that they had the real Thomas Mair in custody in which case he had to be disposed of and I agree with you Tap therefore his life, if he is still alive, is in extreme danger.

    However, I think on the basis of the inherent risk of a Capricorn One style unveiling of the conspiracy the above is quite unlikely and thus the second option given below is more plausible.

    If it does go to trial then the likelihood is that the real Mair is long gone, probably offed just after the “crisis actor drill gone live” was pulled off. Replaced by a clone or double who is playing the part of lone right wing nutter perfectly complete with court room outbursts. This would mean the real Mair (night..mare etc etc) is long gone. The only other alternative is the most intensive MK onslaught that has turned Mair into a complete puppet, but again the chance of this backfiring and spontaneous deprogramming or a break down is too great, much easier just to switch a clone / double. The fact that the arrested man lacks certain facial markings that the real Thomas Mair had would seem to fit with this. All well worth further investigation by anyone keen.

  2. UglyTruth says:

    The nail in the coffin for the official story has been provided in the form of a 77 year old supposed hero; however, when one learns that this hero has been deceased, ceased to be, became an ex-pensioner and began pushing up daisies three years ago, a massive hole is blown clean through the official narrative leaving nothing afloat, the whole thing has been obliterated, exposed utterly for the fraud that it is.

  3. Mike says:

    If you read the comments on the link you provide, you will find that this “nail” doesn’t stand up…

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