6 Responses to “This photograph was taken at the #Trump rally in San Diego, California yesterday. If you’re not having nightmares over the looming police state in which we live, you should be. (Photo by Ashi Fachler)”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    They can organize security and arrests when they want to but never seem able to do anything to protect good people from immigrant scum bags….sack the elites!!


    • OutandAbout says:

      Someone commentee to Molly qnd rqiwes good points. Althougy we on Tap knew long ago fulford was rubbish disinfo.
      But thats not tge point. What jumps out at me from the comment below, i sense.
      It is taking too long yes. Good point.
      So its clear to me at least…..everyone, goid and bad, is waiting for tge Red Kqchina and other assorted signs in the sky to burst Skytv viewersbubble of reality. Then the gloves will be off.
      This is what Disclosure is all about. Will we buy the cabals version? Im not so kuch talking Bluebeam. But sometying more subtle
      But i dont think the cabal will have much room to nqnoeuvre, deceive. With whats coming.
      One things clear to me menscryfa. Soon exotic crafts are going to be very visible in the sky. Theyll have to be. To en masse use their technologies to offset the Red Kachina party. All hands in the poker game will then be forced.

      Thanks BP for all your work you do and sharing form the mosty mundane to the most outrageous! You just stated what I had always trusted to be the truth (my crap detector) is very very fine tuned and picks up on info that makes very little sense. Do not trust all the info anymore especially Coorey/Wolcocks nor Cobra or Benjamin Fulford! My crap detector tells me it’s taking far too long for action to happen on most of their info. It’s all out there – the imortant INFO – so why no action then? Your post is like a breath of fresh air and you have my thoughts and feelings to paper –thank you! Will be interesting to see what Keenan comes up with next…..

    • OutandAbout says:

      Hi MS. Not a good day but we fight on, roll with the punches, and then hopefully things improve and its pastures new.

      Heres something coming in at this angle, worth reading.. He might or might not be disnfo. Molly BP insightful analyst has been a fan and now taking a more discerning eye on Cobra.
      Id like to make the following points though.
      – the discredited corey goode wilcock SSP double act, is not tye same as Cobra. They are giving different ssp versions and situation versions.
      – the Tachyon healing technologies Molly speaks of cobra uses, are based on sacred geometry, the type discussed in yesterdays cosmic convergence article.
      Whether cobras disinfo or not, he says some possibly very valuable things.
      Before we throw Cobra and the Resistance Movement under the bus, I just want to say that we have been warned that the disinfo is going to fly like never before in these closing days. Since none of us have the answers to everything, we may inadvertently share bad information from time to time.

      All too frequently I witness first hand how people don’t read well and completely misinterpret what was said.

      I have my own experiences with people Cobra knows and the Resistance Movement, and I urge folks not to jump to conclusions or judge too quickly.

      Dante Santori spoke of a “rogue Pleiadian group” eons ago… but that doesn’t mean there still is one. Any Beings or groups not working in Humanity’s best interests will be disabled, removed, etc. and will not be a threat—or already have been. We’re in good hands.

      Cobra puts himself out there at conferences where he is vulnerable, educates us, encourages us to use meditation personally and en masse to improve the situation. An NDA isn’t much protection.

      This is perhaps a good time to point out that there has been fear-based information put out on the Internet suggesting that the dark can hijack mass meditations. That was an act of malice on the part of one person only whose name I won’t mention. I don’t believe it’s possible to hijack the collective free will of Human Beings and I believe we give far too much power away, far too willingly.

      Cobra has also provided the Tachyon healing chambers in a number of places on the planet. I’ve heard some very encouraging reports on the efficacy of those chambers that probably go beyond self-fulfilling prophecy or the power of belief.

      Unlike others, Cobra has refused to give dates and is careful not to get our hopes up. He measures out the intel and states the situation in a matter-of-fact way. He never attacks or belittles anyone and sets a good example for us all.

      I believe Cobra to be one who is genuinely interested in the liberation of Humanity and our planet, and we will just have to wait and see when that happens who’s who in the zoo.

      And now… please relax… as we continue on with the journey of a lifetime. (Actually, many lifetimes)

      But why wait? Let’s get this party started. Champagne and light snacks will be served on the bridge for a meet’n’greet with the crew this afternoon at 0:400—pointy hats provided. ~ BP

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