This art piece sums it all up

………The Euro’s will regret letting in millions of Muslims to leach off their generous welfare systems, and then still foment  terrorism against the very same people who are their Hosts.
The caption at the bottom explains where this originated. Look at it carefully and let it sink in. It is quite profound when understood. 
Recently there was an amateur art contest in the Netherlands, and people were invited to create a work of art depicting the current 
era of multiculturalism in Europe — a depiction of their experience in the modern ‘melting pot’.  This was the winner.: 

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  1. Aldous says:

    by April Garris
    smoloko note – porn is a weapon of organized satanic jewry used to enslave us mentally and spiritually to their hellish jew world order so we are fixated on our genitals rather than the well-being of our family,community and country. stop watching porn, repent and get your relationship right with god now and do your part to stop the global demonic jew agenda before it’s too late !

    I think Smoloko strays far too much into the ‘religious’ here but the article is otherwise a masterpiece imho. Pornography is a ‘Terror Weapon’ against Gentiles; the internet is awash with it. Why would high-ranking Jews give something away for free?

    • Aldous says:


      • RabbiT says:

        Interesting post but having watched Shelly Lubben on the link I can confirm God does not hate fags, porn stars or muslims etc but seeks them to find Him.

        I am of the opinion however this movement is bogus, it is not about realising they are being used as part of the satanic strategy for world domination.

    • OutandAbout says:

      Yes I have read in a few places drugs weaken the body and etheric body and open one upto Satanic attack and demonic possession.
      yes it goes without saying too, porn is a weapon of satanic organised jewry. Add to the fact they have done their utmost to distort and upset via feminism and a load of other measures, the Natural Right male female roles via societal engtineering via the Frankfurt school and more.
      We not only have confused disaffected people but also a people who turns to porn as a form of solace, walking right into the mousetrap laid.
      It takes Will and Intelligence and seeking Truth to gain the strength to turns one back on things
      Rockefeller, Soros, investments in the medical marijuana movement, talked about on CNN. Opening up the populace to Demonic Attack by ensuring certain phytochemically bred strains are circulated, could this be their motivation? Not just money surely. Yes with some efficacious medicinal value too.
      Saying that. Yes there are a good variety of alternative med strategies against cancer and other things. Things ill be sure to forge ahead researching and hopefully offering people one day, those that need help and guidance.
      Such as Gonzalez pancreatic enzymes, coffee enemas, and other things.
      My point is I think its certainly good, from research ive done. Keep a quality flower and bud cannabis high CBD low THC oil there in the arsenal , ready, in case other alt treatments don’t work so well.
      It would be stupid not to.
      But lets just say im very very very suspicious of this supposed ‘alternative’ movement of medical cannabis with Rockefeller and Soros bbacking as Henry makow has gone into.
      Satan at Work
      Father sentenced to 15 years in jail for killing ‘jinn’ baby in Saudi Arabia

      The father, who was reportedly high on drugs, threw the child out of the car window

      Published: 08:48 June 8, 2016

      Manama: A man, who killed his baby claiming the four-month old was possessed by jinn (ghost) and caused the death of his wife, has been sentenced to 15 years in jail and 1,500 lashes by a Saudi court.

      A plea by the wife’s family for death penalty was rejected by the judge in the Makkah court who explained that the defendant would serve five years for deliberately killing his four-month-old baby and 10 years for causing the death of his wife and driving under the influence of drugs.

  2. Dogman says:

    The Memoirs of Mr. Hempher, describe in detail how a British spy to the Middle East, in the middle of the eighteenth century, made contact with Adbul Wahhab, to create a subversive version of Islam, the notorious sect of Wahhabism, which became the founding cult of the Saudi regime.
    The movement was temporarily suppressed by the Ottomam armies in the middle of the nineteenth century. But with the assistance of the British, the Wahhabis and their Saudi sponsors returned to power and founded their own state in 1932.
    Since then, the Saudis have collaborated closely with the Americans, to whom they owe their tremendous oil wealth, in funding various Islamic fundamentalist organizations and other American covert operations, particularly the “jihad” in Afghanistan. But the Saudis simultaneously use the immense wealth at their disposal to disseminate this disruptive brand of Islam to various parts of the world, categorized by some of the largest propaganda campaign in history.

  3. Dogman says:

    There are very few (if any) mediums that are not used as control mechanisms. I take very little at face value. –
    I agree with Aldous that porn is a weapon and I get irritated by people (especially parents) that don’t know about aspartame, HFCS, fluoride & vaccine, yet have no trouble finding porn on their pcs. There is a name for them and it’s a better description than sheople! It begins with w

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    Europe To Send Conspiracy Theorists To ‘Reeducation Camps’
    Submitted by IWB, on June 2nd, 2016


    by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

    Europe to send conspiracy theorists to ‘reeducation camps’

    Citizens in Europe who break new “hate speech” rules on the internet, including those who spread conspiracy theories online, will be forced to attend ‘reeducation camps’.

    According to section 7 of the European Framework National Statute For The Promotion Of Tolerance:

    Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a) will be required to undergo a rehabilitation programme designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance.

    The full section reads:

    Section 7. Penal Sanctions

    (a) The following acts will be regarded as criminal offences punishable as aggravated crimes:

    (i) Hate crimes as defined in Section 1(c).

    (ii) Incitement to violence against a group as defined in Section 1(a).

    (iii) Group libel as defined in Section 1(b).

    (iv) Overt approval of a totalitarian ideology, xenophobia or anti-Semitism.

    (v) Public approval or denial of the Holocaust.

    (vi) Public approval or denial of any other act of genocide the existence of which has been determined by an international criminal court or tribunal.

    (b)Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a) will be required to undergo a rehabilitation programme designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance.

    (iv) Overt approval of a totalitarian ideology, xenophobia or anti-Semitism.

    (v) Public approval or denial of the Holocaust.

    News of the reeducation camps comes after U.S. internet giants Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft promised to tackle online counter-narratives and hate speech as part of a joint commitment with the EU Commission. reports:

    Beyond national laws that criminalize hate speech, there is a need to ensure such activity by Internet users is “expeditiously reviewed by online intermediaries and social media platforms, upon receipt of a valid notification, in an appropriate time-frame,” the companies and the European Commission said in a joint statement on Tuesday.

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