The Ruler of the World and His Ways: You Are Victim of An Incredible Deception. Wake Up!

by Anders

The NWO is simple to explain: Turn everything upside down – and truth becomes lie, good becomes evil and vice versa, war becomes peace and vice versa, nature becomes unnaturalness and vice versa, men become women and vice versa  — and Satan becomes God and vice versa.

obama-messiaWe are being governed by people who via their Masonic (super)lodges have been brainwashed to think so and act accordingly.

And we find this abomination quite all right and vote for these corrupt people!

Here is the nature of just one influential NWO puppet – even with his finger on the nuclear bomb trigger!
In 2008 Obama was seen as the Messiah, worshiped by even the German masses to save the world after the criminal Bush  and Clinton governments. He even got the Peace Nobel Prize – and then created total chaos in the muslim world through his Arab Spring, invaded Libya, started the Syrian war and is now  challenging Russia for world war III and here.
Nevertheless, people still follow and respect him.

Where-is-obama´s birth-certificateUnless you are born in the United States of America you cannot become president there acc. to the US constitution.
Obama is the first US president in history who never presented a genuine American birth certificate – but tried to cheat several times with a  forged American birth certificate.

However, he does seem to have  a genuine birth certificate – from Kenya. And his grandmother as well as the Kenyan ambassador to the US  testify that Obama  was born in Kenya – and she was present at his birth”.




This means Obama was too much of a coward to confess in public that he is gay and married to a man, deceiving Christians to give this Muslim their votes. Thus Obama is an impostor – and he is also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood to create the NWO one-world Caliphate. Western Journalism even thinks Obama works on that  – and may become the first world sultan!

Do you remember Obama´s election campaign slogan – and how this brought people under his spell? (forget the backtracking nonsense)



That Obama had a homosexual and Communist mentor, Frank Davis,  and here is well-known – as are his own admission that he used cocaine and pot at College.

That Obama is homosexual is no secret.

But worse: He admires the “world´s wickedest man”, Satanist Alistair Crowley – whom I described in my Obama post on 10 Apr. 2012

Next, see the video below from the beginning to the 1:36 mark:


Now you know who really rules the world. obama-diab.o





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  1. Men Scryfa says:


    • Men Scryfa says:

      “Comment awaiting moderation” …lol !

      • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

        Hi again. With this link below, i think we must try and withdraw from the initial gut reaction of switchoff, when seeing the word ‘ Galactic ‘. What im focussing on here is the message, remarking on the incoming superplasmawaves and Red Kachina effects. Ive discussed the validity, bill cooper galactic side of things in another comment.
        What could give us reason to feel the message below has some merit? Because another blog, Cosmicconvergence Research Group that Dublinmick thinks highly of. Is starting to come out with a similar tune. Add in Alex Jones Infowars message of cataclysm , and things, motives, start getting revealed and Truth emerging. Note the image of DNA strands with a Merkaba inside

        Incoming Jolt Will Be Pleasant SaysGalactic Humanoid

        Posted by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

        There are frequency changes reported as incoming, dramatic and drastic. Would you speak about what these mean for the human and if you are able to, when this incoming energy is due to be felt by us?

        These shifts in energetics are more of a contrast and all at once. It is not seen as a gradual and by that is meant relatively comfortable change. These changes have not all been comfortable.

        The switch that comes in now has momentum. The momentum is due to the large numbers of your kind waking up every day to love.

        It’s like something exponential and unprecedented is happening and all “announcements” and “predictions” are just “best guesses” because you guys are changing it up all the time. It morphs and re-builds and squeezes into form in each now moment.

        What is being witnessed are vast increases in numbers of people accepting that they have a right to be respected, indeed to feel happiness, health and prosperity. The vast uncovering of the corrupt systems in banks and government – all systems actually in place by “authority”, wakes a human up every few moments.

        These are not fully aware but awake and yearning for enlightenment. It is the yearning that pulls in the rapidly accelerating energetics. We have seen all along the change adopt a new form and now can tell you that ALL PREDICTIONS ARE NOW BEING TOSSED OFF. The best we can offer, by way of assistance to your readers is “HANG ON TO YOUR HATS AND ENJOY THE RIDE.” Humans have done it again.

        We are in wonder at your strength of will and ability to adapt. As you adjust and shift – all of creation is raised up and shifts as well. You are demonstrating with collaboration and with a willingness to work together –A NEW SORT OF UNITY. Humans come from diverse and even conflicting backgrounds and what we see
        are inroads to love.

        These paths to higher consciousness are forged with common goals and universal comprehension of mutual needs. There is something about the human, male or female, that declares an inability to each other. This is part of the reason for your great mass awakening. You cannot help but impact each other, AND YOU ARE.
        We are the gods weve been waiting for.

        Those of you present now and sensitive will pick up on the most subtle alterations. These will be a pre-cursor to a rapid jolt. The timing is unclear and coincides with Gaia’s heart –certainly there are days to pass before it shows up in full force. It is not clear and not tens of days though.

        The best thing to do to is encourage each other and forgive yourself. The most gentle of spirits will experience this wave and push, pull and shift as a hug holding you safely in place throughout. A bit of dizziness will accompany this one and perhaps some “light shows”.

        No definite predictions can be counted on as absolute as was earlier mentioned. Humans are changing it up with revolution, demonstration, collaboration, mutual support and love. Anything is possible. Is this a pre-cursor to the foretold “event”?

  2. Men Scryfa says:


    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      I dont live like this or store my coffee under padlocks etc and im more normal, for want of a better word. But there are undeniable similarities too.

      Maybe theres a connection between infatuation and being passionate and a Truthseeking dot connector? Perhaps to do with neural wiring, hemispheres or something

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      I dont know why the word above wouod cause moderation. The word b a n n e d doesnt even cause that. Comments vanish
      without trace if thats in there.

      Thankyou Men Scryfa for enduring my occasional comments on my personal affairs, which is much apporeciated. Though ill try to keep them down, theyll fade out anyway. But i hope to more than compensate with burning Truthseeker comments.

      Yes its true she entered my heart in a unique special transformative way. The way that makes it great to be alive. Yet she did nothing except show warmth, kindness, and was just herself. Which unfortunately for me was very very very magnetic in magical ways unable to go into here.

      In summary. As i fight hard to draw a line under things. And disentangle all the dopamine oxytocin forged neural imprinting. Which feels like ripping hair out from the roots. As i summarise.

      I see it sadly but really is incompatible. Someone at my stage of life. Like a coiled spring. In more ways than one. Single. Passionate about many things. To expect someone of my mindset and psychological makeup to just be friends with someone really unique, a truthseeker like me, inteligent, beautiful. Wonderful. Married.
      To expect my subconscious to just tick along wanting friendship im afraid asks the impossible, the person i am today.

      Maybe when i get what i need and want in life. Ill then be a supremely relaxed cool Truthseeker and problem solver. And not a coiled spring.

      So i wish her well if shes reading this and ill try and fall out of love very soon, as soon as i can.


  3. Men Scryfa says:


  4. Men Scryfa says:


    • OutandAbout says:

      ” And why wont They let me be with Elise?” ” All i know is, the amount of resources Theyve used. Keeping you from her is pretty damn important to Them.’ Move on with your life ”

      The Adjustment Bureau film 2011
      Seeing how theres inklings men scryfa of mibs and gang stalking one wonders how accurate adjustment bureau might be. Might this be related to the Skynet though i dont really know what that is but i sense its there. I sense its a Veil. I sense it might be blocking us from tge plasma energy web lines like railway tracks running round the cosmos. And galaxy, then tributaries off to the solar system. Like our blood supply network. And then even finer, down to capilary level and micricapillaries. The Earths own leyline network and plasma grid.
      We are in an interconnected cosmic web men scryfa. Ill find tomorrow a great few paragraphs. Human DNA is actually represented in.the galaxy and beyond. Cosmic convergence i think, ill check.
      Thankyou for acting as an energetic conduit for messages for someone else. I just want to say. Things seem to occur for Divine prearranged or instead interdimensionally influenced reasons, nanosecond by nanosecond in this realm.
      However saying tgat i wish id behaved differently, taken a more grounded position. Not been so swept up in the most Divine magic spell i created in my mind.
      I thankyou for your forgiveness received via a message, i am grateful.
      It has weighed on me more and more. Because of my immature stupidity. I have lost a very interesting special friend whos meant a lot to me, as a friend only. Theres a feeling of loss.
      I hope one day, when im happily married. Ill ask her to contact you and you might, might, you and your husband want us as friends.
      I hope this happens

  5. Men Scryfa says:


    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Moving on, drawing a line, turning the page. Feeling and expressing regret for stupidity. Being sorry and finally understanding. Being under a spell.Yes.

      Great comment below Menscryfa. Note the Queen and Pope reference.. when taken together with the Red Kachina 20th december video, plus Mayan Elder prophecy
      Lenore on June 2, 2016 at 4:22 PM

      Here’s the thing about the CE5 protocol. I was going to put down the hefty cost Dr. Greer asks for, and the enormous expense of travel and lodging….years ago, when I first heard about it. But the information now is much more complete as to what’s going on, I have to question……Who exactly are they contacting? I know for a fact, no ship lands, no one gets out, and there’s no sit down with the ship occupants that occurs. Lights blink in, lights blink out. Their equipment goes off, people get feelings something’s there…..There are times they see a certain “blue ship”….briefly. We know that these technologies are available in the very programs he’s campaigning right now about. The USAP’s. We also know, at this stage of the game, anyone who breaches the grid barrier is quickly shot down if they are unknowns. The tech we have is that advanced, provided to us, by previous shoot downs and those that are already here. There’s recent findings that Roswell’s looking like a shoot down. Not an accident. That was a long time ago. Can you imagine how far along they are now, without over site?? So….if the “WE” faction of Dr, Greer’s, wants him to bring this out…. It is possible the “WE” factor can stage what looks like brief believable contact, right? Especially if they want people to BELIEVE.

      And the agenda is belief, so they can afford the plan Warner VB spoke of and move us toward the one world gov.

      It’s not like Dr. Greer keeps his CE5 locations a secret. And in this day and google age, what secrets can anyone keep, truly.

      In my humble opinion, anything you see in the sky these days, is suspect. They need to be checked and rechecked and if the picture isn’t clear, it could be anything. If they haven’t landed, been clearly photographed and are of GOOD WILL, proven and not in a alien costume….among many people… Then…well…maybe. Remember, humans are gullible. We don’t know if we’re being “gamed” until we have proof over a period of contact.

      We do know, both the Pope and the Queen mentioned in certain settings last Dec. this will be the last Christmas. We also know, during Obama’s last correspondence dinner, he casual said, “the end of the Republic, never looked so good”. So all are alluding to “something”.

      This is when we should be on our most astute guard. I’d speculate that real contact, the kind Greer originally had as a college student, ended in the western worlds towards the end of the 70’s. Once Star Wars was put in place, as Reagan mentioned. He just forgot to say it was real. Afterward, in the 80’s and up, only random contact and sitings mostly in far away remote locations where the grid wasn’t quite up to western standards, like places in South America,Siberia etc…There was even talk that the Meier’s case and contact seemed strange in the 80’s and different, after the initial contact and photo’s he got in the early 70’s. Everyone can make up their own mind.

  6. Men Scryfa says:


    • OutandAbout says:

      Menscryfa Leylines!
      A map, weve asked questions about on Tap before
      Id also like to point out Laura Walkers words, saying in September 2001, a huge amount if low vibrational fear Qi energy got loaded into a very major leyline running up the NE area of the USA tristate region.
      I therefore ask the question:
      What if the reverse is now starting to be true. Of higher and better energies and frequencies getting loaded into tge leyline grid now? Human cinsciousness is about to soar exponentially to Magnificent new heights acc to Eireport. Its happening cant you feel it
      Despite the cabal trying, trying, trying, to pound us with bad news and bad situations. It aint working anymore menscryfa. We are fighting through iwell and hard n this war of attrition.
      I look forward to see that leyline map.

      And btw, hope you dont me commenting to you adding a message on the higher dimensions watching. I am sorry for the other day. That reaction was a breaking point when things caved in momentarily. Horrible things got said i never meant. Out of all my communications, 0.001% of them saying such things when under extreme stress. I hope i can be forgiven. Sorry
      Lynn – Cobra can you tell us what a ley line is?

      COBRA – A leyline is a stream of energy. In most cases etheric or plasma energy which flows like a river through the energy grid around the planet. Leylines are like energy veins that transmit energy through the energy body of the earth.

      Lynn – Are leylines and grid lines the same thing?

      COBRA – Very similar.

      Lynn – Can you tell us what the difference is?

      Cobra – Leylines in most cases are mostly etheric and plasma poles between two vortex points when the grid lines are also the same, in other context, for example the mantle or higher planes of creation and also the energy flow through grid lines are a little bit different.

      Lynn – So, when people are working on the earth, are they working on ley lines, grid lines or both?

      COBRA – Mostly they are working on ley lines.

      Lynn – OK. Are the ley lines related to the vortexes?

      COBRA – Yes, of course.

      Lynn – Where are the major intersections of the world’s ley lines?

      COBRA – There is a map that I could show you but I cannot describe it with words exact positions of all those intersections.

      Lynn – Is it possible in a future post of yours that you put up that map?

      COBRA – It might be possible. We will see what will happen. (OK).

      Lynn – Have major historical events happened along the lines?

      COBRA – I would not say the physical manifestation of those events but I would say the causes that triggered those events originated from the ley lines or from the vortexes which are located on the ley line intersections.

      Lynn – Are the ley lines related to anything in the cosmos?

      COBRA – Yes, of course there is a cosmic grid which goes throughout the universe. There is the galactic grid. There is the grid in the solar system and they are all connected with the planetary grid and with the ley lines. It is a living organism of the universe.

    • OutandAbout says:

      I bet that bank building in Manila is at a leyline intersection vortex. I bet Trafalgar sq is too. I bet going down Whitehall is a thick plasma leyline. I bet all of Londons laid out, the main streets, corresponding to the leyline network. And statues at intersections play some role.
      We must ask about piccadilly and picadilly circus too. And regent st and going down st james st. Leicester sq?
      Its clear the elite have hqd this leyline network exploited for their own deviant uses and intent, for too long.

      Once the leyline map is properly disseminated on the web. Good people making prayer groups can knowingly make use of these intersections.

      I dont know if montague keen has been a deceiver MS. But this is qll starting to sound suspiciously like all his emails said, were right qnd meant well. As well, he said again and again, it all started in Ireland. The cabal dont want us to know that. This will be to do with the Truth of the True Israel, True Tribes

  7. Men Scryfa says:


    • OutandAbout says:

      The 144,000 Elect and a Hundredth Monkey connection?
      Also the adjustment into a Free Energy society economy gets discussed where cash becomes obsolete. Also tachyon crystal healing technology sending lasers into them

      Lynn – After The Event how long will it take to transition our current monetary system into a fair and equitable financial system?

      COBRA – The actual transition will be very fast. After the moment of the event we have I would say 1-2 weeks when the banks will be closed and when they re-open we will have a much fairer and much more balanced financial system because it is being prepared already. And then we’ll have a certain period of transition where we will transcend the need a financial system when we begin to realize that we have technology to manufacture and materialize everything we want on the physical plane. Money will become redundant. (I can’t wait).

      Lynn – We keep getting repeated questions about the financial system and the re-set and humanitarian funds. Just to satisfy this questioner. Do you see any changes in this? Do you think there will be any funds released before The Event?

      COBRA – It is, I will say on a planetary global scale, I would say no. Funds will be released at the moment of The Event and after; I will say 1-2 weeks after the event they will start being released. There will be limited cases where certain small amounts of funds can be released to a certain limited closed group before the event, but this is not what we are actually working for. We are working for a global planetary financial reset. (it can’t happen too soon. thank you)

      Richard – What happens twist laser light that passes through tachyonized crystal.

      COBRA – Actually laser light is very focused photon ray which gets enriched on a quantum level by those tachyons. I would say the quantum signature of those quanta changes. It gets harmonized. The quantum fluctuations around those photons get harmonized. So laser light by itself is already a coherent source of photons and when it passes through a tachyonized crystal we have an additional harmonization happening there. So I would say the healing effect of such laser light if you’re using that laser light for example for healing can be greatly magnified. (thank you)

      Lynn – The next question is from our Prepare for Change group in Japan. They would like clarification on the number 144,000. It is talked about in the Bible, the story of Sanat Kumara, the critical mass and many other places. Why this number Cobra?

      COBRA – 12 x 12 x 1000. It’s symbolic number which has very powerful meaning in sacred geometry of numbers and it’s also an actual number of people who are selected, of souls who are selected at certain points to enter in this planetary quarantine to transform it. One, I would say small percentage of those people have already awakened to their mission and more of them will awaken in the future. (great, thank you)

  8. Men Scryfa says:

    Just a bit of word association game…

    Now for Round 2…

    Truth, Rifle, Uprising, Cleansing, Justice, New Jerusalem, 1000 Yrs, The Glory of GOD

  9. dkblue says:

    Who/What is GOD?

    Universal Prayer of Compassion

    May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness,
    May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering,
    May all beings dwell in the Great Equanimity,
    Free from attachment, aversion and indifference.

    The causes of suffering are ignorance of the true nature of reality and negative actions of
    1) Body – killing, stealing and sexual misconduct
    2) Speech – harsh speech, idle gossip, divisive speech and lying
    3) Mind – covetousness and wrong views

    Unalterable are the laws of karma,
    Cause and effect cannot be escaped.

    Consider these things

  10. dkblue says:

    MK Ultra programming breakdown?
    Electromagnetic frequency weapon?
    Or, just Obama minus a script?

    http ://

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Or a clone, , synthetic, malfunctioning, breaking down, wearing out.
      Apparently the male clones don’t last as long as the females or have I got that the wrong way round. I never realised, Blade Runners here now

      h ttp ://

      ht tp ://w

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Hi, its actually a very good film, if you haven’t seen it I recommend it. I do not think we are going to be in that dystopia in 2019 however. Although I think, since perhaps the 1950s at least, cloning replicant type technology has been played about with and developed and refined.
      And ill tell you another thing dkblue, I have not researched this at all, but off the top of my head I have a feeling William Shears was not just a McCartney lookalike. I think he will have been a clone. Maybe the original Paul did not want to go along with the Satanic agenda and was a loose cannon. In fact some are saying it goes on quite a bit, cloned replaced celebrities. Who knows how extensive it is. But it certainly does make us stand back and start to see a much different tapestry, mosaic reality before our eyes, of what Reality is around us. Especially if people like Oprah or Sir Paul are cloned
      But even though this is a bit disconcerting, ultimately all this information will equip us to set ourselves free, since the matrix requires peoples ignorance of things, for them to work their games.

      Hey btw I recommend the soundtrack to Blade Runner too some good songs on there like this

  11. dkblue says:

    Tell Michelle Obama To Tell Barack To Stop Talking About Gay, Queer and LGBT Shit

    https ://

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:


      Vibrational Medicine Research:
      Reuters News Service distributed internationally an article on Dr. Karim’s BioGeometry, including interviews with Egyptians who had experienced stunning transformations in their personal health. In one case they reported that: “a 24-year old engineering student with a low platelet count had some reservations about the healing power of shapes. But having undergone a $25,000 course of treatment in the United States and having had his spleen removed to no avail, he decided to try Karim’s method. ‘When I met Ibrahim he put a ring on my finger with a design print on it, then he gave me a medallion. At first I thought it was strange, but after all I’d been through I was prepared to give it a go,’ he said. Overnight his platelet count went up to 35,000, and in four more days it soared to 250,000, he said.” [16]

      Another interviewee in the article reported similar success with an entirely different problem: “Hassan Hafez Amin, 57, a retired marketing consultant with gout, says Karim’s methods had worked where others had failed. ‘I went to Ibrahim with an open mind and he gave me a medallion inscribed with a geometric pattern to wear. In one month my uric acid levels decreased from 9 to 4.8,’ he said.” [17]
      Growing Crops — In Salt Water:

      Dr. Karim was invited to the Red Sea by Engineer Adel Ammar to see if he could find a way to use salt water for irrigation, rather than Red Sea farmers having to pay the high costs for desalinization. As reported by Al-Ahram Weekly, by integrating specific shapes into the water channels and containers Dr. Karim actually succeeded in growing Sweet Potatoes in Salt Water drawn straight from the Red Sea; yet another result which was theoretically impossible until he accomplished it. [18]
      Clearing Electro-Magnetic Stress Problems from Entire Cities in Switzerland:

      After a powerful cellphone tower was put in the middle of the Swiss city of Hemberg, residents began to fall ill. Animals and birds were seen to leave the area, and those confined to pens suffered miscarriages; animals raised for food were found to have tumors when slaughtered. The problems got so bad that Swiss evening news programs showed pictures of local residents who had moved their beds down to their root cellars, to try to escape the Radiation effects. Dr. Karim was invited to help, and by using precise Geometric forms and BioGeometry techniques was able to clear the area of electro-stress problems. One Swiss newspaper called Dr. Karim the “Wonder-worker from Egypt.” [19]

      Dr. Karim was so successful that the Hemberg town council gave Dr. Karim the Key to the City and demanded that the Swiss National Government implement similar BioGeometry corrections throughout the country. This led to Dr. Karim being invited to clear similar problems from the city of Hirschberg Switzerland, while being observed by Swiss government representatives; just as in Hemberg, the project was tremendously successful and was reported in newspapers and Television news programs across Switzerland. [20]
      Water Revitalization Research with Dr. Masaro Emoto

      Dr. Karim is also good friends with the well-known Japanese Water Crystallization researcher Dr. Emoto. Emoto’s HADO laboratory in Switzerland studied the effects of Dr. Karim’s BioGeometry shapes and tools in improving water structure. They found perfect structures created in their water samples simply by having one of Dr. Karim’s tools (known as a BioGeometry Cube, a modified Cube shape covered with specific energy patterns) in the same room as the water. Researchers also commented that Dr. Karim’s BioGeometry created more consistent crystallization patterns than virtually anything else they have tested. Dr. Emoto joined Dr. Karim for an international press conference in Cairo, revealing photographs of the powerful structuring effects of BioGeometry patterns on water crystals. [21
      Our world is being shaped—for the worse in many cases—by a modern science which manipulates life’s natural patterns, while lacking the contextual understanding to do so responsibly. Genetically Modified Organisms, the irradiation of our food supply, the collapse of the human immune system from Electo-Magnetic energies, are just a few prominent examples. However with the proper contextual and spiritual understanding, we can create in harmony with nature and heal the destruction that has already taken place. Central to the development of this new healing science is the field of Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is the study of the archetypal spiritual patterns which create everything in the material world. In Sacred Geometry the artificial split between science and spirit is healed, and the foundations for a new healing science of the future arise out of the ancient wisdom of the past.

      The great spiritual schools of the world know that Sacred Geometry is a master key to expanding human spiritual awareness; to healing the physical body and correcting energetic problems; to conscious experience of—and communication with—spiritual beings and forces; and much more. Sacred Geometry began with the initiation teachings of ancient spiritual traditions, instructing students in the secret relationships between the physical world and the spiritual worlds. Sacred Geometry then became a basis for the beginning of science as we know it, including the sacred science of Egypt (which built the pyramids with exacting precision) and the Pythagorean science of vibrational energies in Greece. Every great spiritual tradition on Earth instructs their students in some aspect of Sacred Geometry, for it is the common master science by which the individual can both understand and directly tap into the forces of the Divine. At every scale of existence—from the sub-atomic level, to the forms of the human body, all the way up to the galactic scale—the same key patterns bring all things into manifestation.

  12. Toy SOULDIErs says:

    Just watched Mission Impossible Rouge Nation, there was the usual for-shadowing for financial collapse, they for shadowed a date 13/09/19 during a bomb scene which turns out to be Friday the 13th, I am new to the de-coding game so thoughts would be appreciated.

  13. OutandAbout says:

    Hello. I am extremely regretful. Where its so painful. I have thrown away a most incredible interesting valuable friendshipmwith an incredible person. Ruining it by immaturity getting infatuated with her/you. I am learning my lesson. Ive learnt it. As friends only, we can do tremendous good for the world. And if you lay down the boundaries in strict terms, ill stick tothem. This is why I never progressed past a certain point med school. If you and your husband say to me, one email once a month. And only in response to one you send me. Ill stick to it. One strike and im out
    Why am I making a fool of myself prostrating myself like this?
    Because I am extremely sad losing your beautiful friendship. And I fear this will be an open sore that will go on and on. If you don’t respind, in the future, when I get married. I will ask my fiancée to contact you, and explain the situation. So you and I can be friends again, in a pure sense, and I can be properly set free. As it is I am full of sadness and regret, brought on by myself. You being so lovely and wonderful hasn’t helped matters
    Undoubtedly sick twisted evil Esperanto soeaking inventing George Soros Satanist, Sicko

    Will be well appraised kept upto date from Vatican illuminati Telescope Observatories whether in Hawaii, Chile, or via SSP Observatories. Watching the Galactic central sun and watching the RED STAR KACHINA AS PROPHECISED BY THE ELDERS

    The French Calais Area Is Now Armed As Gun Fire Fills The Air-Tuberculosis Spreading As Area Turns Into Open Air Toilet

    Rothschild and Soros money are set to pave the way for one million new combatants into america this year also. ht tp:// w The information had yet quickly refuted after the affray who had opposed near 200 Sudanese and Afghan migrants. ‘Were heard the shots’, yet confirmed several people in the Jungle at the beginning of […]
    And BTW. If youre reading this. Ive made a very bad deeply regretful mistake how ive conducted myself being an impassioned infatuated respectful well meaning fool.
    I am suffering badly here. I have lost a TREMENDOUS FRIEND.
    I have made a huge mistake letting myself be lead by my dopamine reptilian inner brain.
    The pain im feeling now losing your friendship, and connection. Cannot be expressed. Are you listening?
    I feel it every second, nanosecond.
    And i fear its an wound sore that will never heal, and i hope at a certain point we will reconnect as friends sometime, on your terms only.
    Even if that means
    – Emailing once a week.
    – Or emailing once a month
    – laying down one strike and im out, boundaries. Even as strict as i don’t email you unless you email me first and i give only one reply.
    – My point is. You are a very special person. And im very grateful for the expansive generous friendship you’ve lavished on me.
    – And now i say with tears in my eyes. Ive abused and trashed this by going on full gear with intense infatuation for your loveliness in every respect
    – When, if i was just more mature. Id have realised, respected, obvious boundaries. And just chatted as a friend
    – For this i am truly sorry
    – I am a good person. With the abiltity for self reflection.
    – I am also very very wounded like with an open sore and i don’t think it well ever heal and it feels like its getting bigger
    – After all our connection as friends. And all your kindness to me. It is filling my every waking moment with sadness that it has all ended like this. And i do crave talking to you again to set things ok.
    – Not only this. My relationship with my dad and family looks totally wrecked and finished.. Please email them back with some complemtary things about me. As i am hated Public enemy no 1 now

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