2 Responses to “The REAL EU agenda : The David Icke Videocast/Podcast Trailer”

  1. NPP says:

    Excellent analysis from David Icke…. from monitoring BBC TV & radio / ITV / Sky I sense a leaning toward Leave. However, we will see…. who counts the votes and all that.

    Eddie Izzard on BBC1 Any Questions was appalling; great for the Leave Vote!

    Chris Grayling is conducting himself politely and calmly thoughout.

    The endless racist accusations against Farage are now becoming tedious to the point every accusation perhaps strengthens the Leave / Out campaign.

    Even Boris has conducted himself to the point of even being endearing.

    It’s all very bizarre; finding myself sympathetic toward characters I’d normally dislike.

    Camoron remains a lying twerp along with Osbourne, Johnny “Edwina Edwina, let’s get back to basics…” Major and Bliar. Ed & David Marxist-Milliband must surely galvanise the Leave Vote everytime they appear.

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