The new Conservative leader will be crucial

The press is awash with talk of reneging on the referendum decision by one means or another.  One way of blocking Brexit would be for the House Of Commons to not enact legislation required to put Brexit into effect.  The House Of Commons is where the Battle of Britain will next be fought.  MPs in all colours must realise that not enacting legislation to withdraw from the EU, after the referendum has been won by LEAVE, will result in UKIP surging in the polls, putting many of their seats at risk.

Labour is going through ructions, which are not yet clear in their outcome.  If Corbyn can hang on and dump the Blairites, the Party could become a force for withdrawal from the EU.  His non-enthusiasm for REMAIN throughout the campaign spoke loudly enough.

The key to the battle in Westminster will however not take place until the Conservatives have chosen a new leader.  Johnson and Gove are both likely contenders.  But they are working to dump Farage from any further role. and are trying their hardest to sideline UKIP, the winner of 4 million votes in the General Election.  That approach seems destined to weaken the Brexit cause.  The only Conservative leadership contender who seems interested in an alliance with UKIP’s growing number of voters is an old hand, a longstanding eurosceptic, who very nearly won against Cameron in 2005.  He has significant and long-running support amongst the Parliamentary Party, and could well win in the Parliamentary round.  He could also win amongst the Party Membership against Johnson, assuming Johnson gets enough MPs.  He would be a less divisive choice amongst the public than Johnson, having no aristocratic pretensions, no Bullingdon history, and never having wavered once in his opposition to the EU.  Johnson has been ambivalent on occasions.


Liam Fox.

The non-scandal put up to discredit Liam Fox as Minister Of Defence never came up with anything substantial – just innuendo to terminate his tenure of office.  The Ministry Of Defence is probably the most corrupt and wasteful department of government, bar none.  His attempting to meet suppliers outside official channels was suggested to be corrupt – without any evidence for this being provided.  In fact his activity could be seen as the opposite to corrupt, as trying to get the best deal for taxpayers, by bypassing the layers of corruption within the Ministry.  The fact the media made such a big deal of it all, with no evidence provided, merely shows that Cameron and the EU saw, and still see Fox as a threat.

As such, he must be the best choice for the next round in the Battle for Britain.  He can soothe divisions between the various sections of the public, a former NHS doctor, who grew up in a Council house in Scotland, the son of working class parents – a very intelligent and capable individual.  MPs might do well to put down their newspapers for just a minute and consider where this is all going.  The Battle Of Britain lies in their hands.

Only when the new leader is chosen will we know if the referendum will be scotched, or if Britain has the guts to set off on our own once more and be free of the totalitarian state in the making in Brussels.  It will take leadership and a steady nerve to get us out.  Liam Fox is just such a leader. writes –

Conservative leadership contest gathers momentum

The Conservative leadership contest gathered momentum today as the search for David Cameron’s replacement begun.

Conservative MPs Ben Wallace and Jake Berry were spotted at Boris Johnson’s Oxfordshire home amid speculation he could become the next party leader.

Elsewhere, former defence secretary Liam Fox admitted he is “thinking about” standing for the Tory leadership.


4 Responses to “The new Conservative leader will be crucial”

  1. peugeott says:

    If this arsehole should become leader this country will bo owned lock stock and barrel by peace loving america.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Go for Boris then, but you’ll get more Bullingdon Club. Can you bear that? Boris is only a eurosceptic now. He’s been solid pro-Cameron for ten years and more. Fox was opposition right through. Boris is the Johnny Come Lately to the party. He’s not trusted by many MPs. Fox might eclipse him despite all the media. Should sex decide who you vote for, or policies and consistency. Top politicians can easily act a role while the votes are flowing, making you feel great for offering your support. I have no detailed knowledge about the sexuality of Gove or Fox. Boris has had a few run-ins with his wife for adultery, and sprogging with other women. Typical aristocratic behaviour. Is that what you want deciding your future? Then go for it.

  3. peugeott says:

    Sorry but I don’t have any choice in deciding who the next leader of the fascist party will be.

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