The future is bright beyond BREXIT

We have it in our power to reclaim our sovereignty not just from the EU but also from the yoke of political correctness and from the global elites currently busy replacing the greatest civilisation ever – the Judeo-Christian one with the worst ever – the Muslim one. There is nothing racist in stating this – Indian Hindus and Buddhists suffered the same fate when Muslims first came as migrants then began to slaughter and force conversions from them – killing 80 million and landing their ‘own’ lands, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Indonesia became Muslim in the same way – as did ALL the 50 or so Muslim majority nations worldwide today. Islam is nothing but a conquering ideology which uses the lie that it is peaceful to deflect from its true agenda. For some reason the UN and EU have been complicit in its attempted take-over of the West – we are now in a position to put a stop to it.

Brits must now demand our vote is fully acted upon by the Brexit government and Muslim migration stopped – we are a strong economy and MUST negotiate trade terms with the EU which do not include the free movement of people. A points-based system is perfectly workable and a decent negotiator can and must claim this as the people have made it clear that is what we want.

The US MUST vote in Trump, and the EU peoples which want to exit the EU must demand their votes soon – before it is too late and our populations are finally replaced, and the West turns to ruin like Pakistan or Afghanistan have since Muslim conquest.


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  1. UglyTruth says:

    The word “civilzation” implicitly pays tribute to the civil society which propagated through Rome. The Romans statesman Cicero divided the world into two groups, humans and barbarians, humans being the people of Rome and barbarians being anyone else.

    The Judeo-Christian ethic of the English common law has never been comfortable with the secular politics of the civil state, it was English sovereignty which set the island nation apart from the “civilized” approach of the continent in which Operation Gladio now finds its home.

    Islam has the same ethical basis as Judaism, the Quran endorses the Torah of Judaism, and some Muslims are part of the group of people of the Abrahamic covenenant which the Zionsts attempt to supplant with the plan for “Greater Israel”.

    While Islam has been politicized and used used by groups like ISIS as a recruiting tool, their hypocrisy does not invalidate the noble heart of Islam.

  2. UglyTruth says:

    Trump is first and foremost as Zionist, reaffirming the Zionist driven US foreign policy of warmongering will not make America great again, it will make it reviled and condemned.

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