‘Entertainment’ power mafia works to control the media on behalf of their sponsors

Common Purpose affiliate Hacked Off worked towards silencing the press with the support of Emma Freud (daughter of Clement Freud) spouse Richard Curtis.  Hugh Grant was employed in Richard Curtis productions.

Wonder why RC  wanted the press silenced ?


Curtis together with Lenny Henry are co-founders and co-creators of Comic Relief and Red Nose Day. Curtis is also a founder of Make Poverty History. He organised the Live 8 concerts with Bob Geldof to publicise poverty, particularly in Africa, and pressure G8 leaders to adopt his proposals for ending it. He has written of his work in The Observer in the Global development section in 2005.

He talked the producer of American Idol into doing a show whereby celebrities journey into Africa and experience the level of poverty for themselves. The show was called American Idol: Idol Gives Back. In 2014, Curtis publicly backed “Hacked Off” and its campaign in support of UK press self-regulation by “safeguarding the press from political interference while also giving vital protection to the vulnerable.”

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TAP – The Greeks understood the importance of entertainment in shaping the culture of society.  That’s why they built an amphitheatre in every city, and had plays re-written every year to influence the polloi on behalf of the few who sponsored these dramatic productions.  Hugh Grant experimented with some independent thoughts, but was ruthlessly brought to heel by a little exposure.  The Press is a key influencer that the parasites have to control.  When politics gets too dirty to be the right channel to steer the desired result, why?  They get entertainers to become temporary politicians.  Bob Geldof was trying the same today on the Thames, and got a Farage splash for so-doing.


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    They say paedophilia often runs in families.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Imagine catching a paedophile in the act and putting ones hands around their throat (during the struggle, in self-defence..) and slowly squeezing the evil misused life right out of them, watching their eyes bulge, lips change colour, watching their eyes beg for a mercy they denied their victims as the decrepit soul within desperately screams at the prospect of soon approaching Hell.

    Then going home to have a cup of tea, be thanked by the local police (for having done the job they didn’t do) and the neighbours and parish priest. Giving thanks to the Glory of God then putting ones feet up, getting a good nights sleep and then getting up the next day to bountiful good fortune every day of the rest of one’s life at the glorious HAND of GOD.

    Praise Be!

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Imagine putting ones hands around the throat of ……… [fill in as appropriate]

    lol (half/kind of…maybe..)

  4. Tom74 says:

    Wrong. It is Britain’s foreign-owned newspapers that are determined to stamp out anyone challenging their power to brainwash the public and Britain’s foreign-owned newspapers who think they are above the law. People like Hugh Grant are heroes for defending the public against our corrupt media, which use the public as pawns for their own business interests. Farage and IDS have been put up as useful idiots, in league with devious former newspaper employees Johnson and Gove, to attempt to take over the country without the interference of the EU.

    • sovereigntea says:

      *Tom74 … You muppet

      All the world is indeed a stage and you are easily fooled.

      Hugh Grant and his Hacked Off Common Purpose crew of collaborators are all in the same gang as Murdoch the Bilderberg group the CFR, RUSI, Chatham House, the EU, Goldman Sachs, the CIA, the BIS etc etc etc etc

      Crown Prince of Media Standards Trust, Hacked Off and Common Purpose is Sir David Charles Maurice Bell[1] (born 30 September 1946[2]) is a former Director for People at Pearson Group[3] and a former Chairman of the Financial Times (1996 to 2009).[4][5] In November 2012 he became Chair of the Syndicate of Cambridge University Press.

      You appear to be in favour of remaining in their collective creation the poisonous EU.

      Might I suggest you purchase a one way ticket on a channel ferry.

  5. sovereigntea says:

    Here comes the Mirror man …Why Tom74 is a muppet 🙂

    Jump forward to the Leveson Inquiry. Common Purpose and Media Standards Trust David Bell, having led the campaign for a hacking inquiry, is appointed as Leveson’s senior panel member. Please note the word appointed, which will arise repeatedly as the state control net closes around Britain’s mainstream press. Supported by Bell, Leveson did his dirty work, relying heavily on the ‘evidence’ of ‘witnesses’ widely praised and flaunted by Common Purpose, the Media Standards Trust and Hacked Off. They included pillars of morality such as Hugh Grant, Max Mosely and Chris Bryant MP, and those involved with MST and Hacked Off, and other Common Purpose satellites such as Goldsmith’s University Media Reform Coalition and Full Facts. Appointed in his inquiry role by Cameron, Leveson did not appear worried by conflict of interest amongst his team or witnesses, nor was he worried by the huge conflict of interest posed by the undeclared Common Purpose people and associated organisations. At this stage the press exposures, either deliberately or through incompetence, also failed to highlight that Cameron’s inner Cabinet was already heavily in bed with Common Purpose.

    Leveson’s inquiry duly led to recommendations for greater press monitoring and control, backed by draconian fines. The press were to have no say in appointments of ‘independent’ appointees to the bodies created to impose his recommendations. Significantly he refused to appear in person to answer questions on his work – no doubt realising he could not defend his inquiry blatantly riddled with conflict of interest and vested interest. As the true impact and danger of his recommendations emerged, a few journalists finally began to raise the alarm and a number of titles joined forces to propose a Press counter response to Leveson’s scam. Cries that Cameron himself was deeply involved with Common Purpose, not least through their Dishaa India initiative, and had failed to declare his interest, was too little much too late. The press completely failed to understand the danger of the Common Purpose conspiracy ranged against them. Predicably, the Privy Council rejected the press proposal and backed Leveson’s recommendations under the control of a Royal Charter…. comprising an ‘Independent Appointments’ Panel, appointing a ‘Recognition’ Panel to oversee a ‘Regulator’ dealing with Complaints, Industry Code of Conduct and an Arbitration service.

    Perhaps we should also mention here Leveson witness Paul Andrew Vickers, Group Legal Director of Trinity Mirror Plc, the man later to draft the IPSO structure and rules. Coincidently the husband of Common Purpose CEO Julia Middleton is also a longstanding Trinity Mirror man.

    Cutting to the quick, let’s identify the attack on press freedom (and ultimately our freedom) in just one paragraph. Common Purpose created the call for Leveson’s inquiry, David Cameron Common Purpose supporter appointed Leveson, Common Purpose guru Sir David Bell acted as witness, judge and jury by sitting on the Leveson panel, Common Purpose witnesses said what Common Purpose encouraged them to say. Cameron passed Leveson’s proposals to the highly secretive Privy Council, under the control of Deputy Prime Minister and Lord President of the Privy Council, Nick Clegg. Who appointed Clegg to his positions? David Cameron. Within the Privy Council, far from the eyes and ears of the public, Clegg appointed Privy Counsellors Lord McNally (Justice Minister), Jeremy Hunt MP (Health Secretary) and Maria Miller MP (Culture Media and Sport) (both departments being Common Purpose users), to determine the Privy Council decision and Royal Charter. Achieving the outcome they desired, they appoint Privy Counsellor and former President of the Supreme Court Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers to Chair the Foundation Group which will appoint the Appointments Panel. Phillips duly appoints former top Civil Servant Sir Hayden Phillips to Chair the Appointments Panel – the very same panel that will ‘independently’ appoint the Recognition Panel and Regulator. Meanwhile Common Purpose continues to campaign for tighter press controls, and is deeply embedded in the government, local government and public sector, including the Police, NHS, Education, Social Services, Information Commissioners Office, Audit Office, Treasury and GCHQ. Further afield it wields influence within the banking industry, law firms, accountancy firms and their trainers. The UK Column will continue to warn of the creeping control of Common Purpose. Contrary to the recent squealing claims of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ that Al Qaeda forms the biggest threat to UK, Common Purpose subversion within Britain is the real and present danger.

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