Tarzan’s changed his spots


Heseltine’s spent decades opposing an EU referendum: now he wants another one.

He’s a bitter Eurofanatic who should learn to accept democracy.

The Labour Party’s in even more trouble –

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  1. Dublinmick says:

    Merkel Warned To Step Aside In Secret Or Be forced To Resign Publicly (The Black Spot) Ministry Level Officials Agreed That Merkel’s Hatred Of Russian President Vladimir Putin Had Become An Unprecedented Liability For Germany And Themselves


  2. Gordon says:

    Yes, it’s truly amazing the number of people in the remain camp that are so bitter and twisted because they lost clearly implying they are more control freaks than democratically minded.

    Regarding the Scottish EU referendum:

    Been out and about today and as my usual talked to a couple of people who like myself found it very strange that very person they had talked to before the referendum had said that they were voting out. Safe to say, I think there’s something very amiss about the Scottish results but have no way of proving it.

  3. Aldous says:

    Mace – Commons –
    Heseltine wields the mace

    The mace is a silver gilt ornamental club of about five feet in length, dating from the reign of Charles II.

    It symbolises the royal authority by which Parliament meets and also the authority of the Speaker.

    On each day that the House is sitting the mace is carried to the chamber at the head of the Speaker’s procession by the Serjeant at Arms.

    It is placed on the table of the House, except when the House is in committee, when it rests on two brackets underneath the table.

    Interfering with the mace constitutes gross disorderly conduct and is a contempt of the House.

    Michael Heseltine famously seized the mace after a particularly heated debate in 1976.


    Probably all prearranged ‘theatre’ like the mother****** of all parliaments itself to give the false impression that decisions are actually made there and ‘debate’ is passionate/genuine and the government ministers/MP’s are not just doing their masters’ and bankers’ bidding – when in fact they are.

    Of course (yet another Old Etonian) Heseltine infamously and with a motherlode of hubris, sketched out his political career culminating in the Tory Premiership on the back of a fag packet – or table napkin or something. When he didn’t quite make it (bringing down Margaret Thatcher in the process) Heseltine was made Deputy Prime Minister – a newly created Cabinet post – under John Major.
    Heseltine was thereafter often mockingly referred to by Labour as the ‘Minister of Titles’ (and Vanity?) because of his other Cabinet appointment(s).

    Illustration for John Milton’s Paradise Lost by Gustave Doré (1866).The spiritual descent of Lucifer into Satan is one of the most famous examples of hubris.


    As the late Cecil Parkinson remarked on the Heseltine failed bid for Tory Party Leader and Prime Minister: “There’s a saying in politics that one is denied what one wants and gets what one deserves.”
    Wise words indeed.

  4. Dublinmick says:

    “The origin of Stevenson’s Black Spot might be in the historical tradition of Caribbean pirates of showing an Ace of Spades to a person condemned as traitor or informer. The card was putting the person dangerously “on the spot”, since the ace bears a single pip”

    You can tell by Merkel’s mannerisms lately somebody has told her to shut up. That is glorious, German ministers having consultations and she is not invited.

    I just read a post a couple days ago and the author said Merkel is lucky she hasn’t been tarred and feathered yet.

    She is truly a disgusting psychopath.

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