State aims for full spectrum dominance of all citizens. 23rd June is Britain’s last chance to survive as a democracy..

Bullingdon Club portrayed in movie The Riot Club.

Scottish programme to appoint child supervisors – two per child.  Perverts paradise.

EDF electricity supplier sets up data management programme to predict behaviour of its customers.  Some of their customers found out they are actually holding personal data on their files.

Colour of front door.  make of front door. type of locks.  House in good repair.  garden well maintained.  Why would electric supplier need such data?

The forcible installation of smart meters is planned, so such information is needed by corporations.

Postman taking photo of front door.  Why?  Postman said ‘I can’t tell you’.

The State is looking to control every aspect of your life.

Find out what these companies have on you.


Submit a subject access request to The Information Commissioner.   Ask about any organisation – called ‘data controllers’  – ask for both paper and computer records – which could be charged at £10.

The utility companies which is more than just EDF and the Post Office.

Check out Utility supplier, water company, post office and enquire what they are holding on you.  They have to reply within 30 days.  POst Office are not keeping up with time.

They aim for full spectrum dominance.  It’s a global agenda being unfolded.


EU referendum.

The agenda to control Europe goes back a long way.

Who makes EU law?  There’s no simple answer.  Commission and Council Of Ministers.  But that’s only officially.

TTIP and TPP will grant supremacy over EU and national law.  Who drives this?  The lobby groups.  88% of lobbyists are corporate.

The NGOs are funded by foundations such as Rowntrees or Rockefellers.

The EU has no formal structure.  The vast majority emanates from the bureaucrats, who get the agenda from the lobbyists.

Commission and Council Of Ministers are merely rubber stamping.

Why would anyone want to stay within the EU?   Some people like the sugar on the cyanide.

EU Law has supremacy over British Law.

23rd June is Britain’s last chance to survive as a democracy.  The European Parliament has no role in legislation.  It’s a talking shop.

Dan Hannan and Nigel Farage tell you.  They get salary, an allowance with no accountability, business class travel etc.  It’s a gravy train.

The quality of life is under serious threat.  Wage levels enable people to scratch a living and no more.

Referendum prospects

The government knows how to manipulate.  Go in and monitor the count.  There will likely be manipulation at the counts.

The government might even ignore the vote unless people get involved and active.

We have a terrible problem of political apathy.  1968 was the last time youth got active.

People will suffer serious abject misery if we don’t get active.

Debts from college education.  Minimum wage.  Free working…two weeks work for nothing to get a job.  Zero hours contracts.  These are all sociopathic.  Bosses getting big money making people work for nothing.

Modern day slavery.  Bosses get into position by being a Yes man.

Britain one of the most corrupt countries in the world.  Tax havens.  Politicians using the tax havens.  Vote Britain out and we can get at them.

Ian Crane is speaking at Leeds (maybe already over) – with an organisation called Real Change Leeds – White Rose Banqueting Suite.

The Real Change movement has got some legs – another one in Manchester, Hull and other cities starting up.  These are activists, not keyboard warriors, on the streets.

Two days before the referendum, Ian will be in Birmingham.  Details on video at end.

AV7 was the best AV event to date.  Something isn’t right with the entire fabric of our society.  It needs to be addressed.  250 people attending.

AV8 tickets – half already sold.   4 nights stay available.





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  1. sovereigntea says:

    EDF is owned by the French govt.

    Should we trust them ?

    “Blacklist Areva Corp in India: Former Secretary Writes After Scam in French Nuclear Industry
    MAY 16, 2016
    Open letter by Dr. EAS Sarma, Former Secretary in Power Ministry, Government of India, to the Department of Atomic Energy –

    To: Dr. Sekhar Basu
 Dept of Atomic Energy (DAE)
 Govt of India
    Shri K D Tripathi 
Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MPNG)
Govt of India

    Dear Dr. Basu/ Tripathi,

    Subject:- Substandard parts supplied by Areva company and its subsidiary, Creusot Forge, to IOC and several nuclear power plants in the world-
    Request initiate action to blacklist the company for doing business in India
    I enclose the following three documents, the first two being announcements by the statutory nuclear regulatory authority in France and the third one, a DNA news report relevant to those announcements.
    * “AREVA has informed ASN of irregularities concerning components manufactured in its Creusot Forge plant” [1]
    * “Falsification of materials analysis reports: ASN is collaborating with the ongoing judicial inquiry”[2]
    * “AREVA components substandard: French nuclear regulator” [3]

    Creusot Forge is a subsidiary of Areva, the French company, which has signed an MOU with Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) for supplying nuclear reactors for the proposed Jaitapur nuclear power project (6 X 1650 MWe) in Maharashtra. This is also a part of the India-France Joint Statement signed by the Indian Prime Minister with his counterpart in France during the former’s visit to France in April, 2015.

    According to the official report released by the French Nuclear Regylatory authority, Areva/Creusot Forge have not only supplied uncertified, substandard components to nuclear power projects, oil refineries etc. worldwide but also tried to cover up that fact, even after the authority had asked the company to come up with the factual position. Some of these substandard components were supplied in the past to Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)’s refineries.

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