Soros: EU Will Break Apart. Merkel´s Refugee´s Policy to Be Blamed – although Soros Is the Mastermind and Paymaster of the Transport: ” Shock Therapy for Germany”

DWN 26 Juni 2016: Asoros-merkel-junckerfter the referendum in the United Kingdom for Brexit, George Soros sees the end of the EU coming. The EU disbandment is practically irreversible, the billionaire wrote in an article for the Project Syndicate.

Soros makes Chancellor Merkel overtly responsible for the defeat of the EU in the British referendum: Her gesture to open the borders for all refugees may have been well-intentioned, but Merkel did not think the problem to an end.

The British had voted out of fear of an uncontrolled mass immigration to the EU. The EU had previously failed because they have not mastered the refugee crisis.

The consequences for the real economy would probably be comparable to those of the financial crisis in 2007 by 2008.
He also urged a massive EU reconstruction.

Soros has greatly benefited from the Brexit referendum,  of the European Union,  betting on gold.

Is not that gorgeous: This man is Rothschild´s agent and the mastermind of the ongoing mass immigration! He has demanded Europe to take 1 mio. refugees annually and pay them enormous sums!  He has bribed all the relevant authorities involved in the planning of migrants´ travel from the Middle East to the heart of Europe: He pays the fares of destitute migrants. He said Germany needed shock therapy because of its disobedience to Rothschild´scall for the EU fiscal union with Germany as paymaster. Therefore the EU must break apart !!!

This is the essence of the NWO: The top vulture uses the naïve errand girls/boys – and sacrifices them when they are  of no use any more.




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