‘Something Bad’s Going To Happen To This Country’ – We Were Warned Of This Moment 28 Years Ago!

June 26, 2016

Does Illuminati Card Game Prove Bill Clinton Is A Dog Being Led Around On A Leash By Hillary, ‘The Queen Of Blood’?


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

“Nothing is ever a coincidence….nothing is ever as it seems to be.”

The Washington Post story from just days ago told us that 29 years ago, the comic strip ‘Doonsbury’ predicted the presidential run of Donald Trump. We’re told a stroll down the last 3 decades of Doonsbury looked like a roadmap to the billionaire’s candidacy with a large number of satirical strips dating back almost 30 years that covered ‘the Donald’.

‘Doonsbury’ may not have been the only ‘art’ that predicted Donald’s rise as we learn more below and amazingly, if we look back at statements made by Trump in the now classic 1st video below which dates back to 1988, we see that Trump’s ideas of what makes a great America and what is destroying America have remained largely unchanged. In fact, all the way back in 1988, Donald Trump warned America about what was likely to take place if we continued down the same road we were traveling on…and as we’re all learning now, Trump’s warning back in 1988 was right on target. America is being intentionally destroyed, taken down and destroyed from within, and as we see now, those largely responsible for destroying America are still in power. Though Susan Duclos told us today, the global elite’s days in control of America are numbered, we still have much work to do to ensure they’re vanquished.

There have been a few comments in the comment sections of ANP stories recently from our readers who are very skeptical of a Donald Trump presidency with some claiming that he is part of the ‘illuminati’ and that he would never be allowed to be voted in if he were really part of the ‘resistance’ to the New World Order. In this story, we’ll not only do our very best to prove those accusations wrong but to show you why Donald Trump has put himself in very real danger in attempting to become president of America and bring America back to greatness, or at least attempt to bring us redemption, when evil is all around us, working to destroy us from within.

As we warned on ANP last October, the mysterious ‘illuminati card game’ may hint at a Trump assassination. We’ve warned over and over and over again on ANP that the globalists will put a stop to any election before a Trump presidency will be permitted to happen. Just take a look at the enemies list that Trump has made in attempting to ‘make America great again’.:

Barack Obama is strongly against Trump.
The mainstream media hates Trump.
“Wall Street” and ‘big banking’ is against Trump.
The Democrat establishment is against Trump.
The Republican establishment is against Trump.
The Pope is against Trump.
The UN is against Trump.
The EU is against Trump.
The Chinese political establishment is against Trump.
The Mexican political establishment is against Trump.
George Soros is against Trump.
Black Lives Matter is against Trump.
MoveOn.Org is against Trump.
The Koch Brothers are against Trump.
The Bushes are against Trump.
Planned Parenthood is against Trump.
Hillary & Sanders are both against Trump. 
Illegal aliens and their lobby are against Trump.
Islam is against Trump.
Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump.


While some look at the illuminati card game card above, Enough is Enough, as a sign that the ‘elite’ knew long ago that Trump would be running for president and try to use this card as a sign that he’s simply another ‘elitist’, the video below from 1988 that came out PRIOR to the creation of these cards may show us exactly why the global elite KNEW that Trump was a threat to their emerging ‘new world order’, even way back in 1988!

If you’re one of those who still believes that Trump is another globalist, we strongly suggest that you listen to what Mr. Trump was saying all the way back in 1988, long before most Americans had even heard about globalism and long before the alternative media came about to try to help awaken the masses to the damage that globalists and globalism have done to our country and much of the world with their never-ending wars, bloodletting and sacrifices.

We also take a look below this video at a couple more of the illuminati card game cards, those surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton, cards which some believe help to prove that Hillary wears the pants in that family and Bill Clinton is just a dog being led around on a leash. We also look below at an ANP video sharing why we’re very concerned that the globalists will ‘take down Trump’ before he ever has the opportunity to bring America redemption.

Does Hillary Clinton wear the pants in the Clinton family and what of these two illuminati card game cards that, if looked at individually, would tell us a story in much less detail than looking at them together?

We’ll be the first to admit that way back when these cards were created in the early 1990’s, the Clinton cards below hit the nail right on the head. However, Bill being dragged along on a leash might be the least of America’s worries. What might happen if Hillary Clinton is actually (s)elected in November? Benghazi and all of the bungled wars in the Middle East give us just a taste of a Hillary presidency. Her recent promises of taking away Americans means of protecting ourselves against all of the terrorists Obama has allowed into the country over the past 7+ years tells us all we need to know about her. Anyone pushing people away from Trump is pushing them straight into the arms of Hillary and disarmament. That’s a fact.:

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump says that Hillary Clinton’s plan to stop terrorism will make us less safe. “Her plan is to disarm law abiding Americans,” he said. “And then admit the very people who want to slaughter us… and let them, have all the fun they want.”

“She’s in total denial, and her continuing reluctance to even name the enemy broadcasts weakness across the entire world,” he said. “True weakness.”


Might the globalists launch a false flag to take down Trump as argued in the next video below? One look at the list above of all of those who people and groups who hate Trump tells us all we need to know. Are you on a ‘Trump-hater’ list?

While we’ll be the first to admit that Trump isn’t perfect (and neither are any of us!) if you really believe that Trump is another globalist working to destroy America, you haven’t been paying atteniton to what Trump has been saying for the past 30+ years as was clearly outlined in the video above. If that video didn’t convince you, and you’re still on the fence about all of this, we strongly suggest you listen to Mr. Trump in the final video below in which he warns of what a disarmed America under Hillary Clinton might look like…a terrorists playground.

As an antiwar activist who has been paying attention, I can assure you, every American president during the past 30 years has blood on their hands. As Secretary of State during Benghazi and the other fiascos in the Middle East, Hillary Clinton ‘the queen of blood’ clearly has American blood on her hands. We know now that they’ve all been working for the globalists to take down America while destroying anything in the way of their blood lust of heroin and oil. Does Mr. Trump have blood on his hands? Not that we are aware of.

However, if anyone can prove that Mr. Trump does have blood on his hands like both of the Clinton’s do, like Obama and both of the Bush’s do, or if you can prove to us that Mr. Trump has a ‘body count’ following him around like the Clinton’s do, please let us know in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to add your information in as an update to this story.


Source: http://allnewspipeline.com/Clinton_And_Trump_Illuminati_Card_Game.php


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