Slimeball Branson put in his place


This ex-VAT fraudster who openly admits he ran a VAT fraud importing records from Brussels to make his first fortune is a fine example of the kind of person who wants Britain trapped inside a fascist totalitarian state – one which he depends on for further piling up and protecting his billion.  He wants the very freedoms for himself, that he wants denied to everyone else.

Same goes for the super-rich Beckhams backing Remain.  They so love their country, they’ve left it to go and live in America.  Freedom for them, but not for everyone else, it seems.

Backlash as LA homeowners Posh and Becks vow they’re ‘passionate’ about Britain and the EU

DAVID and Victoria Beckham have faced an angry Twitter backlash after becoming the latest multimillionaire celebrities to spout Remain rhetoric ahead of the EU referendum.

Victoria and David Beckham GETTY

Victoria and David Beckham have faced a barrage of criticism

The celebrity couple waded into the momentous EU referendum debate this morning, declaring they will be voting to Remain because they are “passionate” about Britain.But it is well known that the pair, who have four children, actually spend part of their year in Los Angeles, America.And eagle-eyed Twitter users were not going to let the Beckham’s forget this.One said: “Considering David Beckham, he lives in USA in a ivory tower. Why should he even say anything.”

Unlike the selfish slimeballs of wealth, Branson and Beckham, Roger Helmer’s getting it right, and so is Farage.


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  1. peugeott says:


  2. Dublinmick says:

    Amazing, I try and keep up with things but had not heard of this one.

    Well you know the state and all has to keep a supply of fresh organs. Noahide law most likely and the guillotine.

    The congress says Noahide law is legal here also. Moloch is on the march.

    Japanese spent fuel is on the way to Tennessee where cracking dams are built above nuclear power plants.

  3. Dublinmick says:

    Notice Moloch has fixed it where my avatar is a dead link.

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