Scotland’s temporary fracking ban explained

For those of you that read the article posted here on the Tap Wed 8th June titled “Scotland Bans Fracking… Forever,”


I wonder if the point was caught.

The Fracking vote was taken by Scottish Parliament on Mon 6/6/16 with 32 votes against and 29 for, while (the crucial point) the SNP (Scottish National Party) abstained from voting. WHAT!!!

Clearly, shenanigans are at play here in that the clear intent of the SNP knowing full well the controversy surrounding the Fracking industry was that if the vote had gone in favour of Fracking then come any ecological or environmental disputes or catastrophes, then as a party the SNP would turn round and cry to the heavens that it was the OTHER PARTIES that voted for Fracking to go ahead and not them.

The cowards that they are with not an ounce of decency in them planned this to influence every By – and – General Election thereafter.

Rest assured that though the vote went in favour of a Fracking ban they will be back through some other devious meant. It’s only a matter of time.



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