Russia is building up forces on its western frontiers as standoff with NATO deepens

May 7, 2016

by Anton Zverev

Russia Victory Day parade

Sergei Karpukhin/Reuters Russian servicemen stand atop military vehicles during the Victory Day parade, marking the 71st anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two, at Red Square in Moscow, Russia, May 9, 2016.

KLINTSY, Russia (Reuters) – Russia is building an army base near its border with Ukraine, the latest in a chain of new military sites along what the Kremlin sees as its frontline in a growing confrontation with NATO.

While there have been no clashes between the former Cold War rivals, Russia is building up forces on its western frontiers at a time when the NATO alliance is staging major military exercises and increasing deployments on its eastern flank.

A Reuters reporter who visited the Russian town of Klintsy, about 50 km (30 miles) from Ukraine, saw a makeshift army camp, large numbers of newly-arrived servicemen and military vehicles.

Klintsy, Russia

Klintsy, Russia is about 30 miles from Ukraine.

Two soldiers in camouflage gear who were manning a checkpoint in a forest turned the reporter away, saying they were guarding a “special military site”.

Last year, Reuters also reported on construction of two other bases further to the south on Russia’s border with Ukraine.

The defense ministry has not acknowledged the deployment of troops to Klintsy, which usually serves as a stop for truck drivers traveling between Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

However, a town council official said Klintsy had been chosen as the site of a newly-formed division, and that so far about 240 soldiers had arrived. “What’s to hide? That they’ve come? They’ve arrived,” said council deputy chairman Oleg Kletny. “They’re going to be garrisoned here.”

When completed, the base will be the latest component in a build-up of forces along a line running from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south.

On the western side of the line, NATO has been rotating troops and equipment in greater numbers to members states that were part of the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact during the Cold War.


Multinational troops march in formation during the Anakonda ’16 opening ceremony at the National Defense University in Warsaw. More than 31,000 personnel of all military services representing 24 nations participated. The exercise will test the Polish armed forces with allies while conducting a joint defensive operation on a large scale.

The Western alliance, which says it’s responding to Russian military intervention in Ukraine, was this week staging one of its biggest exercises in eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War.

To the east, Russia is building up its own forces, saying it needs to protect itself from NATO’s eastward advance.

Each side says it is only responding to steps taken by the other, but the build-up risks locking NATO and Russia into a spiral of measure and counter-measure from which it will be difficult to escape.

Russia and NATO member states share borders around the Baltic Sea, while further south the two blocs are separated by Ukraine and Belarus.

But since Ukraine’s pro-Moscow president was ousted in a popular uprising two years ago and replaced with a Western-leaning administration, the perception in Moscow is that Ukraine has become, de facto, a NATO satellite.


Russian army in Klintsy

Russian servicemen walk near a military build-up in the town of Klintsy in Bryansk region, Russia, June 6, 2016.

Russia has pulled out of the treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe, a post-Cold War pact that limits the deployment of troops in Europe, so it is free to move extra troops and hardware to its western border.

On Monday Klintsy, normally a sleepy town, was a hive of military activity. The Reuters reporter saw about a dozen tents and the same number of military vehicles in a temporary camp in a clearing in a forest where the troops will be billeted until their permanent base is ready.

Military trucks drove through the town, which lies in an area that is the closest point on Russian territory to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, 280 km away.

About a dozen servicemen were at a gas station near the camp, buying food supplies. A road near the camp was blocked off by antitank obstacles and road spikes.

Last week, Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted an unnamed source familiar with the deployment to Klintsy as saying it “can be seen as a response to the growing activity of the North Atlantic Alliance near Russia’s borders”.

The defense ministry did not reply to questions from Reuters about the base and its purpose.

Council deputy chairman Kletny said the troops, from a motorized infantry division, started arriving on May 30. They came from a base in Yekaterinburg, in the Ural mountains region about 2,000 km to the east of Klintsy.

He said they were deployed following a decision earlier this year by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to create three new divisions. The soldiers will be eventually garrisoned in the grounds of a disused military base in Klintsy which they are renovating, said Kletny.

Ukraine Military

A Ukrainian serviceman rides on an armoured vehicle near Debaltseve, eastern Ukraine, February 8, 2015. The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France agreed to meet in Belarus on Wednesday to try to broker a peace deal for Ukraine amid escalating violence there and signs of cracks in the transatlantic consensus on confronting Vladimir Putin.

“It’s good that the military will come; our demographic situation will improve, we’ll get a bigger population. If servicemen come her with their families, that will be good too,” he told Reuters.

A notice lodged with Klintsy town council and seen by Reuters stated that approval is being sought for re-zoning and construction works on two plots of land with a total area of 142 hectares (351 acres), or about the size of 140 soccer pitches.

The plots of land would be used “for the interests of the Russian armed forces”, according to the notice.

(Additional reporting by Yelena Fabrichnaya in MOSCOW; Writing by Christian Lowe; Editing by David Stamp)

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  1. Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

    Id like to be wrong, yes theres always the chance Putin really is somehow acting for good. However I think with his Chabad Lubavitch connections and Elephant in the Room background and hazy info about parents (like Blairs dad). And possible Freemasonic background too. Couldn’t the subject in this post above all be an indication of Freemason Globalist planning, to coincide with the coming of Nibiru Red Star Kachina, and to fulfil all the freemasonic Tal*udic Prophecy and third world war scenario? because Nibiru is going to tear down the Veil for humanity in a big way.

    Cannot be challenged ht tps : //

    All the hidden poker hands about UFO technology are going to be forced, for reasons I explained elsewhere. The deterrent of us being hostages should BENEVOLENT OUTSIDE FORCES SHOW THEMSELVES, vanishes because lives will be at risk anyway. So theres going to be a staged antichrist WW3 plus an Alien deception. But crucially, there will be real Aliens/ET humanoids/SSP Breakaway good factions too, I feel sure of it. Its how we navigate through this and not get taken in by the Prophecy BS will help us a lot.

    If Nefilim are real. If Ringmakers of Saturn are real with their 30,000 mile long machines. Then do we really think its just us and the Nefilim in this universe?
    Or couldn’t there also be a Benevolent Galactic Confederation with Motherships too positioned round the solar system, buffering energies, preventing cataclysm, making it gradual instead.
    The word is we would have been wiped out already by earthquake and volcanic cataclysm had it not been for 1000 mile wide motherships. Time will tell if im right
    To learn more about the fake conflict between the Western “unipolar” NWO and the Eastern “multipolar” NWO, read Understanding the NWO Strategy.

    In reality, the “western” secret services are no different from the “eastern” secret services. If you go to the very top of any of these hierarchical letter agencies, you will find a globalist running it. The world’s major security services are all franchises of the globalist conglomerate, and they are all cooperating to bring in the New World Order.

    Remembering my previous writings on Mr. Putin, what figure would go to “extraordinary lengths throughout his life to conceal who he really is?” I can think of two figures…

    1) The Messiah, who has hid his presence while he worked in the world to prevent the triumph of the “Satanic” Western NWO.

    2) The Antichrist, who has hid his presence so he can establish his own UN-based “thousand year kingdom” in place of “Christ’s Millennial Kingdom.”

    Putin is, of course, both of these figures — or so the globalists would have you believe
    Although Berezovsky was being somewhat truthful in admitting he was among those who helped Putin take power, the reason he gives for doing so is ludicrously absurd. Do you really think Berezovsky went to Yeltsin and said, “I ran across this bureaucrat in St. Petersburg who didn’t take a bribe, and I found it impressive. Let’s make him President of Russia”? Do you really think a criminal oligarch like Berezovsky would even want an incorruptible man in the Russian Presidency? It’s totally ridiculous. The real reason Berezovsky talked about Putin rejecting a bribe was to help establish Putin’s bona fides as a lone incorruptible island amidst a sea of corruption.

    So why are the globalists doing this – why are they trying to make Putin look like the “eye of the hurricane” who is untouched by the corruption swirling about him? This question can be answered with another question: How can you take a regular person with a sordid history like Putin and raise him up as a figure of religious reverence?

    If you wanted to make Putin look like a Messiah, you’d tell people something like this…

    …I found it on the Putin-worshipping alt-media site If you place your cursor on the thumbnail of this image found on their main page, it says “Putin eye hurricane.” Note how he is surrounded by a divine glow that seems to shield him from the violence and corruption swirling around him. Such messianic imagery is meant to build up his cult of personality in preparation for what comes in September.

  2. Nollidge says:

    “But since Ukraine’s pro-Moscow president was ousted in a popular uprising two years ago”;Really?.
    It was organised by the American “Non-Governmental Organisations”,the State Dept.,the CIA,etc,which is on re4cord from Victoria Nuland as spending 5 BILLION DOLLARS to achieve the “spontaneous uprising”.They”ve been doing this to countries for years & if anyone on the Net does not know about this,then they are truly dumb.!

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