Report: Freemasons Order the EU: Open Borders For More and More Immigration

A well-respected traditionalist priest told me about this over the weekend. The English translation may be a bit awkward in parts, but the main message is clear enough- jv

(Brussels) Regarding immigration everyone has something to say. The difference, however, is that some can do it in a big way in the mass media, others only in the limited range of a formally borderless Internet.

Now the Masons have spoken out. Twenty-eight “Obediences” have signed an official statement and throw a revealing light through this rare openness on the phenomenon now paralyzing Europe of borderless and irregular immigration. A phenomenon that makes the growing gap between elites and people visible.

Lodges unite from Turkey to Portugal, from Italy to Ireland and Poland
Among the signatories are the Grand Orient of France, the Grand Lodge of Austria, Switzerland, the Grand Orient, the Grand Lodge of France, the Grand Orient of Belgium, the Grand Lodge of Belgium, the Grand Orient of Croatia, of the Grand Orient of Ireland, the Grand Lodge of Italy, the Grand Orient of Luxembourg, the Grand Orient of Poland, the Grand Orient of Portugal, the Grand Orient of Greece, the Women’s Grand Lodge of Turkey and others. They call on the European governments to not only receive the oncoming immigrants but take more and more in the future. The Masons proving an impressive consensus  among themselves from Turkey to Portugal, from Italy to Ireland and Poland. In addition, they are also making visible a constructive convergence with the official policies of the European Union and the majority of EU member states. It’s a coincidence of intentions, that has been rarely expressed officially  to this extent between Freemasonry and policy makers.

The goal: “Undermining supporting elements such as homeland, identity and nation”


A singular coincidence? It may be doubted. “The agreement has one objective: The undermining of supporting elements of our community such as homeland, identity, people,” said Corrispondenza Romana.

The Lodges statement was publicized by Médias-press made in France.

The official lodges have justified the demand for unbridled immigration with overcoming “national egoism” and the primacy of undefined “general interests”, which would require an “innovative welcome policy”.

The lodges are not only declaring noble intentions, but issue a warning. Should  governments not   open their borders and therefore not follow the Masonic proposals, there would be “divisions and conflicts” and to a “resurgence of nationalism” in Europe.

Lodges demand: “Immigration ueber alles”

The lodge brothers (and sisters) are not relying  on their demand for the Judeo-Christian roots of Europe, but to the “respect for human rights,” on which, say the Freemasons, the European Union bases  the “values of solidarity and brotherhood.”  The foundations of Europe are sufficient for the lodges only  with the French Revolution back to its Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789 which is the basis for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN in 1948.

The European Masonic obediences do not say how  squaring the circle is to be achieved, as the interests of refugees and the increasing number of swelling migration flows are to be reconciled with the interests of the peoples of Europe. The Freemasons are content publicly to define a fixed point as a conditio sine qua non: “Immigration above all,” said Corrispondenza Romana.

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5 Responses to “Report: Freemasons Order the EU: Open Borders For More and More Immigration”

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      The Freemasons ( who also set up and run NASA, the Scottish Rite. Its a Freemasonic organisation) are now calling for ramping up even more immigration and ignoring borders. Why?

      Because the Red Kachina is maneouvering into position, and what ever else like the Superwave Event.
      The Lucifer Satan worshipping Ta***d reading Kabbalistic Babylonia Freemasons know big earth changes are on the way thats going to TEAR DOWN totally their Veil fabric construct reality of this world.
      Therefore they want as much engineered mayhem, race mixing, to make a tinderbox. Helped along by mast towers and DEWs and more.
      To try and create mayhem, confusion and a NWO.
      Because everyones poker hand is going to be forced by the Red Kachina.

      The reason positive galactic or Breakaway SSP civilisations cant intervene so far to free us. Is the cabal hold us effectively as hostages and threaten many deaths. Plus they shoot down any posituve UFOs.

      With the Red Kachina however. That hostage deterrent vanishes. Because lives are at risk anyway. Therefore the GLOVES WILL COME OFF and positive forces will do what needs to be done, while Soros goes underground and hopes for the best.

      This is why the Sun, Mirror, Express tiday are all stepping up tgeir Disclosure tales. Because the cabal are going to have no say anyway over exotic crafts and technologies being seen by humanity. So tge cabal will try and wiggle and sow deceptions but it wont gain traction

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