Pope, Head of One-World Religion: “The Migrants Are Our brothers! Let’s Let All of Them Come”

though/because They Are Satanists. However: “The Elites are not the Problem. The Populations Are”!!! (German NWO President Gauck)


For populations will gradually no longer wander blindly in the earthly hell of Sharia – like  Luciferian Rev. Gauck .
Therefore, they must be taught “better”! For only the elites know the direct route without detours to hell!

On April 20  Chabad Lubavitch friend Shimon Peres visited Pope Francis, who kissed Peres’ hand. Also, the Pope thanked Peres for wanting to see him.

In Pentecost 2014 Peres asked the Pope to be the head of the one-world religion.
The pope is the head of the Catholic Church which enthroned  Satan as its head in 1963.

That the Pope kisses the Peres´hand  is a sign of submission to the Pharisees / Jewish B’nai B`rith Freemasonry, which honour Peres. Peres is a 33rd Degree Freemason and here.



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