Osborne’s Brexit scaremongering fails to scare markets

As George Osborne shamefully tries to talk down the British economy through scaremongering about Brexit, the markets are singularly failing to collapse. The fact is, business isn’t frightened of Brexit at all.


He’s scared; the markets aren’t

Recently, Chancellor George Osborne has been raising his head above the parapet to warn of doom and gloom about the possible economic risks of Brexit.

He warns of panic in the markets and a beginning of instability. Sadly for Mr Osborne, there is very little evidence any panic or uncertainty is happening. In fact, it seems like just the opposite.

The central plank of Osborne’s economic case is Brexit would cause uncertainty. This would then cause companies to rethink investments, banks to reconsider and reduce loans to vulnerable small businesses, and the financial sector to relocate their assets and jobs abroad.

The problem with this threat of uncertainty is it is very unlikely to happen. But, even if there is a degree of uncertainty there is almost no other place for investors to go.

At present, given Brexit might just happen, we would expect Osborne’s predictions of doom and ruin to be taking effect as companies and financial markets start to move towards the exit door… because of the supposed “uncertainty”. Again, this is simply not happening.

Banks are rushing to provide the cheapest possible mortgages with interest rates having tumbled significantly over the past few months. The pound is still an incredibly strong currency, with its value against the €uro being above average for the last ten years.

If markets really believed in the doom-laden scenarios being brought out by the Treasury the pound would be collapsing in value. It isn’t.

There also seem to be no long-term fears over Brexit. Generally, if there is confidence in a country long-term it shows in its debt sales. The lower the interest the government has to pay on its newly issued long-term debt, the more confidence investors hold in the country’s long-term future.

The interest on Britain’s debt is incredibly low, with the majority of the developed world having to pay far higher interest rates to borrow money. All this means is investors, despite the possibility of Brexit, think Britain’s long-term economic future is amongst the brightest in the developed world.

They would not be risking huge sums of money without pricing it into decision-making. It is clear from this they do not think Brexit will be an economic catastrophe , or even an economic shock.

Seeing as we are now hearing more and more British businesses, including a majority of personal investors favouring Brexit, and even the fanatically Europhile CBI, admitting Britain could well prosper in the long term after a Brexit, there is no realistic possibility of economic calamity.

It is now obvious we need to look at the actions of business which show no fear of Brexit, rather than their words which have often been carefully scripted for them by the Treasury.

The reason for such continued faith in Britain and for investors continuing to hoard their wealth and investments in the British economy is obvious. Even if there is some uncertainty caused by Brexit, the outlook for the rest of the world is far worse.

The Eurozone is continually on the verge of crisis with another Greece or Italian problem never far from happening. Then, of course, there are the fears about how the EU will be able to cope with the continued struggle over the migration crisis. Britain has effectively become a safe harbour for investors from Europe’s economic woes.

It is not just Europe which has problems. There is a worldwide economic slowdown (which Osborne is seemingly blaming on Brexit!), with China’s industries, for the first time in over a decade, beginning to slow down. Investors are increasingly wary of China because of this slowdown and the Chinese Government’s increasing tendency to intervene in the economy, often in very unpredictable ways.

On top of this, the US election is not reassuring many people with the continual risk of the US refusing to pay its debts; many investors are scared of keeping their money there.

This all makes a mockery of George Osborne’s claims of investors fleeing the United Kingdom. They haven’t started moving their money yet and the reasons are obvious: the UK is absolutely one of the safest and most secure economies in the world and no amount of scaremongering from George Osborne will change this.

There will be no flood of investors leaving the UK the day after Brexit. By their actions already we can see they do not believe the Chancellor. If the only argument swaying your vote to Remain is Osborne’s economic scaremongering, take heart from the fact that no one whose job it is to know seems to believe him.

Make sure you understand the facts and vote to Leave to Get Britain Out, and secure our future outside the EU.

Ryan Fiske, Research Executive for leading grassroots, cross-party Eurosceptic campaign group Get Britain Out

Source: http://www.thecommentator.com/article/6327/osborne_s_brexit_scaremongering_fails_to_scare_markets



BREAKING: Cameron to announce urinals in British pubs would be removed after Brexit

British men would no longer be able to go to the toilet in British pubs in the event of Brexit, David Cameron has said. Most urinals are subject to an EU patent. After Brexit, Brits would have to pee on the street

by Project Fear, or Captain Spoof? on 15 May 2016


Prime Minister David Cameron is set to announce that urinals in British pubs would have to be removed if voters elect to leave the European Union in the June 23 referendum.

According to sources inside Number 10, most urinals in British pubs are patented under European law. Should Britons vote to leave the EU, ownership of the urinals would fall under the “9 tenths possession principle”, meaning that any regular of a British pub would have the right to claim ownership of any urinal in which he had relieved himself.

IMF lawyers told The Commentator:

“The legal implications would, in one sense, be vast. But there’s an easy way to find relief. We would advise clients to sell their pubs before regulars start claiming ownership of the entire toilet.

“Should a plaintiff be able, credibly, to claim that British pubs had allowed people to break wind in their toilets, this would be an aggravating factor.”

The Bank of England said that recession would be inevitable if British men were unable to take a pee after having a couple of pints:

“Best to stay in the EU,” said Governor Mark Carney. “We failed to predict the 2007/8 crash, the greatest economic downturn in modern history. But we have a great track record when it comes to wind and piss. Trust us.”

Source: http://www.thecommentator.com/article/6313/breaking_cameron_to_announce_urinals_in_british_pubs_would_be_removed_after_brexit






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