Orlando shootings 100% bullshit


They’re carrying ‘casualties’ past the cameras – going the wrong way.  Back towards the Pulse Bar.  This Australian commentator explains what’s wrong with this news report.  It is, he says ‘100% fucking bullshit’.  Nicely put.

Witness: “America Needs To Stop Bombing ISIS” – Orlando Shooter

VideoOrlando shooting victim says he played dead for 3 hours to stay alive.A witness who survived the terrorist attack inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando recounts his interactions with the terrorist who held hostages on ABC’s 20/20

Posted June 14, 2016

First, the man tells how the terrorist confiscated everyone’s cell phones. “Then he asked, ‘Are you guys black?’ And a couple of them said ‘Yes,’” the victim recalled. “And he said, ‘I don’t have an issue with the blacks.’”

“He got on the phone, I don’t know if it was with the news or the police, telling them that America needs to stop bombing ISIS, he called somebody on the phone. Stop bombing ISIS in Syria,” the witness reported. “And then he called somebody else that he knew, and he mentioned that he was the fourth shooter, and there were three others, one with I believe a female name, who was playing dead, and she had a bomb vest.”

The witness says that he played dead for three hours until they were rescued.

Is This PROOF Orlando Shooting Was a STAGED HOAX…

This is the only video you need to see to know that this whole Orlando Shooting was Nothing but a STAGED HOAX


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Orlando Shooter was a regular at gay hotspot: Ty Smith and Chris Callen recalled the eventual killer being escorted drunk from the Pulse bar on multiple occasions, including one incident where he pointed a knife at a friend.



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