NWO Wounded And Backs Against The Wall –

– Will Trump Deal Its Death Blow? ‘Globalists To Launch Wave Of False Flags’ To Stop The Liberty Movement

June 25, 2016


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

Long called ‘conspiracy theory’, a term invented by the CIA in 1967 to attack anyone who questions the ‘official narrative’, the ‘new world order’ and ‘global elite’ have been called out and rebuffed in huge ways in recent days, including a Brexit which sees those living in Great Britain taking their country back as well as the recent shock to Barack Obama’s ‘open doors to terrorists’ immigration policy that was dealt a death blow by the US Supreme Court only days ago.

As we hear in the first of two videos below from Infowars, the ‘nwo’ is wounded, and a presidency of Donald Trump would be THE opportunity to deal it a final death blow for our generation if not for all of time. Will Americans get a chance to take back our country from the globalist forces that have been attempting to rip our country away from us for many years with many warning that Barack Obama is leading the treasonous way?

Susan Duclos told us in a story yesterday on ANP, after Brexit, the ‘global elite’ are now freaking out in panic and as we hear in the 2nd video below from Infowars and David Knight, the globalists are also unleashing a wave of false flags across the US in a last-ditch attempt to stop the liberty movement and Donald Trump. The only way that they can be successful is if Americans continue to stay dumbed down to false flag terrorism and the very real danger that Islam poses to so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims and anybody else not Islamic worldwide as ISIS terrorists continue global jihad.


We have long warned that the globalists will never allow an ‘America-1st’ president to take office and we expect that they’ll probably pull out all stops in an attempt to put an end to the Trump phenomenon, one way or another. As we were asked to do in a story from TruNews recently linked to on the website of Steve Quayle, if we are Christians, we should be praying for the health and safety of Donald Trump as according to Dr. James Dobson, Founder of Focus on the Family and a famous evangelical, Donald Trump has accepted Jesus into his heart and his life.

Nearly two years ago, Barack Obama warned that ‘there is not a force on Earth’ that could stop his ‘open doors to terrorists’ immigration policy though now that it appears that his words have met up against ‘that force’, the US Supreme Court, which has told Obama he and his administration have stepped way over the line with his powers.

Shouldn’t a president or anyone else in America who are enabling and aiding terrorists in this country be held responsible for those decisions when they lead to situations like what happened in San Bernardino, California or Orlando, Florida, after Hillary Clinton’s State Department blocked investigations into Omar Mateen’s mosque? Isn’t Hillary directly responsible for that ‘alleged’ massacre since her State Department could have stopped it if they’d followed through on their investigation?


As we learned in this new story from All-Self-Sustained, this terrorist enabler has seemingly declared war against the American people with what they call a ‘terrifying move against the American people,’ a huge number of armed federal agents that have given him ‘his own private army’ that he told us years ago he was seeking to build.

Telling us within this story that Obama’s own private Army is even bigger than the US Marine Corps leads us to ask, are Obama and the rapidly failing ‘new world order’ planning on using this ‘private army’ against the American people in a last-ditch attempt to keep America part of the globalists playground, as well as keeping this country a terrorist breeding ground, rapidly expanding on Obama’s watch?

As we’re told in the final video below, the globalists will likely attempt to pull out every last ditch effort and weapon in their arsenal in an attempt to keep control of our nation. Like a wounded animal with its back against the wall, the globalists now have very little to lose with their dreams of world domination crumbling, a rapidly awakening Western populace, and Donald Trump in the wings, ready to help Americans take our country back from the forces who have long been plotting against us. Will the globalists be successful in using their ultimate ‘false flag’ weapon, the ISIS terrorists that Hillary and Obama along with John McCain were responsible for arming, against us?

Whether or not they soon pull off their ‘final false flag’ that leads to an America back under their thumb and the ever present boot stomping upon a human face forever or Americans finally rise up, once and for all, and take our country back, the answer is clear….only time will tell. This story of America fighting, once again, for freedom against globalist overlords is one of the most important stories in this day and age of humanity’s fight for justice against this global cabal intent on forever enslaving the entire human populace. While Britain has temporarily won against globalists and tyranny, with Brexit, Americas fate hangs in the balance with an election only months away… and because of that…this story…will be continued. It’s America’s turn to take back our country’s sovereignty now.



Source: http://allnewspipeline.com/NWO_Wounded_Trump_Will_Deal_It_Death_Blow.php


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