3 Responses to “NEW WORLD ORDER! 2016 MARTIAL LAW Exposed”

  1. Mark says:

    What to do? Give up worrying about so much, that I ‘could’? Truly alarming. Mostly-off, paying closer attention, to the economic backdrop. Sits looming. Perhaps because, first ‘waking-up’ did a lot, and it didn’t crash and roll as speculated. Recently to hear-up, went to Greg Hunter and guests – and can’t understand how imminent trouble can get, before tipping over. But the video on this post? Deafening bells. Shocks, and no surprise why. If I was to offer my discernment/or is this a, so-obviously? ‘Civil emergency’ US/UK…(?) this side of 2107 has got to be highly probable. Need to up the volume eh, wail like it matters. Me and those/do – pray a lot. Like, never before… Not so much, that it won’t happen (not faith for that) – but less-destructive (enemy successful) and with the most up-rise to sustain and overcome.

  2. ferryt says:


    Are you a real person?

    (I think you are not).

  3. Mark says:

    Why would you think this?

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