Meanwhile, California Fault Lines And The Area Around Yellowstone Are Shaking Like Crazy

Latest Earthquakes - USGS


Over the past few days the mainstream media has been fixated on the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, but meanwhile there has been highly unusual seismic activity along major fault lines in California and near the Yellowstone supervolcano.  Let’s talk about Yellowstone first.  In recent months, the big geysers have been behaving very strangely and this is something that my wife and I covered on our television show.  And now, just over the past week there have been three very significant earthquakes in the region.  On June 9th, there was a magnitude 3.7 earthquake, on June 13th there was a magnitude 4.3 earthquake and earlier today there was a magnitude 4.0 earthquake.  Yes, the area around Yellowstone is hit by earthquakes all the time, but most of them are extremely small.  For earthquakes of this size to be striking right around Yellowstone is highly unusual and more than just a little bit alarming.

The map below comes directly from the USGS, and it shows all of the earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 or greater that have hit the western portion of the United States over the last week.  The three big earthquakes that struck southwestern Montana are visible on the map, although they are hard to see because the dots all overlap.  But the main reason why I am showing you this map is because I want you to see all of the earthquakes that have been happening along the major fault lines in southern California in recent days…

Latest Earthquakes - USGS

The biggest was a magnitude 5.2 earthquake that hit an area northeast of San Diego on Friday.  The following comes from NBC Los Angeles

A magnitude-5.2 earthquake centered in the desert northeast of San Diego caused shaking early Friday morning across Southern California.

The earthquake occurred at about 1 a.m. northwest of Borrego Springs in San Diego County, according to the USGS. The earthquake was initially reported with a magnitude of 5.1 before it was revised to 5.2, according to the USGS.

But that earthquake was not the end of it by any means.  It is being reported that this large quake was followed by at least 800 aftershocks.

Yes, we normally expect there to be aftershocks after a large quake, but to have that many is very, very unusual.

The quakes that have been striking farther north off the coast of northern California and Oregon are also of great concern as well.  Just recently, I wrote about the fact that the federal government has been conducting drills that have attempted to simulate the response to a magnitude 9.0 Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake.  If such an earthquake were to strike at this moment, the damage caused would be incalculable.

And the USGS has confirmed that such an earthquake is very possible and that it “would likely trigger huge tsunami waves”

The USGS has worryingly confirmed the same computer models show it is capable of producing  an earthquake with a magnitude up to 9.3, which would likely trigger huge tsunami waves.

This would be more powerful than the magnitude 9 tsunami-causing quake that hit Japan in 2011, claiming thousands of lives and taking out nuclear reactors.

Worse still, many scientists say the US is not yet prepared to deal with such a natural disaster, and it could strike at an time.

Scientists tell us that we are actually way overdue for such a quake and accompanying tsunami, and when it comes large numbers of Americans that are clustered right along the coastline will die.

Why all of this is of greater concern now is due to the fact that many areas along the “Ring of Fire” that roughly encircles the Pacific Ocean are roaring to life right now.

For example, just today the biggest volcano in Eurasia sent hot ash more than 3 miles into the air

Eurasia’s largest volcano Klyuchevskaya Sopka in Russia’s Far East erupted shooting hot ash miles into the air on Tuesday, the local geophysical service said.

“The eruption was detected [Tuesday] morning…the eruption column rose 6 kilometers [3.7 miles]. The steam-gas plume stretched for 47 kilometers to the west of the volcano,” a representative of the Russian agency told RIA Novosti.

And down in New Zealand, there is evidence that a brand new major volcano may be in the process of forming under a small town…

Beneath Matata, a small coastal town 125 miles from Auckland, on New Zealand’s North Island, scientists recently discovered a massive magma build-up, possibly signaling the beginnings of a new volcano.

But oddly, this magma chamber is nowhere near an active volcano.

According to geophysicist Ian Hamling, since 1950 an incredible influx of magma – enough to fill 80,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools – has accumulated beneath the small New Zealand town, pushing up the surface of the ground by 40 cm (16 inches).

In my new book entitled “The Rapture Verdict” I talk about how Jesus prophesied that we would see a great increase in seismic activity in the last days, and that is precisely what is taking place.

The crust of our planet is becoming increasingly unstable, and we have seen a series of very disturbing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions so far in 2016.

Here in the United States, in recent weeks we have seen very large earthquake swarms develop under Mt. Hood, Mt Rainier and Mt. Saint Helens simultaneously.  Perhaps you don’t think that this is significant, but many of the experts sure do.

At some point there will be major volcanic eruptions along the west coast.

At some point there will be major earthquakes along the west coast.

Scientists tell us that it is just a matter of time before we see these things.

Unfortunately for all of us, these things may start happening with a frequency and an intensity that none of us are expecting.



5 Responses to “Meanwhile, California Fault Lines And The Area Around Yellowstone Are Shaking Like Crazy”

  1. Samadhi Maithuna says:

    Let us hope all ive been saying about 1000 mile wide motherships, Pleidians, Sirians, other civilsations in a Galactic benevolent confederation.
    Superadvanced technologies ready to help, helping now as we speak in fact. Secret space programmes

    Let us hope all my hope and optimism hasn’t been shockingly naïve and ignorant and misplaced. because we are going to need all this help. But I think things will be ok even though Alex Jones Bill Hicks tells us they wont be


  2. Samadhi Maithuna says:

    It is something ive wondered about for months ever since snivelling little blackmailed self confessed Zionist creep Gove was spearheading brexit.. And Johnson too.

    My conclusion so far is its just ultimately a big kicked up duststorm distraction huge sideshow to suck our attention. But also in the midst of it all the 33rd degree globalists kabbala Tal*** ***ish Freemason end time prophecy cataclysm dystopian NWO antichrist/fake messiah deception table is being further laid, ground being set.
    Ive read it was always the plan for the EU to fall apart, chaos to be created so order can be imposed, a dystopian NWO can emerge. Brexit might be a part of that though im.sure the globalusts and International satanist *ewry might have an additional other plan of remain.

    However its clear – the celestial signs, planets, etheric dimensional nibiru or whatever being seen now in the skies. Is the globalists time running out. Before their locked down Truman show of reality, and Lies and Deceptions and Criminality of Satanist International *ewry will be exposed.
    The man in the street is soon going to twig, wake up to the Truth, that the system around has known and fu**ing lied about everything. A deep distrust about government will spread with the signs in the sky.

    Kissinger and Soros will have to get out their UFO toys to try and muddle through this somehow but its no use. They are finished

  3. Samadhi Maithuna says:

    Amateur astronomer captures ‘UFO’ hurtling past Jupiter as he films night sky Daily Mail – 3 days ago
    Glarus, Switzerland Ascension Conference Notes Part 2

    Posted by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

    This information is fantastic and I had to read right to the end. I thank Cobra, Isis, Antares, and everyone who made this available to those who didn’t attend the conference. It’s priceless.

    The notes were originally in German and the link to that version is below, as well as the link to Part 1 if you missed it.

    Cobra mentioned the fleet at Jupiter and I wondered if the massive object mentioned by BP Earthwatch in Jesse’s video that I shared today could be related to that presence. ~ BP

    Another big success of the positive people within this area was the sending of Voyager 1 & 2 into the solar system. In the meantime these probes have made recordings of all planets in the solar system, except from Pluto. In January 1986, objects that were obviously “artificial”, had been photographed on moons of Uranus and these photos had been published in the mass media. Again, it was not what the saboteurs wanted and that led to the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger two days later which took the attention of the masses away repeatedly. The photos and their importance fell into oblivion.

    Even when much is spoken badly about NASA, there are really good people who publish a lot.

    Positive forces within the US military

    In the early 1950s was already a positive group in the US Navy. The controlling forces suppressed the antigravity drive with all their power although it was the main drive for most of the unknown flying objects on earth. This positive group recognized that something went wrong and established a task force by which they secretly built their own ships. They had connections to people in the companies like Douglas, Boeing, etc. that usually built planes.

    Collectively we all pay taxes, but how much is that together? The USA alone collects enough tax revenue to buy ten million houses per year. Do they build them? No! Where did all the money go? It went into the SSP’s, to build underground bases. Cobra showed an image of the Pine Gap base in Australia with several subterranean levels.

    The elevator moves down several miles which of course was expensive to build. After the Resistant Movement has been clearing this base it had been shut down. Cobra showed pictures … What is mined on the asteroids? Diamonds. Many of the asteroids are full of huge diamonds, as large as the conference room and there is gold to just collect.

    Cobra showed another photo taken by NASA which showed the asteroid mining, a building and the mine shaft.

    Since March the light forces have been cleaning the outer solar system where the Dark Fleet used to reside. The Chimera barrier is a huge fleet of space ships with strangelet bombs. This fleet prevents the energies coming from the galactic center to enter the solar system. The light forces are now removing it. Cobra showed a picture:

    And btw Tapblog i recommend not dismissing straightaway talk of strangelet bombs. Other sources including Dublinmicks CERN article as well as cosmicconvergence discuss strange things happening at places like CERN.

  4. Samadhi Maithuna says:

    The Winged Red Star Black Sun hiding in plain sight in a corporate logo?

  5. Samadhi Maithuna says:

    June 15, 2016 by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

    Drop Dead Gorgeous Footage of “That Planet” or Whatever It Is [videos]
    Wow. Just wow. Some astounding video evidence of… well, whatEVER it is out there in our skies that our government and media have avoided as much as possible… wow again. Beautiful detail… the “winged planet” and all, from the south and the north of Earth.

    Remember that image of a planetary body with the craters in it? Is this it? I always thought how cool it would be to look up and see massive planets above us rather than an itty bitty moon.

    There’s some bizarre stuff going on out there. GPS off by 1/4 mile? Military aircraft crashing all over the world?

    It sounds like our atmosphere is being “managed” to some degree. Steve’s balloon was waaaaaaay up there, and then burst. Hilarious. ~ BP

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