Farage – we’re going to win.

Nigel Farage: ‘I still think we are going to win’

Nigel Farage says he is confident that Britain will vote for Brexit on Thursday.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning: “I still think we are going to win, because I think those who want to leave have made their minds up and believe in it.”

On what happens if Britain votes Remain on Thursday, Mr Farage said: “If this proposition gets rejected, then we will not be the first country to leave the EU – the Danes or Swedes or Dutch will beat us to it. Believe me, this project is doomed.”

Nigel Farage appearing on TV at the weekend
Nigel Farage appearing on TV at the weekend

Mr Farage said he accepted that the economic argument on whether the UK should be in the EU may be finely balanced, but there were other issues which made Leave the right choice.

“I would accept that economically, it is about even-Steven, but I do think there is an issue here called the quality of life,” he said. “If you can’t get a GP appointment or your kids can’t get a house or you can’t get your five-year-old into a local primary school, those are real issues.”

Mr Farage said Britain currently had a “rotten deal” with the EU, and should offer after Brexit simply to continue trading with the remaining Union on a tariff-free basis.

Asked what he would do if this offer was rejected, he said: “If they cut off their noses to spite their faces, then ‘no deal’ is better than the deal we currently have.”

Nigel Farage with the controversial Ukip poster
Nigel Farage with the controversial Ukip poster CREDIT: AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Mr Farage also defended his poster, telling the Today programme: “I didn’t invent that picture. The picture was real, the picture was on the front pages of all our national press last year.

“We planned to run six posters in the last week of the campaign. This poster was designed for the day. It was unfortunate timing that, within a couple of hours of releasing it, this terrible tragic murder took place and, when we saw that, we immediately withdrew the poster because we understood that it was a day for everybody to go quiet and be silent.”

The problem with the concept of sovereignty is that you can’t project independence politically if you haven’t already created a habit of thinking independently inwardly.  Are you a media muppet who sees TV news and immediately allows your thoughts to be dictated by the writers of the media narrative?  Or have you learned to develop a healthy scepticism about everything that you are told is true, and you instinctively look for alternative explanations for what is presented as fact?


If you haven’t done so, you are easy meat for the media controllers to shepherd, and place into the herd of frightened sheep they are managing, unable to move to think or act independently, in case the punishment for doing so is too hard for you to bear.  The first step on the road to sovereignty is to stop being windy, and jumping to avoid every threat that’s made against you.  Governments always want you kept in fear.  That’s their job.  If you weren’t kept in a state of fear, you would very easily start to complain and demand a better share of life’s pluses for you and your family.  By keeping you down, worried and anxious, you stop demanding and accept whatever morsels are thrown to you, grateful that the sky hasn’t fallen in after all.

There are of course those who develop a habit of independent thought, and who can start to project their sovereignty outwardly.  Those who still lurk in the camp of fear, regard such people who have broken free with suspicion, and are easily persuaded that they are in some way dangerous.  The political organisations and people who face down this constant flow of directed negativity get expert at challenging the arguments erected in their path, and use humour as the most powerful weapon against the Jeremiahs of doom.  Boris Johnson is a past master of this technique, driving fear camp narrative writers into a state of blind fury as he bats them away.  Nigel Farage has a pint and a ready smile providing assurance to doubters that he intends no harm by asking people to poke one eye just an inch above the parapet.

His latest attempted technique of posting a ranked army of immigrants on a poster, showing the real threat we face from this quarter, has maybe been a false step.  This strategy was no doubt held back and launched in the face of the Jo Cook false assassination narrative, which 99% of people still believe to be true.  But by being the one to push people into fear, and away from a feeling of security, he has taken a very big risk.  The fearmongers and evil narrative writers are able to tap into the negative energy he’s putting out with this, and reflect it straight back onto him, demonising his character, as if he’s the one driving the world towards social collapse and war, and not them.

People are more likely to build a feeling of personal sovereignty from a calm and content consideration of the world,  than from being asked to confront horrible reality too directly.  The mind can deal with a threat in a calm way, if the threat is presented with a hint of humour.  Farage and Johnson have been rocked by the savagery of the personal attacks this week.  In response they would do better to resort to their earlier method of asking people to face up to the reality of mass immigration, loss of freedom etc but to do it with the humour and charm, of which they are both well capable, and are well known.

Leading by example is always better than allowing your enemies to drag you down to their level.  As Mark Twain said, they only drag you down to their level and then beat you from greater experience.  Fear needs handling very carefully.  Dish out confidence, humour and bring the bullies down to size that way.  It works.

Don’t allow the false event of Jo Cox being killed to change the game.  Let’s see the body first.  They won’t be able to show one as no such thing exists, just a  load of half-baked eyewitness evidence, none of which convinces at all.

Video analysis of Jo Cox incident



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  1. Toy SOULDIErs says:

    Off Topic – http://wearechange.org/uk-government-lost-mind/ seriousness what the fuck is happening, are they actually going to enforce this shit? I’d rather be killed resisting than go to ‘re-education camp’ to have god knows what done to me…

  2. Tapestry says:

    same topic Toy Soldier. Act out what they ask if you have to, but inwardly think what you know to be true, and you still are sovereign.

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