John Prescott to probe ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone as guest host of RT’s News Thing

3 Jun, 2016

Ken Livingstone, John Prescott © Sam Delaney's News Thing

Ken Livingstone, John Prescott © Sam Delaney’s News Thing / YouTube
Tony Blair’s deputy prime minister will host RT’s News Thing comedy show on Saturday night, where he’ll interview old political foe and ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone, who was recently suspended from the Labour Party over allegations of anti-Semitism.

In an interview with RT UK ahead of the program, Lord Prescott said “I like things which are politics and humor,” adding he believes it helps people to engage with politics.

RT:You were the 69th guest presenter on ‘Have I Got News For You’ in 2010, so it’s not your first time hosting a satire show. But it’s been a while.

JP: Well I like things which are politics and humor – you may call it satire, it depends where you’re coming from. But it makes people enjoy listening to politics. These programs allow you, in this case, to sit down and exchange with three other comedians. I suppose it could be four. I like to get into the comedy myself so I’m looking forward to the program.

RT:Ken Livingstone is a touchy subject within the Labour Party, following his suspension. Are you planning to have a dig?

JP: Ken who?… Listen I worked with him as the London mayor and I was the secretary of state. We built a lot of these buildings – that was controversial. We brought in the congestion tax for cars – that was controversial. You know Ken’s all about controversy. You can see the latest incidents. I think he’s more concerned about that than the consequences as long as Ken’s in the center of it, so I’d like to ask a few of those questions.

RT:But you’ve been on the wrong side of controversy yourself down the years.

JP: Well I like politics where people know where you stand. I mean, I get Tories come up to me sometimes and say “Mr. Prescott, we don’t agree with your politics, but we like the cut of your jib.” In politics it’s perhaps identifying to people that you believe in what you’re saying, and that’s Jeremy [Corbyn]. I think you look at Jeremy now and think “He believes that.” The question is do they want to vote for it.

RT:Another sore point for you is press regulation following the phone-tapping scandal. Susie Boniface, who runs the Fleet Street Fox blog, is on the panel. Are you going to pull her up on some of the failings of the press?

JP: I don’t know, in the exchanges I’ve got a clear position on that. I don’t think we’ve finished that job. We should be doing what Leveson said. Look at the relations between the press and the police. God blimey in Sheffield and places we’re now hearing even today of the uncertainty, the unaccountability of the police and how they work with the press. That was certainly in the case of Sheffield. So I’m all for opening that, the government don’t like it so I’m continuing my campaign for that.

RT:Is this gig on RT your equivalent of Tony Blair’s after dinner speeches?

JP: Well, how do you mean? He goes all round the world doesn’t he, Tony? Paid by everybody. No, I think this is putting yourself into the debate. I saw him on television the other day, is it with [think tank] Progress? That’s like being interviewed by your auntie isn’t it?




8 Responses to “John Prescott to probe ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone as guest host of RT’s News Thing”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Apparently Mossad often likes to place Dangerous Violent Homosexual Child Rapists into high ranking political positions (e.g. the Cabinet?) in order to ensure that they can be relied upon to do exactly what they want in ensuring that they commit High Treason and bring about #WhiteGenocide…

    Ken Livingstone was not in the Cabinet and I do not think he is a paedophile

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Apparently Mossad often likes to place Dangerous Violent Boy Rapists into high ranking political positions (e.g. the Cabinet?) in order to ensure that they can be relied upon to do exactly what they want in ensuring that they commit High Treason and bring about #WhiteGenocide…

    Ken Livingstone was never in the Cabinet and is not into boys.

  3. OutandAbout says:

    Of course. This is a given. I thought tge very same having crypto thoughts while glimpsing corbyns remain speech on bbc.

    Of course, the Evil levers of control using blackmail.( and even worse thought, carrots). As in.carot and stick. Its all around. Its everywhere. International J***y i think youre right this is tge.underlying element.
    One could say MUCH MORE and go off on tangents

    But we know whats what, whats going on. In the bigger picture, according theory. Dec 20th 2015 California Nibiru sighting cannot be chalenged. Lets always always in.these last days….
    Realise a Gamechangers coming.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Prescott was reported as saying “there’s no such nationality as English”.

    Prescott rose to power along with Blair following the fortuitous demise of John Smith who was disfavoured by the CIA’s Bilderberg group.

    John Prescott champagne socialist bloated traitor was instrumental in roping the UK to the EU dictatorship rolling out regionalisation and changes to local government on behalf of his Common Purpose masters.

    From July 1975 to 1979, he concurrently served as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and Leader of the Labour Group, when its members were nominated by the national Parliaments.

    • OutandAbout says:

      The 7th Trumpet?.The Gamechanger? The Equaliser? Could this be the start of celestial signs?
      Cosmic Convergence Research Groups latest post Nibiru and how it affects Earths Schumann Resonance is a very positive uplifting post.We have nothing to fear. But They do.
      Starship Earth: The Big Picture What’s happening on our planet—and why

      Fireball Over Arizona Blinds Meteor Cameras Into New Mexico June 2; Guardian [video]

      Posted by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

      Shoot! I woke up right at that time, 4;00, as usual, and missed it! Or rather, it missed me. Looks like it went down north of here.

      I wondered why the odd clouds in the air on Thursday, that didn’t exactly look like clouds… more like smoke, but I did a quick search on fires and found nothing. They say it was from the trail of the fireball. Interesting. Yesterday the same brownish ribbons were in the sky and this morning when I went out I could smell smoke.

      It’s now 113 degrees where I am at 2:00 p.m. Could be a long, hot summer.

      Eyes to the skies, indeed! More light shows are bound to come our way if predictions are accurate. ~ BP

      h ttp s:/ /w

      Nasa films a fireball so bright that it blinds all-sky meteor cameras as far away as western New Mexico. The meteor – 5ft wide and weighing a few tonnes – entered Earth’s atmosphere over Arizona early Thursday morning at a speed of 40,200m [64,700km] per hour, lighting up the pre-dawn sky for a few seconds

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:


      Was the “Arizona Asteroid” Really an Asteroid? Now a No-Fly Zone… Something’s Off [video] by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

      h t tp ://ww

      Thanks, to SP, located in Flagstaff.

      As I mentioned, there was a whole lot of smoke in the air on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday morning I could actually smell it and on Saturday night it was STILL lingering. I began to wonder if it could be smoke drifting down from Fort McMurray, Alberta because there was so much of it.

      The YouTuber does confirm there is a small wildfire burning up North but it has been since May 17 and I’ve seen no smoke until the day of the fireball.

      I just this second remembered that about 10:00 last night I let Mica outside and in the NW sky there were stripes of cloud, in a fan shape. It looked exactly like the WiFi icon on my iPad. The stripes were perfectly equidistant. I’ve never seen “clouds” or the smoke from forest fires quite like that. I didn’t have photo equipment that could have captured it, unfortunately, but the apex was in the NW and it spread out toward the SE.

      There were more stripes in the West over Phoenix way, but not as defined.

      Now we have reports that the FAA has declared the impact area a no fly zone, while an earlier account I shared specified that “amateurs” would be going out to search for fragments.

      As for driving near there… by escort only, 4 hours a day only, according to the video below.

      Just what do the officials think that “fireball” actually was? Or do they KNOW? Something to follow, for sure. It’s more than a little suspicious.

      Even the name, “Arizona Asteroid” has a catchy ring, doesn’t it? The military and media are good at that.

      Eyes to the skies! ~ BP

      Published on Jun 4, 2016 Update: ‘Arizona Asteroid’/June 4, 2016 /-\/-\ A new twist has now emerged in the Arizona Asteroid event of the early morning hours of June 2nd, 2016 occurring around 4am MST.

      A “No Fly Zone” has been initiated for the exact area that the asteroid exploded. Also, only vehicle travel through this area is by escort, 4 hours per day 12-4pm. There has been a small contained wildfire burn in that area for a couple of weeks now that is well under control, however, the “No Fly Zone” was just issued after the asteroid event. This, along with the rare smoke trails has made this entire event into a conspiracy of sorts…”eyebrow raiser” for sure!

      • sovereigntea says:

        How is this any way related to the article above.

        PS the magical planet Nirabu has cyclically been reported as being upon us many times before YAWN !

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Granted. Celestial signs in the sky arent really to do with livingstone and prescott. Except they are. Because who they are. The system they represent. The Evil thats seeded within. What they get upto. The entire thing that upsets and disgusts us so.
      Actually celestial signs in the sky are relevant. Because these signs, are tge begining, a harbinger. Of much bigger things to come soon.
      And livingstones, prescotts, kinnocks, corbyns, camerons, shall i go on?
      Party of evil deviant depravuty is going to an abrupt halt. Westminster Evil full stop, and beyond.
      Something to do with our solar system, precession, equator of the galaxy, where were travelling now. Plus galactic core pulse superwave energies so i.understand.
      Plus. Tge California dec 20th 2015 second sun nibiru hyperdimensional comet cant be challenged im.afraid. its in the sokar system now. I havent the dublinmick link to hand but its on other comments.

      Yes Nasa and government and Freemason hqve put out all sorts of paid shills disinformers on Nibiru. But iunderneath alk the disinfo duststorm. Is something.

      However according to cosmic convergence latest uodate and stuff im.reading eksewhere. Nibiru, is hyperdimensional, and interqcts with our consciousness, and affects earths schumann resonance and vice versa. Ill comment much better on this when i can once ive studied the latest CC article fully.

      But ill try and keep things on topic. Even though one of tapblogs great strengths is, a relaxed attitude from Tap where any thread of innovative thought.pursuit can occur, under any post. Even though we do try.our utmost to comment on topic too.

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