Jo Cox Murder Update

…Local Shop Sign Says ‘No One Shouted Britain First’

Britain First

by Breitbart London16 Jun 2016

Live updates:

Update 1040 — Latest pictures from Birstall
From Breitbart London’s own photographer, the scene in Yorkshire this morning:

Birstall 7

Police conduct a fingertip search for evidence / Rachel Megawhat/Breitbart London

Birstall 6

An eyewitness to the murder who clearly feels he has spoken to enough journalists has put this notice up in his drycleaners shop / Rachel Megawhat/Breitbart London

Birstall 8


Update 0935 — Suspect’s brothers speaks out 
Two brothers of killing suspect Thomas Mair have spoken out after he was named as the suspected killer of MP Jo Cox, and media reports about his alleged right-wing views. The Times reports the remarks of Scot Mair, 49, who lives locally and who “wept” when he heard his brother had been arrested. He told the paper: “I am struggling to believe what has happened . . . He has a history of mental illness, but he has had help. I cried when I heard. I am so sorry for [Mrs Cox] and her family”.

Thomas Mair’s half brother, 41-year-old Duane St Louis said “He never expressed any racist views or had any issue with having a mixed-race brother”. Mr. St Louis confirmed his half-brother had mental issues but said they were limited to an obsessive compulsive disorder which meant he was “obsessed with personal hygiene”.

Update 0900 — ‘Remain’ supporting paper politicises murder 
British newspaper The Star has splashed today on the alleged political views of suspected killer Thomas Mair, 52. The paper has been condemned on Twitter for the move, following the suspension of EU referendum campaigning out of respect for the dead member of parliament.

The text-box on the front page of the left-wing newspaper reads: “Labour MP Jo Cox was yesterday shot and stabbed to death in a Brexit motivated attack. The gunman shouted “Britain first” as the pro-EU mum lay dying on the pavement”.

Local witnesses have since denied hearing the killer shout “Britain first”.

Update 0845 — Local witness insists there was no ‘Britain First’ shout 
While interest today is swirling around whether the killer had a political motive, and whether indeed he did shout “Britain First” as he attacked Jo Cox, a local shopkeeper who was a first hand witness to the attack has placed a notice in his window clarifying exactly what happened.

Spotted by an LBC reporter, the message in the landerette’s window says: “Please note, I did not tackle the gunman. And no one shouted Britain First at any time.”

Update 2355 – Independent claims killer was subscriber to ‘Springbok’ magazine

The Independent newspaper reports that the alleged killer, Thomas Mair, was a subscriber to the Springbok Cyber Newsletter – the magazine of the Springbok Club which opposed the ANC in South Africa. The report dispels the claim that Mr. Mair was not political, though it is still unclear as to whether he targeted Mrs. Cox or whether it was a happenstance incident in a street.

The claim rests on an entry on the Springbok blog which claims it had had returned post from Mr. Mair’s address in 2006. However he still lived there, indicating a cancellation of the subscription 10 years ago. Details, as with much of today’s events, remain unclear.

Update 2100 — Mourners remember Jo Cox 
Mourners have gathered in London and Yorkshire to remember murdered member of parliament Jo Cox, who was shot and stabbed this afternoon.

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      Unconfirmed info received alleges that …….

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