IT’S FINALLY HERE: Britons Vote Today On Historic European Union Referendum

A man wearing a 'Vote Remain' t-shirt walks in the rain in central London on June 23, 2016, as Britain holds a referendum to vote on whether to remain in, or to leave the European Union (EU). Millions of Britons began voting Thursday in a bitterly-fought, knife-edge referendum that could tear up the island nation's EU membership and spark the greatest emergency of the bloc's 60-year history.



by Breitbart London 22 Jun 2016

21:17 #IVotedLeave Trends On Twitter While Labour Forks Out For Social Media Exposure


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Number one trending on Twitter this evening is the hashtag ‘IVotedLeave’, as thousands of Brits took to the micro blogging platform to express their pride at having taken place in today’s referendum.

Other referendum topics are also trending this evening, but conspicuous by their absence in the organic trending ranking are vote remain. Only appearing by virtue of a ‘featured’ topic — in other words an expensive paid-for promotion — is #LabourInForBritain.

21:12 The number one trending story on Facebook on the day Britain votes on its membership of the EU is radical hate preacher Anjem Choudary lending his support to Remain.

Breitbart London broke the story on Tuesday. Read more here.

19:48 Last week Sir Bob Geldof and his ship of fools took to the Thames to jeer at Nigel Farage’s pro-Brexit flotilla and his support for the English fishing community and their desire to break free from the EU.

Now it seems one of the passengers onboard with Geldof has had a change of heart.

19:08 A woman in Stevenage, Herts  was turned away from a polling station after election officials told her she was inappropriately dressed.

Teresa Hicks, 68 was clad in patriotic apparel wearing Union Jack flags and the England flag as a cape as she entered the polling station. Mrs. Hicks also carried a hand-made Vote Leave sign which the election officials objected to.

The sign read: “Vote to leave the EU. Make 23 June Independence Day.”

Hicks said: “I was just in the queue and this man came up to me and said ‘you are inappropriately dressed’ so I asked if they’d send somebody away with a burka on?”

Officials claim that the reason for turning Mrs. Hicks away was due to her sign rather than her patriotic choice of dress. You can see an image of Mrs. Hicks below and make your own mind up.

Theresa Hicks

19:00 Man Stabbbed Outside Polling Station in West Yorkshire

A Huddersfield polling station was closed by police this evening to “preserve a crime scene” after a man was stabbed in close proximity to the venue, a church.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire police stressed to Breitbart London this evening that they didn’t believe the attack was related to the EU referendum. A 19 year old male has been arrested in relation to the attack, but Police refused to release any more details on the man.

18:45 The Daily Mail reports:  A UKIP supporter who offered voters a PEN in case their pencil markings on ballot paper were erased was questioned by Sussex Police. Read more here

18:05 TOWER HAMLETS, United Kingdom – Perhaps the most “diverse” part of Britain, Tower Hamlets, saw steady voting today as well as questions raised over the proximity of ‘Remain’ activists to polling stations.

Breitbart London visited half a dozen polling stations in the London borough which played host to Britain’s famous “Shariah patrols”, finding a steady turnout of hijab-clad voters (and their husbands).

At one polling station in Tollet Street, we discovered a ‘Remain’ campaigner standing in the doorway of the polling station handing out Remain leaflets to voters. While not illegal, and just a “guideline”, campaigners are usually asked not to stand in doorways where they may obstruct voters. She also told Breitbart London that people who had never voted before were “asking her how to vote”.

Read more:

Gordon says: The above highlighted is indeed an offence in accordance to

Polling Stations (Regulation) Bill

1 Offence of campaigning within a prescribed area

(1) It shall be an offence to engage in campaigning activity within a prescribed area around a polling station on the day of a relevant election at any time during the period in which the polling station is open.

(2) In this Act, “campaigning activity” means—

5(a) the promotion or distribution of any literature associated with election candidates, political parties or associated organisations;

© Parliamentary copyright 2007

Revised 8 February 2007

Read more:



21 Responses to “IT’S FINALLY HERE: Britons Vote Today On Historic European Union Referendum”

  1. NPP says:

    BBC 1 TV
    Markets up, £ showing record strength.
    UGov poll 52 – 48 % to Remain.
    They even report Farage apparently commenting he thinks Remain may have edged it.


    • NPP says:

      Farage has ‘unconceded’.

      Ray of hope.

      • NPP says:

        Newcastle went Remain by very narrow margin.
        Sunderland goes Leave by bigger than expected margin.

        BBC suddenly talking Leave win.

        Swindon Leave as expected. Leave suddenly ahead over all.

        BBC definitely ‘concerned’. Early.

        Is there a huge disconnect between the politicians and media and the people? I have long thought so, but the people just might have stepped up to the plate to demonstrate it.

        Early doors still.

        The turn out is huge in places. Has the weather helped Leave?

      • NPP says:

        Swindon votes to LEAVE
        Remain 55% (51,220 votes), Leave 45% (61,745 votes)
        Turnout 75.8%

        … just a tiny note: copy paste: they have typed the figures wrong way round in Remain favour. Should be 55% Leave, no?

  2. Toy SOULDIErs says:

    I won’t believe it till i see the end result, all this ‘close race’ bullshit seems like rigging in full effect, pray to Odin i am wrong.

  3. NPP says:

    BBC seem to believe Leave will win. Far too early, 159, 418 lead, but they are monitoring trends and using their studio professor. Certainly, Remain camp almost accepting defeat… but hey, at midnight BBC were saying Remain.

    That’s entertainment!

  4. Toy SOULDIErs says:

    Thank fuck I was wrong!

  5. Men Scryfa says:

    Right now let us destroy Gove and Johnson, and the so-called Labour and Conservative parties, so that then some Real Leaders can come forward to lead this Nation where it needs to go.

  6. Men Scryfa says:

    Now watch for the Stitch-Up:

    1) “No we cannot change immigration we still must remain part of EFTA so must keep the same doors wide open policy” etc etc

    2) “We cannot rush it, we must go slow, we cannot leave until 2020…” [i.e. after WWIII so by then the vote will be irrelevant]

    3) “Wait what about my neighbour from Timbucktu and Jennifers new boyfriend from Bongo-Bongo…this is all so unfair..” Bullsh*t

    4) “Oh all the financial markets are falling, what have we done to ourselves…” etc etc [They are all owned and controlled by a Criminal Internationalist Cabal]

    The answer is clear: We can only trust Men who have a proven track record of arrests, persecution or being jailed by these criminals. Nothing less will do.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      A comment left at the above link:

      “aj says:
      June 23, 2016 at 6:00 pm

      Blacks are what, 15% of the population?
      7.5% are male.
      Let’s say 3% of that are too young or old to be committing crime.
      That leaves us with ~4.5% of the population committing 50% of the violent crime.
      Until we are are willing and able to discuss that fact, nothing good will happen.”

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Another comment left at the above link:

      “and 100% of the Class A stock of the Federal Reserve is owned by the
      Jesus hating Synagogue of Satan MONEY CHANGERS
      who also own the Media, and operate the
      CRACK HOUSE full of hot check writing CRACK WHORES
      who never fail to support the stool sculpture deity cult compound full
      of Talmudic…”

  7. ferryt says:

    Too big to rig?

    Bye bye Dave.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      That is exactly what one of my people told me today. It was unlike the General Election where they could just concentrate their best resources on flipping the result in the marginal tory-lab and tory-lib seats which did the trick nicely and though they were very disciplined with the big stunt they pulled in Scotland too much of the truth came out on video via the internet. Thames House just took it in the backside badly

      They are now back to Plan B the less preferred option of having to deal with their self-declared enemy to try to get them what they want. People like Gove and Johnson etc are not going to wash.
      Listen to the Code in what Farage said, “ordinary people, decent people”…
      The days of the current Cox Style Westminster Cabal are numbered.

      Too many people know that Farage is weak too. Then there are a lot of uppity newcomers who are too used to talking loudly which will all now just walk this into the gunfire. Not good it needs to be done in an orderly decent fashion if poss. We do not want the UK to be made weak. We also have to keep the Scots and the other Celts together with the English etc etc

      Even areas that benefited from a lot of EU cash over the years voted OUT.

      We all know that in simple terms this was all about one thing: IMMIGRATION

  8. NPP says:

    Corbyn won against the odds.
    Leicester won against the odds.
    We have voted €U? Out!… against the odds.

    Now let’s see if Hitlery will be exposed and dismissed.

    This is a marvelous time. Congratulations to Nigel Farage despite 20 years of being stupidly accused of being a xenophobe etc…

    Sure, it’s all a game, but we can but put our best foot forward and dare to dream. I do. What else to do?
    Avoid giving them your hate; avoid relinquishing your energy upon twerps.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      It will only be over once we have dealt with the zionist and other infiltrations into the UK and that is a long way from happening. This is all about making you think you have your country back. We are a long way from real sovereignty.

  9. Nollidge says:

    The very last paragraph will tell you all why.Whole article is well worth a close read

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